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Dozens Rally against hate when woman claims racist bikers targeted her

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A Muslim woman’s experience while in Stillwater, Minnesota is prompting the city to come together to denounce hate.

Sophia Rashid says a motorcycle gang intimidated her while she and her 4-year-old daughter were eating dinner in Stillwater last week.

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Employees at Leo’s Grill and Malt Shop and a Stillwater police officer walked her safely to her car.

Her post has been shared thousands of times. Saturday, dozens gathered in Lowell Park near the lift bridge to make it clear that hate is not welcome in Stillwater.

Comprising members with law enforcement and military backgrounds the Iron Order rides the line between a law-abiding and an outlaw biker club.

“This event and all of you showing up is also part of the discussion and the activities and the efforts that are happening all over this country where people are starting to wake up and people are saying enough is enough,” said Jaylani Hussein with the Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

Stillwater police say on rare occasions they do have visits from motorcycle gang members with offensive wording on their vests.

The incident is being reviewed for potential criminal conduct.

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  1. Take her muslim ass back to Iran etc Anerica has enough issues
    Bitch trying to create more havoc.
    Won’t be long America will be at World War with her damn kin folks in the middle East again. Except this TIME! It’ll be Nuclear
    Shut up lady. Shut the Fuck up


  2. She was so afraid she followed these guys around snapping pics! Gimme a fuck break! Shes lookin for her 15mins. I pointed that out and now im a racist according to all the keyboard warriors.
    You wanna see the real racists. Here u go
    Theres your Black Klan NFAC Wich stands for Not Fucking Around Coalition. Coming to a city near you. Just not my city!


  3. There’s a large Somali community in Minnesota. They came here when their government collapsed and the country was, and still is, completely lawless and dangerous. The people in Minnesota have welcomed them, assisted their families adjustment to America and they are proud to become American citizens.
    It’s in the Bill of Rights to have freedom of religion.
    Given the fact there are more than 800 religions in the world, it’s pretty damned arrogant for anyone to insist that theirs is the “one and only true religion,” or are you absolutely opposed to facts and an arrogant ass as well. Tolerance and learning go a long way.


  4. Why dont they go fight for their rights in their own country..coward bastards..come here and push us around because were nice people..fuck them..