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Where are all these 3%ers during the chaos this country is going through? Bikers are standing tall so again, where are they?

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By James “Hollywood” Macecari

James "Hollywood"Macecari

You’ve been living on another planet if you haven’t seen what’s happening in this country. You have leftists Marxist tearing down our history and only a few trying to stop them. Where are all the GOP politicians at? I’ll tell you, hiding in a corner like a bunch of scared bitches. That begs the question. Where are all these supposed patriotic 3%ers, who always run off at the mouth about their ability to take on the government? The only one’s I’ve been seeing doing anything are bikers.

Biker have joined the fight

In Ohio this past week bikers held a counter rally to these BLM protesters. It didn’t go good for the BLM protesters at all. Bikers were dishing shit out, just like everyone who believes in the freedom of this country should be doing.

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Bikers for Trump and many other bikers were out there making sure these BLM protesters felt the smack down. Say what you will about Bikers for Trump, but at least they are out making sure our history is being preserved when they can.

Bikers for Trump has been participating in counter protests with the Proud Boys, as well as the American Guard.These organizations have been standing up to Antifa this whole time. Where are you in this whole thing? Simple question, are you going to sit back like some bitch and let this country be destroyed? Are you one of those keyboard warriors who talks smack on the net?

Time for all of us Americans who believe in this country to stop this scourge.

I’ve been called racist all week since coming out with my positions. This issue has pitted many I call friends against me. Here’s the deal, Fuck Antifa and fuck BLM! BLM started out as an organization that had good intentions. Now it’s been hijacked by Antifa and rich leftist liberals. Many from BLM are saying the same thing as I just did, look it up!

Don’t take advice from someone who is an out bad motorcycle club member

These punks are acting just like ISIS. ISIS went around the middle east destroying history, just like these punks are here. These punks are backed up with big money from these rich liberal asses. A movement of American Loving Patriots needs to start happening to put these ANTIFA punks in their places.

American Patriot Army (APA) 

There has been a movement building, one that is uniting many different factions under one cause, “Protecting our country!” This movement has silently been brewing on the dark web,it’s called the American Patriot Army.

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It’s a fascinating concept indeed. There are individual chapters being formed across the United States. Their mission statement is simple. “Meet with force and protect our liberties from organizations like Antifa! Bikers everywhere should get involved in this movement and start forming their own chapters and start fighting back. Meet force with force!

From my understanding the APA runs autonomously. Meaning each and every chapter runs themselves. It’s a very interesting concept. Some of the APA have already seen action in many states. My advice, form your chapter and get out there and start pushing back!

The so-called 3%ers are exposed

Go on any Facebook page or group and you will see people claiming to be 3%ers. Where the hell are you people? Yep, all talk as usual. These people talk the talk but never walk the walk. What does it say about 3%ers when you have these Antifa punks running around destroying shit while 3%ers don’t do anything about it?

As part of an investigation last year by federal and local authorities into an alleged drug ring involving the Modesto Hells Angels Motorcycle Club

It’s actually depressing because you would’ve thought they would be the first ones out there fighting. Nope, instead Bikers for Trump and other biker groups are the ones on the front lines. It’s no wonder why the LEO are always profiling bikers, it’s because they know bikers stand up for what they believe in.

Bikers should be proud!

One of the last vestiges of freedom in this country is the biker lifestyle. Bikers are some of the most patriotic people in this country, something LEO should be embracing, instead of fucking with bikers all the time.

Edmonton-based Hells Angel Neil Cantrill is charged as are two others, in relation to 2016 incident

Over the last couple weeks we’ve seen bikers standing tall all over the country. The authorities, who are getting squashed all over the place, should be happy the bikers are standing tall. Well, this isn’t the case.

There was a motorcycle club out west who said they would be protecting their local businesses. The cops came out and said they didn’t need any help. What kind of moronic decision is that? Everyone hates you and when you get an offer of help, you morons turn it down! Why? It’s because clubs won’t screw around with these socialist.

