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By James “Hollywood” Macecari

Have you ever wanted to know how much everything has changed in the biker lifestyle? Just look at what’s happening all around the country now. Everyone is a damn racist, a viewpoint starting to show its ugly head, even with some so-called bikers.

My last article I covered the actions of some of these snowflake bikers. I will build on that with this article.

Hollywood, I never knew how racist you are

I did a segment on Motorcycle Madhouse talking about the removal of the Confederate Flag and monuments. In that segment I was unapologetic (as you should be also,) about my support of the flag and monuments. It’s actually funny, the liberal left wing radicals are now calling the 4th of July Racist. These motherfuckers are a disgrace to all Americans. These are the same fucking so-called bikers calling me racist because of my support of the flag.

The symbols used by some bikers are now considered Racist, even by some of those in the biker scene.

Truth be known, I’m a proud ass Peckerwood! I have no regrets, nor am I ashamed of being a whiteboy. Other woke whites might have a problem with it, but I kneel to fucking no one. I don’t give a shit if you’re black, brown, yellow or green. I’ll never bow down like some of these liberals have been doing.

On the same note, I judge no man by the color of their skin. I judge a man on his actions and words. If someone is out there acting a fool, I have nothing for you.

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Yes, I’ve said I had no support or love for BLM. BLM is a WHITE left wing facist activist group using Black Lives Matters as a front. Even blacks can’t stand how these white liberal fucks have taken over their organization. It’s for this reason I will never support a movement like that.

You’re a racist for not supporting them!! Yep, that’s the #1 statement I get emailed each and every day. Truth be known, I can give a shit if some leftist moron labels me a racist. I don’t give a shit what some leftist snowflake fucking motorcycle ethusiast has to say about me. You don’t like my ideology then hit that unsubscribe button and head your ass down the road.

The Left wing snowflake motorcycle enthusiast is ruining what we have

All you woke liberal fucks are nothing but destroyers. Most of you have no business whatsoever calling yourselves bikers. Here’s the real truth. None of you woke people have the nutsack to go through some of the stuff “Real Bikers,” have to go through.

Bikers, especially motorcycle club members, beware of the new PC culture! What happened to the Aryan Cowboys could happen to you.

Riding a motorcycle is a fucking hobby for you people. Riding a motorcycle is not a way of life for you, but you sure the hell think you can interject the way things should be. Everything from your protocol bitches to women being mistreated by not having a voice. I always love seeing one of you morons when I’m out and about. These fuckers anyone can spot a mile away. They are usually the ones dressed all up to look the part and talking hard to bartenders or vendors.

I find it especially funny, something that makes me really giggle, when one of these idiots are laid out on the bar floor. It’s at that moment they learn their concerns and ideas don’t matter one fucking bit. I can argue knocking these asses on the ground isn’t happening enough. This is because we still have these morons trying to change shit that’s been going on over 50 years now.

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As much as I want to blame these leftist idiots for some of the issues we have, in truth, we are all responsible. Most of us that live and breathe this lifestyle everyday have become complacent. We let off the throttle and allowed these fuckers to push their viewpoints. Maybe we all should look deep down and commit to educating these idiots about the true lifestyle.

Everyone is equal in this lifestyle they say

First off, let’s get to one of the biggest bullshit opinions I’ve ever heard from one of these fucks. They claim women should be included as equals to a man. “FUCK THAT!” Women are not equals to a man in this scene. This is and always will be a man’s lifestyle. To say a woman is equal is a fantasy, which most woke enthusiasts find out real quick isn’t true.

Women have their places, plain and simple. These women nowadays should be thankful for the expanded privileges they enjoy, because it sure the hell wasn’t always the case. I blame that on weak ass men who let their women carry around their ball sacks in their pockets.

A Longview man and two Waco area men are charged with murder in the shooting death of a motorcyclist in May

Wait for it!!! Not only am I a racist, but now I’m a woman hater, this will be the next thing they start carting out there. I get it, the whole scene has changed, but that doesn’t mean the lifestyle doesn’t have traditions. Traditions these woke bikers are trying to change because those traditions hurt their feelings.

Hollywood, you should tone it down and go woke, it’s less aggravation

Many listeners over the past week have suggested that I tone it down on the rhetoric. My polite answer is, Fuck No! This is the time that people need to step up and be real about what’s happening.

Why would anyone want to cower in a corner and be afraid to speak what’s on their minds? Your woke ass left is doing it, so why not give the other side of the equation? I’ll tell you why. People are scared of the mobs and being labeled.

A Brawley Police Officer was arrested for an alleged rape that happened in the city of Brawley

Labels don’t deter me one bit. One thing I’ve learned is being a biker is being true to what you are. I might be older, but the lessons taught to me by the old grey beards will never be tucked away. It’s important more than ever to make sure those lessons are put out there for this younger generation to learn. If these woke pussy motorcycle enthusiasts don’t like it, then FUCKEM!

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