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Weakness has killed the modern biker? Instead of ass-kicking, we now have a bunch of snowflake bikers in the scene

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By James “Hollywood” Macecari

James "Hollywood"Macecari

Bikers used to define what a man was supposed to be, not so much anymore. One of the major things I’ve learned the last five years doing this, a lot of men are punks! What in the hell happened to the biker?

I know social media and libtard ideas have put a dent on some of the ways bikers think, but damn, I would’ve never guessed it would lead to a generation of pussies. I often think to myself, “I can’t be the only one that sees this?”

Modern Biker Think

The modern biker is nowhere near what bikers were in the past. Shit, these modern so-called bikers would’ve shit a brick, seeing some of the stuff that went down in the past. Even worse, they would’ve ran to their safe space the minute they heard our view on life.

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Motorcycle Clubs are not exempt from being infected with stupidity. The other day I must have got over 400 emails about a video circulating on social media of a 1% club doing a patch in. First off, most if not all clubs, would never pull something like that.

A patch in is a sacred event in a members life. If the prospect period was followed the right way, the patch in is the reward at the end of that process. It’s a process that’s supposed to be shared between brothers, not the whole world on the internet.

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I’ve not seen the video, but I can tell you a true 1% club would’ve never allowed something like that to hit the net. This is the problem with many of these so-called 1% clubs nowadays, they’re not true 1%. This is the modern biker think which has invaded even the club scene, something that would’ve never been allowed in the past.

It’s 2020, get over the past!

Men are supposed to be more socially sensitive to everyone else’s feelings so get over yourself! Yep, I have actually heard some creators say some shit like that. Certain people who give all this advice about the scene feel that the old ways shouldn’t go on. Some of these people actually think it’s OK for women to pull them around by their dicks!

Where are all these 3%ers during the chaos this country is going through? Bikers are standing tall so again, where are they?

If that’s the modern biker they can keep that shit. I for one will never ever bow to any woman. I started out in this lifestyle as a man and intend to go out like one. Screw those who believe a woman is equal to a man, this isn’t reality and isn’t the way this lifestyle was built.

Aryan Cowboy Motorcycle Club is being investigated over harassment complaint filed by Muslim woman

For all you cupcakes and retards out there, this lifestyle was built by men. Regardless of what society has to say or what you were taught, men are superior to a woman. This is how many of us old timers think and feel, regardless of how we are looked upon for thinking that way. Afterall, the biker was always about living life on his terms and not someone else’s opinions.

One saying is truer now as it was in the past. “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” Put me into that camp because that is so true in my case and many others.

Weakness has killed the modern biker

I never thought I’d see the day where so many bikers displayed a ton of weakness. This is true with the younger generation especially. I don’t know if it’s because they were raised on technology and didn’t interact with the real world, or if they were cuddled as kids. One thing for sure is they are a different breed. Hell, even some people my age are a bunch of weak ass idiots.

Motorcycle Club Protocol and the basics of what it takes to be in a motorcycle club

What I’ve seen in my generation, people got weak as they got older. It’s like a lightbulb went off in their heads and they forgot everything they learned. That could be one explanation for the view change but another one is they just bought into the bullshit. I’m sure the hell not one of those on the internet trying to teach people something they should be learning on the streets. Turning to the internet to learn something you should be doing on the street is a weakness in my eyes.

You make a living off the internet so you shouldn’t be judgemental!

It’s true I do make a part of my living on the internet. Here’s the difference between myself and others. I run a service for the biker community. My show and content are centered around biker news and what’s happening in the scene. I don’t do protocol videos and I sure the hell don’t advise people on club stuff. Sure, I might have opinions on stuff but they are just opinions, nothing else.

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The mission statement of Insane Throttle Biker News is to inform bikers of what’s happening in the scene. This includes making sure that each side has an opportunity to present their side of the events that occurred. Again, NEWS Agency! Don’t ever mistake what I do here as trying to advise anyone. This is not my intention or is it my goal to do like some other content creators.


If you’re a so-called man then be a damn man! The old saying, “you have to be a man before you wear a patch,” it’s right on target. I would say, “you have to be a man and not weak to be a biker.”

