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The “Hells Angels” remain banned in Bremen: The Higher Administrative Court (OVG) dismissed the motorcycle club’s complaint

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The “Hells Angels” remain banned in Bremen: The Higher Administrative Court (OVG) dismissed the motorcycle club’s complaint against the 2013 ban on Tuesday. The lawsuit was brought on behalf of the association. However, it no longer existed at the time of the complaint, since it dissolved itself immediately before the ban. The judge decided that the complaint was not admissible. Those who no longer exist cannot complain.

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A clear decision, for which the judges did not need a long consultation period. And that noticeably troubled the plaintiff, Andree Pröhl, president of the former Bremen “Hells Angels”. Perplexity after the trial. “Difficult to say something now,” said Pröhl. He had to let that sink first. In order to then consult with his lawyer whether they want to try to bring the case to the Federal Administrative Court. The OVG did not allow a revision of the judgment. However, an appeal can be lodged against this decision. If that were successful, the federal judges in Leipzig would have to speak the final word.
Clear decision of the court

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On the other hand, joy in the home office, which had issued the ban at the time. “This is a good day for Bremen – our injunction against the criminal association of the Hells Angels has persisted,” said government spokeswoman Rose Gerdts-Schiffler. In the future, you will not have to endure trips with hundreds of booming motorcycles and no club home for rockers in Bremen. Of course, those affected do not simply disappear through a ban procedure. “But they lose their presence in public and at the same time lose influence.”

At the end of April 2013, Interior Senator Ulrich Mäurer (SPD) had banned the Bremen branch of the Hells Angels. The purpose and activity of the association ran counter to the criminal laws, it was all about the development of territory and power in the area of ​​organized crime, the reason was. The power struggle with the rival rocker club “Mongols”, which ended in a bloody clUnsubstantiated, inadequate and unlawful for a number of reasons, twelve members of the Hells Angels, now banned in Bremen, opposed this. Among other things, because the association no longer existed at the time of the ban, but dissolved on April 13.

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An argument that the plaintiffs now fell on their feet. Basically, there are two variants of association bans, the presiding judge explained. Actually, only the banned association as a whole can complain that it is ultimately a matter of a ban on organization. In this case, however, do not work, since the club had already dissolved. With which variant two could have come into play: Because exceptionally club members can also complain. But only with the argument that the association no longer exists. But that didn’t happen here.

Eight participants of the Decendants Outlaw Motorcycle Gang (OMCG) have today been charged with aggravated affray and criminal association.

The court emphasized that the written pleadings and all communication between the parties involved in the proceedings showed that the twelve members had not sued for themselves but specifically for the association. But that is not permissible: “We just have the wrong lawsuit here.”ash on the street on April 12, posed a particular danger.

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    To except anywhere. Legal crap IS stacked Appeals should be filed properly. Independently and not so much as An Association. To the FEDERAL Level. But like it is now? It’s been already stacked legally.
    Here that sorta shit would likely end up in a War. But then again like the post comment the other day in FT? Brotherhood is alot of smack and no Jack. When shit comes up? Where the Fuck are the Bad ass MC Bruhs? Back in the Day they banned together came to the cause. Now? Nope. Easy to comment in F.T And post shit. But when others call your asses out? Zilch. Chicken chatter cause their fearful of the Jail shit when in doubt Shoot it iut! Is on My Red Cap No Problemo Sen’or


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