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The symbols used by some bikers are now considered Racist, even by some of those in the biker scene.

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By James “Hollywood” Macecari

James "Hollywood"Macecari

I guess in these times of PC Culture and hurt feelings I could be considered a racist. Shit, since I’ve been giving my thoughts on what’s happening in this country that’s all I’ve been called by some.

I’ll give you a breakdown on some of the patches I wear on my vest. Certified White Boy is the biggest patch, centered right in the middle of the back. Then I have numerous Confederate Flags, both patches and pins. Finally I have my Peckerwood Patches. Yep, the looks I get riding nowadays is plain downright funny to me.

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Seems like history repeats itself. The old timers used to wear Nazi stuff to scare off the citizens, now it’s the confederate flag that will trigger them.

Proud Ass Peckerwood

I will never in my life be ashamed of who I am and where I come from. I’m a proud white boy and have no apologies for it. I get it, it’s racist now to be proud to be white, but all other prides are OK. “Fuck That!” and Fuck anyone who falls for that bullshit.

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I consider myself to be an open person. I for one cannot stand the Nazi flag, mainly because they were an enemy and millions of people lost their lives to that bastards regime. I judge a man on their merits, not their color.

What I do not do is bow to anyone’s pressure because that’s not who I am. I know I judge a man on merits and if others don’t believe them then fuckem!

Definition of Peckerwood- a white person, especially a poor one.

This definition is spot on for me. I grew up VERY poor and everything I’ve got today I had to hustle for. I’m not one of those people who believe everyone owes them something. I personally believe life owes no one anything. Those who say it does is nothing more than a bunch of punks. A man has to make their own destiny in life. I cannot respect anyone who complains about how hard their situation is when all they do is complain and not act.

Confederate Flag

Sure, the flag was used by some pussy ass racist who tormented a bunch of people. It got a bad name because of them twats. But the Confederate Flag actually represents a people who would not stand by and be dictated by a government they felt was out of control.

Weakness has killed the modern biker? Instead of ass-kicking, we now have a bunch of snowflake bikers in the scene

Sure, slavery was the biggest thing people got out of that war, even though there was a litany of things that caused it. One thing is for sure, their were over 500,000 white men who died to end slavery. Where is that in all this media coverage of the woke crowd?

I will always wear the flag proud, regardless if people call me a racist. I have the flag hanging in the studio and I couldn’t be prouder of it. I had family fight in that war and will not dishonor them by going “woke,” like everyone else in this damn country.

The PC Biker Squad is making their bullshit ideas known

For all you PC Bikers out there crying and whining about the flag, or how we should be standing side by side with BLM, “FUCK YOU!” Take that shit down the road because I won’t be hearing what you’re preaching.

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You PC Bikers are nothing more than a sorry excuse for a biker. You’re the freaks who go out and by expensive leathers and play biker on the weekends. You’re also the ones who’ve got their peckers tied up in their ole ladies’ hands not being able to go out to play because they said so.

You tree hugging twats are an embarrassment to any self respecting biker. I got an idea, why don’t you morons go place your lips on LEO’S ass? Oh wait, you asses already do that shit!

Harley-Davidson joins the PC game

Harley-Davidson, who made a fortune on the Confederate Flag, is now banning them from their property. Just a couple days ago a dealership in Colorado kicked a vendor out of an event because a bitch citizen complained about it.

Joining a motorcycle club isn’t something you do because you’re bored! It takes commitment and dedication – lots of it!

Again, FUCK HARLEY-DAVIDSON, the hypocritical bastards that they are. That company sways to whichever the way the wind blows. It’s no wonder why their sales are in the toilet and many people are moving away from their brand. I hope Harley-Davidson takes a nosedive and doesn’t recover. They are already on their way since they instituted their plan to cater to high price bikes in the CVO line.

Motorcycle Club Protocol and the basics of what it takes to be in a motorcycle club

I’ve owned dozens of Harleys over the years, my last one being a Fatboy. That Fat Boy sitting in the garage will be the very last one I ever own. I’m truly disgusted by a company that made their name off the backs of working class people. I’m disgusted that they’ve not stood behind those who gave them the image in the first place. Do they deserve loyalty? Hell no! They deserve to fail and if they do, it’s because of their own arrogance.

If you wear a symbol that means something to you, don’t be shamed by others who think it’s racist

I know in this day and age people are mindful of what others think. Why this is an issue I’ll never know, especially when bikers are supposed to not give a fuck what others think of them.

Why Motorcycle Clubs refuse to talk to the media- Case in point, fake news articles.

My advice is to wear your shit proud, forget what others have to say about it. If people get stupid with you than knock the hell out of them. Don’t stand there and be judged by people who’s opinion shouldn’t mean a damn thing to you.

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Right now, in these times, you’re going to see how those before us felt about the general public. The ones who wore things that were offensive to others, the ones who stood by their traditions, is what you’re going to experience if you hold to your beliefs.

The York County Sheriff’s office charging six men it says are members of the Hell’s Angels Motorcycle Gang.

The time when being a biker wasn’t cool is back! The only question is, are you prepared for it? Are you prepared to stand behind your own convictions, or are you one of those idiots who fold to the mob? This is a question you can only answer for yourself.



