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The Bandidos MC allegedly have ousted their national president and put him out in bad standings

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The Bandidos MC allegedly have ousted their national president, Jason Addison.

Addison, a stonemason from the Victorian town of Echuca, was suddenly deposed in favour of a Sydney boss known as ‘’Big Tony’’.

The reasons for Addison being dumped, is believed to occurred about a month ago, are not clear.

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Addison had been the Bandidos’ national president for about two decades, a rarity in the motorcycle club world.

It is not known whether his sons, also Bandidos bikies, remain in the club.

Addison, 56, has for the most part kept a low-profile as the club’s highest ranking member. It has been an anomaly that he ran the large club from a country town.

In recent years he has had several court matters including contesting a NSW police imposed firearms ban.

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He lost his fight when a Sydney tribunal found he was not a fit and proper person to have a firearms licence.

His Bandidos presidency and his criminal record for drug offences were used as reasons to ban him acquiring, possessing or using a firearm.

Addison controversially argued that the state’s police chief should also be banned from owning a firearm because some of his members were also convicted of crimes.

Most biker clubs promise a lifetime of brotherhood and a place to be, no matter who you are and what you may have done…if you follow their rules!

In 2015, Addison was found not guilty of extorting a former Bandidos member, who it was alleged was forced to hand over his motorcycle, family home and marble business to the bikie boss.

It was not the first time Addison gained possession of an exiled members’ motorcycle, which is often the price of being ousted from a club in ‘’bad standing’’.

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