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Most biker clubs promise a lifetime of brotherhood and a place to be, no matter who you are and what you may have done…if you follow their rules!

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by Arun Singh Pundir

When you think badass motorcycle clubs, it’s only the outlaw motorcycle clubs that come to mind, the ones that don’t follow the rules and regulations of the AMA (American Motorcycle Association). These motorcycle clubs not only live by their own rules and regulations, but they also follow their diktats pretty strictly, and any rule-breaking can lead to even long-time members getting evicted.

A muscled up Finks bikie at the centre of the brutal kidnapping of a club member has been jailed.

The rules, mostly, are never fair, but that doesn’t stop the MC’s enforcers from making sure that they are followed to the tee. For an outlaw motorcycle club, the club is usually priority number one, and members are expected to adhere to rules, even if they go against the law. Then again, they do promise a lifetime of brotherhood, and a place to be, no matter who you are and what you may have done.

The Cossacks motorcycle club is one of a handful of 1%er clubs riding around on American roads. Here are some facts about these outlaw bikers.

Want in? Look at the 10 most badass motorcycle clubs and their most important rules before you try to become part of one…

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  1. Who are these idiots at Hotcars? Every time I see one of their articles published here it’s got more bullshit in it than a bullpen packed completely full.
    I’d send them an email correcting all their mistakes and stupidity, but since I have no tolerance for this level of that shit… why waste my time.
    They quite obviously have zero interest in fact checking anything.


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