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Comprising members with law enforcement and military backgrounds the Iron Order rides the line between a law-abiding and an outlaw biker club.

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When the words “motorcycle club” come to mind, you probably think of biker gangs in some of the movies you have seen. Typically, such films are based out of the wild west, where the biker gangs have bad men with tattoos in leather and jean clothes and rob trains and stores.

While some modern versions of this can be considered to be motorcycle clubs, they are a subgroup of a whole. A motorcycle club primarily refers to any group of people whose interests and activities involve motorcycles. These activities don’t have to be crime-related. Typically, there are selected motorcycle types adopted by the groups.

The symbols used by some bikers are now considered Racist, even by some of those in the biker scene.

In the US, many motorcycle clubs, also known as MCs, belong to the American Motorcyclist Association. The MCs that do not belong are commonly called one-percenters and regarded as outlaws. BUT, there are some that are neither here nor there, such as the Iron Order motorcycle club. Let’s take a closer look.

A Confederate flag flying in front of Thunder Mountain Harley-Davidson in Loveland on Saturday was removed after the dealership received complaints

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  1. Hey ..NEWS FLASH.. these egotisticle fucks have been a gang all along.. biggest organized crime in thee world.. they beat their wives and families..the drink and drive constantly.. they lie every day.. they are bullies….they have ten times the bad guy apptitude than any biker.. ten on one beatings…ect..ect…ect…..


  2. Is this anything anyone with any real life experiences with these motherfuckers doesn’t already know?


  3. I belong to an MC club MC does not stand for motorcycle club. I see all these articles saying motorcycle club MC stand for man’s club a real MC is man’s club only. Anything else is RC, riders club


  4. Always see these shit talkers that run their cocksucker’s but know absolutely nothing about the iron order. Cop club ? Wrong not even close . Have 1% clubs had cops or yes even feds in them? Hell yes they have. All of them at one point have had alot more than they will never admit. So I guess they are cop clubs as well. Over 1)2 of iron order is cops? That’s straight up lies . May as well get your information from cnn or snopes lmao. Beat their wives Ann your nothing more than a lying bitch right from the start. Afraid of them? Why would anybody be in fear of anyone? That’s more of you big cocksucker running trying to be relevant. Stephanie you like to flap your cocksucker as well. Would like to hear all about your personal experiences with this club. Oh but wait you have none do you, another lying bitch trying to be relevant. People pissed off all because they didn’t ask for permission. None of these 1% ever asked permission for shit so who the fuck is going to ask from them. Obviously you forget this is supposed to be a free fucking country. Who gives a fuck what anybody thinks and do you. Oh another good comment I read was how it’s a mail order patch. You can buy it on line😂🤣😂. That’s about the most ignorant 1 I’ve seen. You must be talking about cvma. You know combat vets? Yeah no prospecting nothing. You seen combat then your Patch’s are in the mail. Now don’t twist this I am a proud American that stands for our veterans and enlisted. They don’t get a 1/3 of what they should for the sacrifices they have and do make. . Back to you know nothing shit talking cock gobblers. Sounds more like penis envy than anything. None of you actually even know or have ever been around any man that’s in the iron order
    But you sure do parrot the hell outta shit. That’s pure ignorance in itself. Any human that has to resort to repeating what they hear and read without their own REAL PERSONAL EXPERIENCE in anything is nothing more than a PATHETIC EXCUSE . Think what you want about me and what I’ve said here because IDGAF about pathetic parrots. I have personally met a lot of iron order and I can say from PERSONAL EXPERIENCE unlike all of n you. Your lying shit bags just trying to find a friend no matter the bullshit you put your pathetic ass’s through to get 1 friend in this world. Grow the fuck up and think for yourselves. Now don’t bring up well Izod said this or that. They all got booted out for their bullshit and are pissed off about about. That’s why he started iron legasy . He needs to be important in his little world just like all you little parrots. Its been fun it’s been real. You make me laugh with the bullshit you spew. So please do keep the ignorance flowing with your mom knowledge of shit.


  5. Iron order are a bunch of cucks. Fuck them. They hide now cause everyone here wants to stomp em. Bunch of bitches who do mail order patches

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  6. Always easy to talk shit from behind his keyboard. Clay move outta your moms basement. Bottom line you shouldn’t be wearing a three piece patch and think you can be a one percenter at the same time. You can’t have it both ways.


  7. Iron order is a bunch of bitches who constantly try and play biker on the weekends. They are NOT legit in the eyes of bikers nor will they ever. Whoever tries to stick up for them either like homo shit, or you are a pussy member yourself. Funny how they play tough guy and the first people they call is their M-F boys! Oh wait we are coming to an area let us alert the authorities of our presence? But we are a true MC club, please take that bullshit and shove it right where the sun don’t shine you pathetic excuse of human waste!

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  8. Clay Hudson i can tell you from personal dealings with the io you all are cop callin walk into court and testify on people,and cry on the stand about how them bad 1%ers were beating on us,tears rolling down his face.

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  9. Clay Hudson, you dumb mother fucker. Are you an IO patch holder, prospect or hangaround? You have no fucking clue how this world communicates within its own drawn borders. A man who wants to start a club starts with a few members and a solid one piece patch. That patch is broken into three pieces by the governance of “All Clubs” and it takes years of commitment, solidarity, community outreach, brotherhood and most of all, showing up to other clubs events and supporting them.
    If your club is made up of solid men and the rules of protocol have been followed you might get the bottom rocker with your state on it. these scumbags just went around 70 years of history, blood, sweat and tears and spit on it.
    I’ve never seen an IO on a bike, why? because they hide from real clubs.


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