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Bikers, especially motorcycle club members, beware of the new PC culture! What happened to the Aryan Cowboys could happen to you.

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By James “Hollywood” Macecari

James "Hollywood"Macecari

The Aryan Cowboy Motorcycle Club was recently targeted in Minnesota, this after a woman wearing a Hijab told police they looked at her funny and mouthed words.

Because the patch had Aryan on it and the idiots over at the ADL categorize the group as a prison/motorcycle club white gang, the police were ready to go. The mayor came out against them, (liberal idiot I’m betting,) and now cops are investigating this as a possible crime.

Weakness has killed the modern biker? Instead of ass-kicking, we now have a bunch of snowflake bikers in the scene

I better watch out now that I think about it. I have a big “Certified White Boy patch,” not to mention a bunch of Confederate flags and Peckerwood patches on my vest.

These events around the country are ripe for motorcycle club profiling

With the hissy fit these leftist are throwing around the country motorcycle club profiling will get worse in my opinion. The incident with the Aryan Cowboys will only be the first in many incidences that the media will blow out of proportion in order to drive more division within this country. Personally, I’m at the point where I think we all need to get on with it! This country needs a good cleaning out.

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Also present were the Hells Angels, none of which were identified by this woman as making eye contact with her. Guess what the media did though, the corrupt bastards included a picture of them too. Why? Because the media knows that the club will draw the ire of citizens and cops.

We’ve just started to see what this PC culture is going to do in this country. These people will be coming for the biker lifestyle. Shit, I contend they already have a bunch of PC bastards in our ranks already.

My last op-ed I talked about how men are far and few between in the lifestyle now. People who call themselves bikers are bringing these bullshit ideas with them. People who’ve only been riding a few years, are thinking they can interject their beliefs and ideas on how things should be. Shit, these fuckers believe they can actually change decades of tradition because they think the current system is wrong lol.

Aryan Cowboy Motorcycle Club is being investigated over harassment complaint filed by Muslim woman

The cops are under the microscope right now, meaning they will jump at every crazy leftist complaint, such as the one with the Aryan Cowboys. This means anyone that feels unsafe or wants to make trouble for club members will automatically get their dick sucked by the cops. Motorcycle Clubs are going to get harassed more and more now and members need to be prepared to fight back!

The government has listed most Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs as gangs, will they start abusing their power during all the chaos?

The one thing LEO is going to have to do is play to the snowflakes in order to save face. By doing this they will bend over backwards to please them. This was the case when the mayor of Stillwater made the following statement.

Where are all these 3%ers during the chaos this country is going through? Bikers are standing tall so again, where are they?

“Right now my task is to figure out who’s watching these groups. What groups in particular are problematic,” Kozlowski said. “I think we all need a little bit more education on who these people are, what they represent, so we can separate the hateful Aryans from people that don’t represent that at all, because a lot of times they don’t look all that different from one another.”

Who’s being a fucking hypocrite right now? “A lot of times they don’t look all that different from one another!” Oh, you mean that since they are white, they all must be racist? Nevermind that most of the major 1% clubs include hispanics into their ranks.

This fucking Kozlowski is the exact type of politican we all must push back against. These are the sons of bitches that will start shit out of nothing just to get a spotlight on themselves.

This could be the perfect time for motorcycle clubs to advance their cause against motorcycle club profiling. 

I truly believe this is the time to strike against motorcycle club profiling. The cause has been given an opening that might not come around again for some time.

Politicians were always in bed with the cops and their unions, but not so much anymore. With this chaos happening in this country right now clubs need to go on the offensive.  Profiling and excessive force is all over the headlines. If these punk leftist are going to use it then so should we.

Motorcycle Club Protocol and the basics of what it takes to be in a motorcycle club

What better time for the clubs to get out there and press the issue of motorcycle club profiling and police harassment. Politicians are disowning cops and bowing to pressure, we should be putting pressure on them as well.

For example, five days a week I send out a form letter I drew up and email it to representatives at the state and federal level. I talk about the issues of police profiling and harassment of motorcycle club members. If more people would take the time to do this then maybe these politicians would listen. It will only happen if you get involved and take ten minutes a day and send the emails. NCOC, NCOM , MRF and ABATE have been on this for years, but it will take a significant amount of bikers to get it over the finish line.

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A person who sits back and let others do the work are weak! Don’t be that damn person! If you consider yourself a biker then get involved. Even if you only send out one email a week to these people, that’s being active in the cause. Don’t let this opportunity slip by or we might not have another one.

Watch yourselves, they will be coming after you

With the incident with the Aryan Cowboys everyone should be watching out for these citizens pulling the same shit on you. This country right now is going through a soft civil war in my eyes. Bikers and especially motorcycle clubs, have always been feared by the general public and LEO.

As it’s a good time to go forward with our cause, it’s equally a good time for them to start coming after our lifestyle. Anyone who is rocking a confederate flag or anything to do with promoting white pride on their cut will be targeted.

Police have arrested most of the senior leaders and patched members of the Mongols motorcycle gang chapter in the Bay of Plenty.

Always make sure to have everything legal. This means updated insurance and registrations. Never consent to a vehicle search and always have your attorneys number ready. Most importantly, video the whole situation, make sure to do it Live from one of your social media accounts where they can’t destroy the evidence.

An outlaw motorcycle gang enforcer has made a glitzy exit from prison after a five-year stint for a violent home invasion

Once the stop is over, get over to the Motorcycle Profiling Project and fill out the Motorcycle Profiling survey. This survey helps in legislation to stop motorcycle profiling.

Finally, you’re a biker! Don’t lay down to anyone, especially LEO when they are in the wrong. Don’t let your constitutional rights take a back seat to fear. Be proactive and get involved in this fight, take pride in your lifestyle and stand up and fight! Don’t be one of those weak ass cowards who play the part until it gets too tough and dangerous!

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  1. Floyds Death was all that was needed fot these left winged communist liberals to gear up. Look at the news video footages! Them fucked CHOP Shit areas are young whites. Screwed up in the head cluster Fucks. It’s all open the LE DOJ Doors to go after the M.C. Everywhere. Time for a change and it’s coming like it or not.


  2. It would be a great time to address the profiling issues in the MC world and many would love to see that but in order for us to do that every club would have to look forward at what they would like to change, and then we would have to unify and most importantly quit doing the exact same thing to each other in the club world.
    At 60 I have seen this shit a long time, judging the man by the patch he wears is common, and causes the problems we bitch about in a lot of the cases.


  3. Oh Ms. Thorn. I’m a lot older than you and have been around as well as in the middle of shit when it went down, including throwing blows ad beating guys asses.
    You’re delusional if you believe everyone’s going to get along. Never going to happen.
    Every motherfucker I was close to is dead now. Given everything, there’s no logical explanation why I’m still breathing. My body’s broken as hell and I am dying. And I’m laughing about shit every day.
    Especially a lot of seemingly endless numbers of idiot bikers all around the m o t h e r f u c k I n g world.


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