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A Brawley Police Officer was arrested for an alleged rape that happened in the city of Brawley

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By Jenny Day

A Brawley Police Officer was arrested Friday afternoon, for an alleged rape, that happened in the city of Brawley; according to the Imperial County Sheriff’s Office. In a separate press release from the City of Brawley, the alleged incident is described as a “criminal sexual assault,” that happened while 32-year-old Ricardo Gabriel Valdez was on duty.

Comprising members with law enforcement and military backgrounds the Iron Order rides the line between a law-abiding and an outlaw biker club.

Authorities say the accusation was reported June 24th, but again, Valdez was taken into custody July 3rd. The Brawley Police Officer was placed on administrative leave the day the complaint was made. The Imperial County Sheriff’s Office is leading the investigation.

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The suspect was booked into jail, on multiple felony charges, according to ICSO. The San Diego Sheriff’s Department and Brawley Police Department also assisted with this investigation.

This is a developing story.

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