  1. Hey Dickface! Your comment on the Confederate Flag is You kissing up you lame ass bitch. 500,000 plus Men of All Colors died in that War. That Flag doesn’t and nevsr has represented Racism nor Slavery. It’s cluster fucks like you with your misguided info that feeds social demo BS And calls it racisn. Pussy ass etc? Go screw yourself you wanta be buzz hound.
    If that flag was great enough to die for in the Civil War then it’s great enough to Die for Now.
    Maybe you can flip that H D fat boy you gor White Boy and buy yourself a Fuckn Indian then you can be a real cowboy. Boy


  2. And while I’m at it.
    Hollywood?!! It’s that from all them GRIT/ JOHN WAYNE Western Movies you gathered your name from and all the Confederate Flag Input from?
    Shit. Like is uzz an actor or something? Youz to Damn facnyz for this OG Fucking RedNeck. Damn. You must be famous. Better yet. Shit you’d be like say on your 90″s? J.W died long time ago. Which CIVIL War movie did you 2 play in.? Aunt Jammies
    Gone with the wind? Your a Fn sap. Get a new name fancy pants and read a Fn history book while your at it. Readers want the truth. Not B S. Preacher.
    Preacher stands for. Do yiur ugly ass in and preach your funeral free of charge. Next?
    The Confederate Brothers Of The South.


  3. I have always been in the non main stream crowd, I was a stoner in high school, I joined the Navy when people spit on us and threw eggs at us, so not being in the in crowd is nothing new. I have been on a bike since 1966, we had a good run of it. Now they just better leave people the hell alone. As the saying goes ” as I grow older a life sentence is not as much of a deterrent”.


  4. I myself all through my life, I’ve always gone my own way, not followed the crowd.,I’ve had a stronger mind than that.I think anyone with a strong personality has a truer discerning of life. Most of the time I think we are more of a loner. At least we’re more at peace with ourselves and with life, freer than others and there’s few things that can compare with being free in mind and spirit, nothing like it.


  5. Fuck this PC bullshit.
    I have s Rebel flag in hanging in my room with a AMERICAN Indian on it.
    I call it my Rebel Indian flag.
    Like you Hollywood I am a proud AMERICAN white man.
    Proud of my Nordic heritage.
    Fuck these assholes and as far as I’m concerned these so called PC bikers are not real bikers. They are a bunch of Posers.


  6. I’m Cherokee Sequoa Native. Your White ass with a confederate flag and an Indian pasted to it? Fuck You wanta beez. Riding on the coat tails of real Anericans and you call yourselves M C. RedNeck and now prophets of the underworld. Fuck you Your whiteboys blks and old asses who think they’ve earned a place in Hollywood’s Movie of BS. Prison? GD all of you cluster fucks who think just became they got a HD wear a patch and jive on this site cause your just a bunch of whites whoz no better than the BLM Fucks. SOB I Set in Central/ The Rock Death Row Ward Dead Men Walking three times a Day. You jerks with your petty crimes doing time in a halfway house. I still have nightmares of helicopters during the night taking out the Dead. So wise asses. Gi fuck yourselves. You don’t know shit. My people were raped nurdered set on fire our children parents and you stole iut land. Now you call it home. Go to AFrica with the ones you hate cause Us Natives Hate all of You boo whooo. And you call yourselves Anericans. M.C. i call you Nuggers.


  7. See 99% of you are Federal. Your under Feferal Laws. Feds took the Treaty. We call it broken arrow.
    So all you white MC etc Blks etc? Your doing ect what the Feds want you to do. Hate each other. Kill each other. Then the Feds can sort you all out. Natives can set back while you destroy whar you built from stealing what you claim is Yours. You Own Nothing. The Feds Own You. Your ALL Wearing the Mark of the Beast That no one can buy sale or trade without it. Your Fn S.S. # You all created it. Now wear it. Shut the Fuck up cause you reap what you sow. Hell is your Reward.
    Natives came from the Heavens. Bow and Cry for Us. Call The King what you know him as. Satan.
    Wear it. God despises All Of You. Murders. Man still calls us Niggers. Blk”s got their freedom. Natives are stiil in Bondage.
    Can’t ya smell that smell. Hell.


  8. I think people that think the Confederate flag has to do with racism need to learn their history


  9. Seems like some folks have an idenaty issue PC is for the Crusaders of discontent have to go along with the lefts B S ! What I believe in is my thing if they mind there on business those left leaning ass bits would’t be minding Mine, I play by my rules and don’t play fare with the PC’s ass bits out there! You all know who you are! They watch programs like this content and others, can’t leave well alone. The key board clowns have know life worth living! lots of ALFA males out there would like to knuckle you up with your PC mind set!


  10. Can’t we All Agree That The Pagan US…Expansion is in full force 1%er World you don’t have like one another or even believe anything anyone else Believes in You should realize while the cats away the mice plan his demise lol sometimes you gotta kill the cat!


  11. @herringt2009gmailcom
    Anger problems?
    I am proud of my white heritage. Sure my ancestors did some terrible things, but I have never done any of those things. Black people sold slaves to the white folks. So why are the blacks not mad at their own people? I am not southern So don’t really care about that flag, but it does represent people and history. Snowflakes triggered by a flag are ridiculous.


  12. Jeez man this quarantine shit has got every body fucked up . Just go for a ride and relax.


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