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Confederate Motorcycles changes its brand to Combat Motors

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by: Chris Best

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WKRG/BIKER DAD) — Alabama has always been a part of the history that defined the Civil Rights Movement from its days as a slave state and the Civil War to some of the most important moments that drove the change of the 1960s. The complicated relationship with the state’s past, and the effort to move forward has led to decades of change.

One of the latest changes is at the Birmingham motorcycle manufacturer, Confederate Motorcycles, which has changed its brand to Combat Motors LLC, “to better reflect the values of the company, its clients and its mission” according to a press release on their website, we stand with those peaceably fighting for change in the United States and are very happy to contribute an overdue but small part of that change.”

The York County Sheriff’s office charging six men it says are members of the Hell’s Angels Motorcycle Gang.

“Our motorcycles are realized through a partnership with our various members of our team who design, build and distribute these one of a kind masterpieces. We feel that the new name better exemplifies the spirit and values of that team,” the press release continues.

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  1. We have An American Confederate Flag With A Harley Davidson In Center In Our Front Yard 25′ Up On A Flag Pole. It Doesn’t Represent Any Bias Slavery Intent. It Is The Initial Flag Of The Southern American History Of The Civil War History For So Many Americans Who Died For Us To Have Freedom We Have Today. Anyone Of Any Race Etc Attempts To Remove Or Replace It With A Chicken Shit Excuse Will Be Met By Force Granted To All Americans. The 1st And 2nd Amendment Of The Constitution Of This Great Nation. We Refuse To Kiss Any Ass For Profit Or To Kiss Any Ass Out Of Fear. Respect Our Rights To Defend and Die For The Stars And Stripes And We Will Respect Yours Rightfully So. Vietnam Veteran. 81


  2. Everyone is taking a knee or kissing ass to a minority that constitutes at best, 13% of the total population of the U.S. The male percentage of that number is 5% at the most……..Changing names on buildings, pulling statues down, “demanding” this and that – they forget that in a majority of the cities and state where they’re holding these protests and riots, their own people – liberal democrats – socialists – controlled, or still control those places their acting out in, and it was those liberal democrats who were in office in the legislatures and governor’s offices who approved and had those statues and memorials built and paid for. So tear down and try and erase your own history, in the end you’re destroying yourselves.


  3. I guess you’re just completely clueless about the fact that the confederacy was formed by a group of states, committing Sedition, in other words, becoming traitors against the United States of America.
    And they lost.
    Take your traitorous flag down.
    I have ancestors who fought on both sides, but not one of them is ignorant or stupid enough to act like it’s still the latter half of the 1860’s and display that shit.
    Grow up.


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