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Let’s face it, cops will not be able to control what’s going on in this country. It’s up to patriotic people of this country to stand tall and defeat these leftist libtards. These people are truly the enemy, don’t be fooled with the reporting of the mainstream media and leftist politicians. All these leftist politicians care about is power, it’s time to take the power back to the people.

My question is, will you get involved in the fight or stand by and watch our history and country burn?


  1. I’ve been asking the same Fucking question. I run into MC On a daily bases. I see comments they make But that’s it. Walking and talking but fizzled the Fuck out. Scared Of the Cops cause I seez its the Radar shit and with the blacks screaming racist shit MC would with out doubts be the big excuse cops need to cover their crooked asses. Fuck the cops and the BLM B.S.
    YES. WHERE ARE THE TOP 3%’ers?
    DOJ Down on the MC By order of Prez. Look at Australia? Shit! Getting banged big time and there’s no rioting in their streets.
    I’m on the G.D. Radar and No I don’t like it. I’m a Supportor of 81 only. I do support All MC But I was raised 81. A family thing. Yeah. We’d all like to know.
    So lets see what the next commentator has to say cause I’m here out in the open. Fuck a Radar. I foresee a Civil War then where will the 3%’ers be?
    Pizza Hut


  2. I’m not buying yout piece.
    I support 81. Ohio my ass?
    Most MC’s aren’t out there.
    Staying off the Radar.
    Your story to me is a shady crock.
    Top 3%’ers are idiots.


  3. Meant to say Aren’t idiots.
    Damn Zannie just kicked in.
    Jungles makes a man blind and shaky handed. My Bad.
    Support 81


  4. Good question? DNC coming to Milwaukee here in Wisconsin. Many here waiting on that chaos to start and gearing up. Nothing happening in our rural communities at this point. MC’s are on edge just waiting from what I see here.


  5. Your article is spot-on in calling out the “so-called 3%ers” ……they are “posers” and “wannabes” who have bastardized the meaning of the 3%. For the uninitiated here is the background and true meaning of the 3%, of which a majority of those claiming to be 3%ers fall short.

    “In the whole American history timeline, where American involvement in a war of conflict, from Colonial times to the present in which American Colonists or United States Citizens officially participated, only 3% or Less of the population at any given time, going back as far as July 4, 1675 – August 12, 1676 (King Phillips War) where the major combatants were the New England Colonies vs. Wampanoag, Narragansett, and Nipmuck Indians, through today, have EVER SERVED IN A MILITARY COMBAT THEATER. Yes, that includes ALL wars and conflicts. Additionally LESS THAN 10% have ever served in the U.S. Armed Forces.”

    If they haven’t served in a combat zone and have been awarded the appropriate decorations, whether it be WW I, WW II, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Iraq, Afghanistan or other declared combat zones, they’re not true 3%ers.


  6. Right fuckin on, Hollywood.
    Enough with these warm milk “Patriots”….
    Grab some rock sacks and man the fuck up.
    Thank you for voicing this.


  7. 3%’ers? Bikers for Trump? More like a bunch of fat white fuckers watching the train depart from the American Dream station and leaving them behind. Pathetic bunch of idiots believing a motorcycle makes them tough. Return to your reverie and shut the he’ll up. Oh how I ache for the poor white man. You fat bastards are comical!


  8. President Trump Making America Great Again and Keeping America Great


  9. Damn! I use to like insane,until I found out your a racist trying to pump people up while I hide behind a key board coward!!


  10. Probably the only person here who’s had the truly distasteful and disgusting memories of having met on far too many occasions, that vile piece of shit who openly told an interviewer he was more sexually attracted to his 13 year old daughter than his wife. ICK FACTOR OFF THE CHARTS.
    The first time, he walked up and introduced himself, tried pulling me closer and I ripped my hand away. He was bending over to say something in my ear but I beat him to it. I’m not going to say what I said to that pervert because I don’t want the fucking Secret Service at my door. Needless to say, he kept his distance every time we were in the same place.
    He’s a cowardly liar, thief and more.
    He’s also a narcissistic sociopath in a position of power at the moment and that’s an extremely dangerous combination.
    Enough said.


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