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A police operation targeting the Mongols motorcycle gang has resulted in seven further arrests and the seizure of more firearms.

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Police today executed three further search warrants in Waikato and Bay of Plenty, with a total of 18 search warrants conducted yesterday and today.

As a result of the operation a total of 17 people, ranging in age from 19 to 66, are facing 263 charges.

Police today located three loaded AK47 and two MSSA (military-style semi-automatic) firearms, bringing the total number of firearms seized over the two days to 13.

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Superintendant Greg Williams of the national organised crime group said in a statement that police can now confirm that one of the firearms seized yesterday was a MP38 submachine gun.

Williams yesterday said that most of those arrested had been deported from Australia and were from one of the Bandidos chapters in Brisbane.

The York County Sheriff’s office charging six men it says are members of the Hell’s Angels Motorcycle Gang.

Since January, there have been six shootings in the Bay of Plenty involving the Mongols and rival gangs.

The Mongols have also been linked to arsons, aggravated robberies, serious assaults and other violent attacks.

Burley guys with beards, black leather, tattoos and motorcycles can be an intimidating sight — outlaws for sure.

The three people arrested today will face charges including participating in an organised crime group, unlawful possession of firearms and conspiracy to deal methamphetamine.

They will appear in the Tauranga District Court today.

Police expect there will be further arrests in relation to the operation, Superintendant Williams said.

Police have identified the 64-year-old biker who sucker punched a seemingly peaceful Black Lives Matter protester in Ohio

Police are still seeking any information on the whereabouts of senior Mongols member Brodie Collins-Haskin of Auckland, who is facing several charges.

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  1. Comparative Thinking?
    Here in our Great cities We have some lame ass Thugs of every criminal aspect Roaming the streets setting fires looting and holding citizens and citizens Hostage while Police Do almost Nothing out of Fear. Yet We have Police going after MC That are profiled by DOJ/ Interpol system LE. What the Fuck!. It’s With out Any doubt Racial profiling is the Culprit. God forbide if The media were to do after reporting on Blk affiliates in the U.S.A. The Demo’s would be crushed and Trump would prevail. Our Gov is fearful of Mass Protest by so called African Americans. We have right winged terrorist running CHOPS In our Cities while Feds do zero. There is no balance of Justice. Most MC Are Whites. Here We have Blks running our Towns to the ground. Cluster Fucks. As An American Native? I don’t give a Fuck about Blks in this Country. They disrespect All Races even their own. Otr Gov’s profile People and race is a factor. Justice isn’t color blind. It’s rigged out of fear. Send the Military in and shut this Shit down. F the BS. White or Blk or what everm stop PROFILING people regardless of their affiliation. MC shouldn’t top off World news when We have A Country under seige.


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