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A local motorcycle club Buffalo Soldiers is taking action by spreading peace and positivity throughout the community while also raising awareness to the growing push for social change

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — A local motorcycle club is taking action by spreading peace and positivity throughout the community while also raising awareness to the growing push for social change.

“This is a very important time in our history,” explained Michael Williams, the President for Buffalo Soldiers MC Northwestern Illinois.

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The Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club organized a “Ride for Justice.” The group called on other local motorcycle groups, as well as the community, to come out and join them.

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“Our motorcycle club is made up of current and retired military police officers other first responders, attorneys doctors , people of all walks of life,” Williams added.

Maurice Paschal from the Road Gliderz Club was happy to support the cause.

“We love this country but we know that there’s things that need to get fixed in this country it’s basically continuing whats been going on as far as the social issues the political issues,” Paschal said.

The group started their ride at Searls Park before taking a moment of silence near Keeling-Puri Peace Plaza.

“This is a peaceful ride and it’s supporting not only those protesters that are out there but also the police who are out there putting their lives on line,” Williams explained.

A man reportedly a Outlaws MC member was arrested by state troopers on illegal firearm carrying charges

Community members like April Biechke wanted to lend their support as well.

“We’re here in solidarity theres too much division in our community and people just need to stay together,” Biechke said.

Overall, Williams said the ride was important because the community is stronger when they are together.

Three men, one with links to the Gypsy Joker Motorcycle Club, have been charged following the theft of more than a quarter of a million dollars’ worth of gold

“We’re here we want to do what we can to ensure justice and peace comes over our community,” Williams concluded.

The Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club also helps mentor local youth, assists veterans, and the homeless population.


  1. We have M.C. that are real M.C. that have been in place starting with Sonny.
    Cops trying to step in as An MC burns my ass. Like the Fn Keystones Cop trying to set up Shop/ Flintstones. Barney and Fred Shit don’t get it. Like the Iron Cop shop you have one function. Kill destroy and to occupy. Everyone has the right to ride but us M.C. ? We’ve had our share of rats snitchs in the Real MC World. So go try Disney World and ride there. But stay in your uniform so Us MC knows who all of you really the Fuck are.


  2. Your ignorance was fully displayed in the first sentence.
    The Original Chapter of the Hells Angels was Berdoo in 1948.
    Sonny founded the Oakland Chapter in 1957.
    And by the way, have you ever been in California or actually had any real connection with the Club other than watching bad movies and TV shit like SOA? Or, were you sliding around Venture sucking George’s dick while Sonny was still finishing his 20.
    I pegged that motherfucker George as a snitch the first time I saw him. I warned the people that knew me well enough to trust what I was saying was true. Yeah, not the first nor the last time on that shit. And no, I don’t have any magical powers or any special kind of power. I’m just very observant and people give themselves away far more than they realize, and I pick up on what they’re doing a really bad job of hiding, at least from me anyway. Poker players do the same thing in their own way, figuring out other players “tells” so they know whether or not that player really has a good hand or they’re holding nothing at all. Same basic principle, mine’s more complex is all.
    But there’s nobody who can deny that I was absolutely right about George. Unfortunately, by the time it was fully agreed upon, it was too late. The damage was done. Why he’s still breathing is beyond me. Over in Spain making a film. And I have no doubt that he has sucked those Spanish Angel’s into his little web.
    So now that it’s readily apparent that you know fuck all about the basics of history regarding Sonny and well as the Hells Angel’s beginnings in California, learn some history about the Buffalo Soldiers.
    They began as an all black Cavalry unit in the “Old West” period and they have a very interesting history.
    Of course, that would require you to actually learn something.
    Damn. I may hate cops more than anybody on earth, but I am sure happy as shit that I was never taught to hate or dislike anyone based on their religion, race or anything else.
    Nope, someone has to really annoy me, piss me off or something else, like that sense I get that there’s just something off or wrong about that person. Then whoever’s they are and I don’t give a fuck who they are, they are permanently in my “you are so fucked” bucket.
    You sound a lot like a cop to me, or maybe you’re just a poser. Whatever. One things certain. You don’t know shit about HA and it’s beginnings or Sonny, or from what I see you write, anything else about the actual Club unless you believe Sons of Anarchy was a documentary sanctioned by the Hells Angel’s.
    Have you ever even been on a Chopper? I don’t mean one of those hideous things they build on TV shows. I mean a real Harley Chopper with a rigid frame, no electric starter, you have to kick start that bike, foot pegs instead of something big enough for bigfoot to rest his feet on, no cowlings, stereo, facemask and definitely no ugly fucking saddlebags.
    The only people who ever rode a Harley with suspension, a windshield, helmet, saddlebags and electric starters were cops and old men.
    So now you’re all ready. Hop on the bike, kick start her and hope she doesn’t kick back so hard you get tossed over and land hard. Now figure out the shifting, clutch, gas and braking systems (you can ride, right?) and take off like a bat out of hell. Keep checking the gas while you’re riding so you know when to stop. Just fill up, check the fluids & chain adjustment and get back on the road.
    Now, after riding for 300 miles or so you are at the final destination along with the other 2 or 300 bikes in the pack.
    Watch as everyone else gets off their bikes. Do you see even one person bitch 6how they hurt after that ride? Fuck no you don’t. Not even the tiniest woman complained. Nobody ever thought of showing any kind of weakness.
    I see people on these Harley’s with so much unnecessary crap on them it’s disgusting.
    Bunch of fucking babies. It’s embarrassing to see a 1%er riding an ugly piece of shit like that.
    It’s embarrassing to see anybody ride ugly shit like that.
    Another thing. At least keep your bike running well.
    We had a guy 3 houses from us whose fuel system was completely out of adjustment. Three months I keep hearing this from inside my living room. It’s driving me insane. Granted, decades ago I used to build custom bikes and strip everything down and rebuild everything back, but better. So finally I just can’t take it anymore. I asked my old man to please let the guy know about the fuel system before I set the thing on fire. He, like everyone else in the neighborhood is afraid of the guy. So I said fuck it, I have to go deal with it myself. He’s freaking out. I look at him and say “since when have you ever known me to be afraid of anybody or anything?” and I grabbed a cane, walked out, made it to the house and asked him to please turn the bike off so he could hear me. He’s trying his best to act all badass in front of the other people there, but it’s not working, so he finally shuts down the engine and stereo. And still he’s playing badass with what appears to everyone to be just another old lady in the cul-de-sac. Wrong.
    I simply explained to him that he had a fuel adjustment problem and needed to get it fixed before there was a terrible accident and his Harley burst into flames. Then I turned around and walked home while one of the roommates explained that he better fix it and be certain to be polite to me always. I guess after I got into a disagreement with the roommate who owned the house, my old man sort of explained that he really shouldn’t piss me off, and just a tidbit of why.
    Whatever works.


  3. Obviously, you know nothing whatsoever about the Hells Angels.
    Sonny didn’t start the club. It was founded in 1948. Sonny turned 81 last October. Do the math. He was a child when the Club was founded.
    Sonny did found the Oakland Chapter in 1957.
    Maybe it’s because I have been around the Club since I was 17 and I remember what I choose to. Facts.
    Ask for any other details and information… I have amnesia.
    You don’t seem to know even basic things. I doubt you have anything to do with the Club. I smell cop/snitch.


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