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Aryan Cowboy Motorcycle Club is being investigated over harassment complaint filed by Muslim woman

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By Mary Divine |

Stillwater police are investigating a Muslim woman’s claim that she was harassed by white supremacists in downtown Stillwater on Saturday night.

Sophia Rashid, of Minneapolis, told police that she was eating dinner with her 4-year-old daughter on the outdoor patio at Leo’s Grill and Malt Shop in downtown Stillwater when a group of men wearing black leather vests displaying the words “Aryan Cowboy Brotherhood” walked by.

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Rashid, who was wearing a hijab, said the men began pointing at her and making statements like “We’ve got our eye on you” and “We’re watching you,” according to police reports.

When her server came out with her bill, Rashid said she explained what was happening. In a Facebook post that has been shared more than 15,000 times, Rashid wrote that the young Leo’s employee, who was white, “snapped into action, recognizing the danger of the situation and the power/privilege her whiteness had in that very moment. She called over her friends/the other servers. They saw the Nazis and demanded I let them walk me to my car after I turned them down the first couple times they insisted.”

“These were teenagers who without a second thought demanded I let them put their bodies on the line as literal shields between me, my daughter and actual Nazis,” Rashid wrote. “I cannot thank them enough, nor can I adequately express the pure courage and ally-ship these girls had.”

 Hundreds gathered at the Silver Dollar Cafe and Gift Shop in Collinsville for this year’s Poker Run. This year’s run was all for a little girl who’s fighting for her life.

The young women started walking Rashid and her daughter to their car, which was parked in the parking lot near Teddy Bear Park, but more motorcycle gang members came to the area, including members of the Outlaw Motorcycle Gang and Hell’s Angels, “in what felt like a coordinated effort to intimidate her,” the police report states.

Rashid took photos of the motorcyclists, and she and her daughter took refuge in the lobby of the Lora Hotel until police arrived around 9 p.m., the report states. An officer escorted Rashid and her daughter to their car and observed them safely get in and drive out of the area, according to the police report.

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The incident is being reviewed by investigators of the Stillwater Police Department for potential criminal conduct.

“Stillwater, especially the downtown district, is a popular location for motorcyclists, including, on rare occasions, motorcycle gang members,” Police Chief John Gannaway said in a prepared statement. “Some motorcycle gangs wear insignia on their vests that is offensive to others. The Stillwater Police Department does monitor their activities when they are present and takes the appropriate action when criminal acts are committed. If we see an increase in motorcycle gang activity, we will increase our presence, utilizing other jurisdictions and entities if needed.”

Mayor Ted Kozlowski said Sunday that he also had reached out to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office and the Washington County Attorney’s Office to determine whether criminal charges are merited.

THE Supreme Court has dismissed an appeal by a Limerick biker who is serving a life sentence for murdering the founder of a rival club.

“We’re absolutely taking this seriously,” Kozlowski said. “We have to make sure that everybody feels safe in our town. We welcome everyone here, and we do not abide racism or discrimination of any sort.”

He praised the employees at Leo’s and Hotel Lora for stepping in to help Rashid.

“That absolutely demonstrates who we are in Stillwater,” he said. “These kids in our community stood up to this right away. They took action and did what I would expect everybody in our town to do when they see people threatened in our town.”

Kozlowski said he was in downtown Stillwater on Saturday night, but did not see any biker gangs. He said he has reached out to Rashid “to hear more about her experience and to assure her that she and her family are welcome here,” but had not heard back. She also did not immediately return a message left by the Pioneer Press.

“We’ve never had any incidents of bike gangs causing any issues in Stillwater,” Kozlowski said.

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An employee at Ziggy’s Bar in downtown Stillwater told police that members of the Outlaw Motorcycle Gang may have been in town because a former gang member had allegedly been released from prison the night before. “The OMGs believed that ‘Taz’ may come to Stillwater,” the police report states. “The OMGs were planning on starting a confrontation with Taz due to some type of violation of the OMGs rules. Taz became aware of the OMGs presence and did not come to the Stillwater area.”


  1. Well..with out being racist if this woman was looking for her 20 minutes of fame she got it..and turned off a lot of people that never would have had an opinion….no one broke a law..if a cop says to me ” were watching you” is he racist? Is that harassment? …no that would never work in a court room…if there were five muslims their own language(because they want to be here and not speak ours) and looking at me..and i develope fear..( because muslims faith is discrimintory and violent) have they broke the law?come on folks ..if the hells angels and the outlaws are on the same street its because of a bike event not chasing down some women and her kids because she has chkse to come here and maintain the parts of her culture (hijab) that identifies her with this violent and discriminatory religion.. that hijab says she believes that she can do what she wants when she wants..the phone call to the cops and all the other bs that went on here says…she believes the gentelmen wearing black vest cant…sounds to me like your typical one sided carpet with a double edge sword


  2. I’m with Aryan Cowboys mc and this white woman wearing a hajib ran around and took pictures then called the police. No one said a word to her and she filed a false police report. Because of this fake incident one of my club brothers was fired from his job because they slandered him on lies and the crazies bombarded his employer with messages. We appreciate the MC worlds support against this smear campaign against our MC in Rochester, MN.


  3. I want to see the pictures of Outlaws and HA walking together to harass a woman and her kids, I don’t care who she is.


  4. Anyone who has the least amount of knowledge about clubs Knows this entire story is BS!
    And i too would love to see the 15&81 pics …roflmfao


  5. Andrew hats off to you and your brothers..hope you do something to help your bro…get a investigator up her ass and a lawyer then file suit for charecture def. Aswell hang one on the employer.. these fuckin crybaby immigrants know how to play the system..thats why they are here milking our system..they didnt want to stay in their own country and fight for their rights and freedom so they weaseled their way here and have a tendency to play all the cards..they know that its a sensitive issue.. put one up here ass before some scumbag lawyer reads her bogus article and files one on your member or the whole club..



    They would NEVER be riding together like this article claims.
    ALSO, whats up with the white privilege BS?
    Here’s my counter to all of you white snowflakes ❄ wanting good American white folks to admit and denounce their privilege.


    Are you snowflakes ready to admit/denounce your American citizenship??
    Yes! Good don’t let this American door hit you in your sorry commie ASS! GTFOH MOFOS


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