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Ex-Club Member removes Confederate Flag Tattoo because he says it’s racists

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SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Joe Tornello has displayed the confederate flag on his right arm for 40 years.

“I was 18 years old. It was one of my first tattoos. My favorite band back then was Lynyrd Skynyrd and they unfurled the big flag on the stage every night,” said Tornello.’

Once an inked-up president of a motorcycle club, Tornello is now a grandfather of 13 with nieces, nephews, and cousins of all different backgrounds.

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“If I have that talk with them, what are they going to think? That my grandfather is OK with that? And I’m not Ok with that and that’s why I’m here,” said Tornello.

He says the flag he once displayed, unaware of its potential impact, wasn’t what it is today.

“Through the years, it’s changed and I’m not the person that represents,” said Tornello.

Vinny Valenzuela, a tattoo artist at American Graffiti in Sacramento, has covered up just about every hate symbol you can imagine.

You’re a Racist Biker! The new “Woke” motorcycle enthusiast isn’t having it. It’s time for the biker to comply with their ideology

“I’m not one to judge, I understand we all make mistakes when we’re young,” said Valenzuela.

It’s an intricate process. Valenzuela designs the finished product digitally, making sure any remnants of an old tattoo will be gone forever.

“I’ve seen what racism does on a generational level and I just feel like I need to do my part, I feel like everybody should do their part if it’s upon them,” said Valenzuela.

A Hanover Township man claiming to be a member of Pagans MC allegedly threatened a family with a power saw and metal pipe

While Tornello has wanted to cover up the confederate flag on his arm for years, he admits today’s push for change pushed him to make the move.

“I support all the things that are going on right now. It’s time for our country to change,” said Tornello.

The Illinois State Police searched the motorcycle club clubhouse where a Belvidere man was last seen before vanishing for three weeks ago

They both say, even if only a small part, they hope they can both be part of the healing that’s needed right now.

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    F YOU.


  2. Fuck you too. My old man covered all the SS ,White Supremacy, Aryan and other hateful shit back in the early 90’s.
    People do have the ability to grow up and learn.
    Hell, my dad grew up in Oklahoma. Not exactly the most liberal part of the country, and he was a Republican until he died.
    However, he explicitly taught me ethics, principles, respect, honesty and integrity. He also taught me never to hate or judge anyone by their race, religion or anything else. Only treat everyone equally unless they behave like they are undeserving of your respect. Then, just have nothing to do with them. Period. And that’s how I roll. From childhood to being what most people think is just a quiet little older woman, but in fact is one cold blooded, rip your throat out with my teeth, dangerous fucking bitch. Why do you think that I am the only one still breathing from all those years back as far as I’m aware of, other than Sonny.
    At least we knew how to keep our mouths shut. I ‘m careful what I say here because these days I’m just living very low key and pretty damned invisible.
    I don’t want anyone to figure out who I really am for a bunch of reasons, including the fact that I don’t want to have anybody under any circumstances feeling sorry for me. Shit happens. I know that I ‘m dying. I can’t stand the sniveling pity shit. I fully intend to go out laughing my still nice ass off.
    Fuck you hateful weak ass ignorant morons.
    Get your butt out of the only town, county, state, country you’ve lived in your whole life and travel the world. Your life and outlook on others will change your entire perspective, provided you’re not going to stay in a tour guide hotel and travel bullshit thing. Meeting the people who live there, eating with them, learning about and from them is the greatest experience anyone can have. Maybe then you’ll realize how much we are the same.
    Or do you breathe some fucking different air and live on another planet.
    Live your life. Don’t just get one.


