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When the words “motorcycle club” come to mind, you probably think of biker gangs in some of the movies you have seen. Typically, such films are based out of the wild west, where the biker gangs have bad men with tattoos in leather and jean clothes and rob trains and stores.

While some modern versions of this can be considered to be motorcycle clubs, they are a subgroup of a whole. A motorcycle club primarily refers to any group of people whose interests and activities involve motorcycles. These activities don’t have to be crime-related. Typically, there are selected motorcycle types adopted by the groups.

The symbols used by some bikers are now considered Racist, even by some of those in the biker scene.

In the US, many motorcycle clubs, also known as MCs, belong to the American Motorcyclist Association. The MCs that do not belong are commonly called one-percenters and regarded as outlaws. BUT, there are some that are neither here nor there, such as the Iron Order motorcycle club. Let’s take a closer look.

A Confederate flag flying in front of Thunder Mountain Harley-Davidson in Loveland on Saturday was removed after the dealership received complaints

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