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Why Motorcycle Clubs refuse to talk to the media- Case in point, fake news articles.

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James "Hollywood"Macecari

By James “Hollywood” Macecari

Many people wonder why motorcycle clubs refuse to talk to the media. All one has to do is look at any article from If you listen or watch Motorcycle Madhouse, you will see how I call most of them Wizards, meaning morons.

What you will find in most of their articles is a pasted together article of misconceptions and untruths perpetrated by Law Enforcement. There is no research nor corroboration whatsoever in their articles.

Get your copy of New Age of Biking and Brotherhood Paperback written by James “Hollywood” Macecari- Get your copy now is one of those sites that is dependent on ad revenue. This means the site needs to get people to click to it. What better way to do this than cover outlaw motorcycle clubs? We all know outlaw motorcycle clubs are a part of the American Culture, one that gains the interest of people who want to feel a part of it.

A bikers Perspective- My Thoughts on Black Lives Matter- Listen to the audio and judge for yourselves

The Media chooses to focus on a few, instead of seeing the whole picture. 

Sure, some members of motorcycle clubs get caught up doing some of the dumbest shit, it often blows back on the clubs they are a part of. This small portion focused on by the media is all they will ever print. Why? Because they need the hits to make money off their revenue.

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Grant it, people don’t want to hear the good clubs do. People want to hear about the bad that goes on in the scene because it’s more interesting to them. I know, SOA is always mentioned, but that’s what people think of outlaw motorcycle clubs. This is what people want to hear about.. It’s funny, a case against a real motorcycle club, SOA was actually brought up in front of the jury. Isn’t that pretty fucked up?

The Media will edit out a motorcycle clubs viewpoint or their side of the story every time. 

Soundbites! This is what the media lives by. Soundbites are just a 10 or 15 second overview of what someone says. You could have a club member give a 30 minute interview on their side of the story and the media will edit it down to a soundbite and pass it off as their side of the story.

Is it any wonder that motorcycle clubs don’t wish to have any contact with the media? Again, for those that follow my show Motorcycle Madhouse, you can see it all the time in the articles we cover. for example. Not one of their articles include any references to how the article could be biased toward the club. Same thing with the coverage of the Waco/Twin Peaks incident.

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When Waco happened the media portrayed it as the wild west. Not one time did the media investigate the actions of the police officers. Instead, they made it sound like the bikers were the ones who killed nine people and injured many others. The media also didn’t investigate why over 177 people were arrested, many of whom had no part in the incident.

Media is truly fake news nowadays

One of the main reasons people are choosing alternative outlets such as Insane Throttle Biker News is because people realize the media has an agenda. You cannot find a single media organization that reports the facts or both sides of the story anymore. Media outlets are defined as either left or right, pushing those agendas. This is not how the media is supposed to be, especially if they claim no bias.

At least five members of the Sons of Silence motorcycle club have been arrested for allegedly trying to take a cut from a man

I don’t know what the hell they teach these so-called journalists in college, but it isn’t about seeking the truth. It’s this particular reason why I believe alternative news outlets need to be as real as possible. In order for people to follow you, they need to be able to believe you.

Alternative News Sites vs the Corporate News Giants.

The internet is the new media forum. With that comes competition that these media outlets never had before. The Corporate Giants are feeling the heat, especially when it comes to platforms like YouTube and Facebook. The Corporate media has convinced their partners in social media to put warning labels on alternative sites and makes sure these platforms steer people in their direction.

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Let’s take YouTube for example. Insane Throttle Biker News has recently been a casualty of all this. Our videos of the show are not being shown in the search results. Another problem we are facing is problems with subscriber functions and views. These are problems for alternative outlets, this is why we depend on our subscribers to share the material on their social media pages. If our subscribers didn’t help us out by sharing, then we wouldn’t be able to do our programs.

What’s this have to do with motorcycle clubs not trusting the media? If motorcycle clubs cannot get their side of the story out through the alternative outlets, the corporate giants can continue their assaults on them.


I’m a firm believer in the Freedom of the Press. The United States was founded on this idea. The press in my opinion should be taking this freedom seriously instead of pushing agendas. As it pertains to biker news. I personally support one club and everyone knows it. This said, I try to be as fair as I can to the rest of the other ones. If I wasn’t fair to the other ones I wouldn’t be any better than a site like

The Iron Order Motorcycle Club is one of the fastest-growing motorcycle clubs in the United States of America

Biker News is a growing niche and that’s great. One of the problems  I personally foresee is people getting a site up and just pushing people in for ad revenue. Actually, there is a site from Ukraine that is trying to get in the business. This site is actually putting all the articles in the site owner’s name. The site doesn’t list the real name of the author of the article. What this does is delegitimize real biker news.

A big thing I do on the show is read from actual news articles and give my thoughts. What this does is get the news to people who might not be able to read the news, instead they listen or watch. Point being, they are informed on what’s happening in the scene.

This type of platform and strategy has allowed Insane Throttle Biker News to reach numbers in this niche could only dream of. With those numbers motorcycle clubs have a fantastic opportunity to be able to get their story out to the people that means something.

A West Virginia man faces a murder charge after police say he provided the firearm that was used to kill a Carroll County woman and helped dispose of her body.

Again, step back and take a look at the practices of the media.I’m talking get rid of your bias and actually look deep into the programming. If you take the time to do this, you will see exactly why motorcycle clubs do not talk to the media. This goes toward social media and alternative websites or groups as well. One must do their homework on the individual or organization before they take anything said as fact. Remember that and you won’t be fooled by propaganda like the millions of people in this country.



  1. News on any issue should be based on Facts. It’s The Opinionated Ass Holes that twist facts with personal opinions that runs a muck on MC Facts.
    Sonny showed this as fact on Facebook recently. He showed how Opinionated Fuck Wads put out Shit 2 face news Even from aledged MC Members.
    Left Wing Liberals are a thorn in the side of factual news.
    Old ways must of gotten lost on a dark highway in bunfuck Egypt.


  2. My very late ex husband was an actual journalist, who had received multiple awards for his work.
    Of course, that was before these nutjobs and conspiracy theorists on radio & cable TV spouting bullshit and lies.
    Drives me insane. It pains me to know that people are actually believing this crap.
    I am still a news junkie but now I am forced to access fact checked news from independent sources, most of which are outside the U.S..
    It’s pathetic.


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