It’s funny, one thing that’s always being argued about on the net is. “What is a true biker?” My answer is it’s in your heart and the way you present yourself. If you present yourself as a weak ass bitch, I won’t look at you as being a biker, but instead a motorcycle enthusiast. Don’t get me wrong, nothing wrong with motorcycle enthusiasts, just don’t try and pass yourself off as a biker.

Why Motorcycle Clubs refuse to talk to the media- Case in point, fake news articles.

I believe this article is something that has to be put out for debate. The reason is simple, if we don’t get back on track then the snowflake bullshit thinking will creep more and more into the lifestyle we all love. It won’t be the cops that destroy us, it will be weakness that does. So what are your thoughts? Do you believe the modern biker is weak and destroying what’s supposed to be a hardcore lifestyle? Leave your comments and get this debate started!



  1. I love your attitude hollywood..i lived out what my dad always told me.. they’re good for 2things and ones nothin…..that being said it cost me half my house and everything i ever worked for..but fuck it..if she,s a bitch..she has to go…period.. maybe something that people never had to deal with before these fruit cake liber,s passed laws to make uz all equils….none the less as far as patch overs go i think its a fucking shame.. drop a patch you dedicated yourself to…what about next year ..are you going to dirt fuck that patch and get another one put on..what a fuckin farse.. the clubs these days want numbers for power..but they end up assuming everybody is solid and let rats and pussies in thier club.. if someone wanted my patch i hope they didnt come rip their eyes out and put them in their back pocket so they could watch me kick their ass..BUT.. in old days it was weed n soft shit… weed only destroyed pizzas and pataeto chips..this shit these fucks are filling the streets with today is DESTROYING our children…soooo old school…women mean mean everything…those assholes are not only fucking up the woman philo..they are killing kids.. totally against the real biker code of love your ladies and kill the kids..but sytay the fuck away from me..theyre a bunch of empty headed fuck ups


  2. You act and talk as if you know what you’re talking about. You started riding in the 90s and then dropped out. What do you know about teal bikers and their club?


  3. The young have been coddled; they don’t have to serve in the military anymore, they don’t have fathers, or even grandfathers who served, or weren’t coddled. Many still live at home. They have no incentive to grow up. There is no school of hard knocks anymore. Their idea of personal interaction is texting with their friends, they’re in front of computers at school. There is no more dressing out for P.E. anymore. There’s none of the “coming of age” things that us old timers went through just growing up. Harley “gentrified” riding a motorcycle – “bikers” became “motorcycle enthusiasts” and as greed took over, they turned their back on those who made the company, and began looking at the milk-toast set – the bankers, business executives as the cost, but certainly not the quality, of their motorcycles moved away from the real working man’s budget. RUBS, Rookies and pop-up wannabe clubs; clubs with no respect for history or protocol, claiming a diamond and full of dirt bag badge flashers. There’s no earning anything anymore, they young have had everything handed to them, everyone gets a trophy, no body fails anymore. Less than 50% of military age males (18-35) even qualify to join the service – they’re either unable to pass the basic physical fitness test, they’re educationally deficient, or they’ve committed disqualifying criminal acts. A bunch of slugs!


  4. Boner! Haven’t a clue Who or What about You. So with the Greatest RESPECT?
    I’ve seen done been done done it had it done to me and it’s to much to typo in. So!
    Dude! I REALLY needed to read and hear All That You Posted and it uplifted my spirits. Simply Because I cant remember Ever having to read The Fucking REAL Truth the way You Laid it Out. It Rocked Me. See I don’t wear A Patch etc. Not in these days and times. To many God Damn Fucked up Shit going on Today. And I know with deep convictions That if I Did? I’d be in Prison on Death Row. Cause I’d shoot the Fn Eyes out of The or any S.O.B. I wear a SUPPORT Red Cap. A Bigggg Fella MC came up to me in Krogers and said. ” Your either crazy as Hell or your one bad ass with a death wish and don’t be surprised if out of the blue someone grabs it and takes your Head with it!” My cap also says. When in doubt shoot it out. I got His Respect and Full backing. So! Boner! TY again. This OG really needed That. Your words show Your the real Foundation Of The Def. Real M.C. I’ve lost it all several times. But not my cap/ head. Onefeather