  3. Well I am a club member not above law enforcement but I do believe respect comes where it is given you don’t come in acting like an animal you’re not going to get respect you come in like a person an Act Right black or white


  4. Steph. See i never put racust tats on my body. Why. I’m not then or now a racist. I hate ignorance and people who come back on the radar to yack about the self mistakes they made 30 years ago and then imply they had a change of heart. BS. One can cover and remove a tat but you can’t change colors like socks as u said. Like a tiger you can’t change its spots. When true MC Gets a change of heart in their codes and rules? Please comment on this. Born again OS MC? How does that work for ya. Fuck no my asa don’t hide off the GD Radar. I put my ass in the line every Fb day and i can and will sling it back when duty calls. This is My Country. My Land. My Freedom. Mostly my choice. As a Native Anerican MC i reserve that premier Right to lay claim to Justice. When Blks were Free by Lincoln My people weren’t. We were called Niggers to but that didn’t stop long after People raised hell and here you come along with your conscious minded self about what your ole man did 30 year ago. Back up 200 years. To this day. Natives live on Fed land suffering while you and yours etc benefit from stealing what you never earned. Pow Wow lady.


  5. Don’t even consider comparing yourself To. Mr. Sonny B. talk how your ole man taught you morals etc. But he clearly didn’t slap you in your place as an MC Ole Lady so now you think you wear the NC pants in your empty soul
    Sonny. Taco. You don’t know Sonny your full of it cause Mr. Sonny doesn’t know you. And Taco who i worked with before he went to prison and died? I spent time in Central Prison The Fn Rock Raleigh NC Death Riw holding 3 miserable Fn weeks and had to hear “Dead Men Walking!” 3x Daily snowball. Im as O.G. As they Fn cone and I’m always for the Pride of M C. Sonny and Taco and your mouth makes me have flashbacks when I crawled through the Jungle in Nam. So go rip out your boy toy and comment when you grow a Dick. Nice you are in one hand and talk like a man in the other. Looks like you wore the Jean Chaps un your house. Dudey


  6. Came up in the blk hood. Hung out where White boys wouldn’t dare put their Asses. Strolled tge2 Fn projects of Fulton County where 10 year old bloids packing nasty ass 9’s stuffed up front at 3am on a Sat Morn. See! I got no reason to be a Racist cause i learnt its not the color. It’s the Character of Any Man that matters to Me. MC Fn Ice Men 47 Fn Mechanics? Shit. Fuck I played 9 ball with John G”s nephew. Rubbed elbows and drank the best Russian vodka a man could drink straight our Russian 81 and got A/The 81 World Fn Patch handed to me from the Highest Ranking 81/ Mafia MF in The World and People here are rolling back because of the racial crap? Get the fuck on. I admire Blks who Bond together as One Nation of People. Whites? GD!! MFers hiding off the radar. From what? Well my MC Bruhs! I’m on the Radar. Im to old to give A Fuck. I read shit and my skin crawls. Half liberal minded So called bad asses off the Radar And Their MC? Nah. BS. Let me take ya say to Memphis area I’ve been to many a times and You’d be dead in 15 minutes. Gone. Off the msin road and i don’t mean some hick Mnt dirt muddy ass pit. Blks there would scare ya to Death I’ve seen things heard smelt and stepped over shit Most see on fake TV shows. Hollywood! Your a trip maybe you and big time Steph can hook up and be Fm Bonnie and Clyde. Cause Dukes of hazards is not available. I’m only scared of myself. MC put your Bitchs back in line. We Rule.


  7. “herringt2009gmailcomJULY 7, 2020 AT 10:32 AM
    Don’t even consider comparing yourself To. Mr. Sonny B. talk how your ole man taught you morals etc. But he clearly didn’t slap you in your place as an MC Ole Lady so now you think you wear the NC pants in your empty soul”

    Dear, Hollywood. Are you so desperate for content and followers that you allow this fucklng moron to constantly spew his dumb fuckery? WTF! Do you even read the shit he posts? Is this your fucking long lost cousin or something? You need to clean that shit up.

    Fucking idiot, too stupid to even read and comprehend she was speaking about her father. Did your daddy slap you around Herrington? Is that how you became a man, you slap women around? Fucking coward.

    As for the guy with 13 grandkids he doesn’t want to see his confederate flag, he’s a coward too. This country doesn’t need to be changed, the people who disagree with the constitution need to go run for office and then change it instead of bitching.
    I’m covered in tats, racial tats, nothing derogatory about other races simply pride in my own. If that’s not American I don’t know what is.



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