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The war on motorcycle club colors

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By James “Hollywood” Macecari

In recent years bars and events (like major rallies,) have gone to the idea of banning members of motorcycle clubs from wearing their colors to gain entrance. I just got done covering Psycho Silo, based in Langley Illinois.

Psycho Silo is a so-called biker bar that is only open on the weekends and only during riding season. According to their website they are, “favorite destination motorcycle bar.” If this is the case, maybe I might be wrong here, Isn’t members of motorcycle clubs riders?

Psycho Silo implemented, “ a NO CLUB POLICY. We can NOT allow Cuts, Colors, Support gear, or any apparel that represents a motorcycle club.” This according to a 6-11-2020 post on their Facebook Page.

Why the sudden change in heart?

One of the things that always pisses me off is the fact that motorcycle club members are the ones who usually build the business. Places like Psycho Silo do not automatically become a biker destination. No, it’s usually clubs and their supporters that start the ball rolling.

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Bars like this one, have been opened for years and welcomed club members with open arms, until of course they didn’t need them anymore. This is the pattern for these bars who take off on the backs of bikers.

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My question, one that the bar can respond to if they like, Why did you implement the no color policy? Come on, be honest, was it that you got in all those rubs and had no need for scooter tramps anymore?

Bikers need to push back on these establishments

One of the things bikers can do is use the power of the purse. Places like Psycho Silo depend on bikers to keep their doors open. One thing these people get is bikers spend a ton of money. Bikers need to start becoming aware of that fact and stop supporting businesses like this one.

The other day I was talking about, “Why bikers need to stop going to Sturgis and these big rallies.” The simple fact is these rallies now ban club members from wearing their colors in some establishments. Some of these rally cities even threaten private owned businesses liquor licenses if they serve a club member.

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This is unacceptable, bikers have the power of the purse and need to use it against these rally cities.

Sturgis relies on the rally for its budget each year

Sturgis is a prime example of how an entire city takes advantage of bikers. Recently, they’ve even gone as far as trying to annex the Jackpine Gypsies property. The Jackpines are the ones who grew that rally into what it is today. The city is now taking advantage of them. Will we as bikers take a stand against this?

Sturgis has a population of only 6800 people. Those 6800 people’s annual working budget comes from the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. This little town brings in millions of dollars each year, all off the back of the bikers, some of whom the town doesn’t like. But they sure in the hell will take the money.

The Travel Trailer Queens will always support these places. 

Let’s face it, the RUBS and Travel Trailer Queens will always attend these big corporate rallies and bars like Psycho Silo. These events and establishments make these types of people feel they are a part of something.

Members of a whites-only biker gang have also been spotted in Minneapolis

There will never be any loyalty from these types of bikers, better yet motorcycle enthusiasts. These people do not understand having the back of others who are fighting against police profiling and these no colors policies. Rubs and travel trailer queens are only interested in playing make believe bikers.

As usual, that group cannot be depended on in the fight. It’s up to those people who live this lifestyle every single day and are embedded into their soul.

Motorcycle Profiling Project, NCOM,ABATE and MRF

The organizations that have been fighting this fight over the years are the MPP,NCOM,ABATE and MRF. The MPP and NCOC has been making strides against motorcycle profiling for years, even going as far as getting anti-profiling laws passed at the state levels.

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There are two things you can do to fight these establishments and events from banning motorcycle club colors.


  1. STOP going to places that have a No Colors Policy.

  2. Get involved with one of the organizations listed above, even if it’s only sending in a yearly dues membership.

Vague No Color Policies

The no colors policies at the Psycho Silo puts a blanket ban on any affiliation clothing. One thing that it doesn’t mention is if groups like HOG, Abate, Christian groups and Vet groups are in that.

If their ban on those organizations are put in place, RUBS you have a big surprise coming. Welcome to the club and how does it feel to be told you can’t wear something you’re a part of? I’m talking HOG by the way, this is an organization that is where a majority of RUBS fit into. So see, you have some skin in the game. I won’t hold my breath you getting into the fight though.


One thing lacking in the scene is unity. People leave it up to others to fight for the rights they have. This is unacceptable! If everyone would boycott a place like this or stay away from the big rallies it would help the cause.

Go to local rallies, they are more fun anyways, at least you will know that you’re helping fight profiling and these damn no color policies.

Members of the U.S. Marshals Mountain State Fugitive Task Force and the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office arrest Pagans Motorcycle Club member

Everyone preaches unity among clubs all the time. Here’s an idea for you, how about that starts with all bikers? Here’s the perfect common cause that won’t take an effort on your part. The only effort you have to do is STOP going to these places. Plain and simple.


  1. I’ve been denied entrance because of the patch on my vest. Harley Owners Group. That was in Daytona for bikeweek.


  2. If we do not hang together, we shall certainly all hang individually”… if a event, bar or business does not welcome All Bikers- No Bikers should go there


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