  5. Dumbfuck I’ve been riding every single day since the 90’s and around clubs the whole time peterpan. Dumbfucks on the internet and their mouths are comical


  6. Im not sure who jeri shnyder is talking to but if its me…i started riding in 1974.. for the first 20 yrs.. mostly on one wheel… at the present i ride two bikes..i have a gesyer glide with a wind shield and big box on back..yes i never thought id get one butttt.. my other ride is a 88 ci with a long stretch in it.. 130 hp…yes it was dynoed..i still leave the lights sideways on that one ..been around the block a few times and have seen a lot of good stuff..and i seen a lot of fucked up shit go down..still roll in with some of my old boys but we have nothing to do with the fucked up life these punks turned our clubs into ..what they have made it…greed…dope….all not counting my dirt biking as a kid i said 1974 on the street…you do the math….i honestly hope you were talking to hollywood or i will forever picture you as shnyder the janator on tv,s one day at a time


  7. I would like to say this PC crap is every where you go. Not just in the biker community but in every day America.
    All I see is men being lead around by women by their BALLS.
    When I was growing up MEN ruled the household and women just sat there and look pretty.
    Not anymore.
    Now there are very few men walking around instead you have a bunch of feminized SOYBOYS walking around.
    Me and you are about the same age Hollywood and all I can say is I don’t know what is to become of the future generations.
    God help us all.


  8. Who sits and writes shot like this?…Well, it’s not a bad ass biker, and certainly not a 1%er…It’s some pencil neck tweed that has no idea of what the business is; it’s called brains you idiot; there is is fuck load of money on the table, and this ain’t TV. Brains keep the money coming and tweeds like you from finding out.


  9. Least I forget!
    O S.!!!? I see your lame ass ain’t crawled out from under Your Rock to comment. Uhmmm! Really Now.
    Boner that cluster fuck made those Damn comments about recruitment of young girls and guys. shit? Burnt me deep! He’d Train Them? Not worth my time about BS Reasons. He urked quiet a few Bruhs and esp Their ole Ladies. He talks that filthy crap and I Have 2 older Sons and Daughters. O.S. stay the F away from My Kids. Dude you must be Bipolar.
    Waiting for ya comnent on Boners straight line comments.
    Can’t imagine. And the wheels on the Bike go round and round
    Med time O.S.


  10. Preach Brother. No self-respecting man would ever let some woman pull him around by his junk. That’s a mans job!


  11. Bought my first new Harley, a ’70 sporty, in the fall of ’69 for under $2,000 out the door. Seen a lot of changes over the years but there are still a few real bikers out there. You’ll know one when you see him. Not all have been around more than a minute, but they kept their mouth shut and learned from those that have.


  12. Weakness has killed everything in the life I lived.
    I am completely disgusted with what I see and read. WTF.
    And don’t bother giving me shit about being a woman. I held my own shit together, owned my custom Harley shop, and never took shit from anyone. There was a fucking painful price paid by the idiots stupid enough to disrespect me.
    Haven’t changed one bit either.
    Even as a kid I wasn’t interested in stupid dolls. What the fuck are they good for? I liked climbing trees, running faster than anyone else, playing baseball, football, you name it. I never went along with what “society” said girls or women were “supposed” to do. Fuck that. I was going to do what I wanted to do. I didn’t care then and I care even less now what anyone else thinks. They’re not paying my bills, I am and always have.
    Never have had time for anybody who spends time in front of the mirror, worries about their hair getting messed up, their makeup and fuck! chipping a freaking bit of nail polish. I prefer tools, grease, oil, old Harleys and the men whose respect I’d earned.
    It’s damned embarrassing to see what’s happened. If every 5 year old didn’t have a cellphone and there weren’t multiple hidden trackers in every car that’s even remotely new, plus all the security cameras everywhere… shit!
    Can’t get away with anything anymore.
    Besides, these wimp ass little fucks would snitch anybody out for just slapping them upside their stupid heads. Crybabies.
    So go fuck yourselves if you think all women are subservient and weak. I never have been from the get go.


  13. Steph ..soundz to me like you need to go talk to bruce jenner.. maybe sign in for next post as stevealexander


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