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Aging Rebel or Aging Pretender? The ultimate hoax . Statement in court from Donald Charles Davis “The Aging Rebel” against a motorcycle club. Which side are you really on?

The surprise on my face when I received an email from a confidential source with the attachment “Aging Rebel Makes a Statement in Court”. I was not surprised by the title of the email because guys get called upon to be expert witnesses all the time. For example, I will only testify if it is for the defendant in the case, I get these calls from Defense Attorneys for Motorcycle Club Members, or even Independent Bikers caught up in some shit and need a defense expert witness. But one thing I will never do, like in this case, give expert testimony against any club, no matter who the hell they are because doing that would go against everything I’m about and believe in. It would not only hurt the club in question, but it would hurt all clubs in general.

One of the many quotes from the Seattle PI Interview with the Aging Rebel you need to remember while going through this article

Are you now or have you ever been a member of a so-called outlaw biker club?

I am not a member of any motorcycle club. I am a former member of two outlaw motorcycle clubs. One club blew apart and disbanded after a double murder. The other club is still very much in existence. I am not going to name either one.

In the email, I was sent this statement, in the subject line it simply stated: ” You are correct, this is just another way that motorcycle clubs will be taken down”. Now, I receive thousands of emails from people ranging from haters to supporters of Insane Throttle. I have an assistant that goes through them and hands off the ones that are worth responding (Basically haters, if your not funny, the email goes to trash). When I opened the statement attachment from Aging Rebel, I found myself thinking “What the Fuck” with every paragraph I read.


The more I read the statement, the more I started thinking it was being giving by a expert law enforcement hack. Here was a guy that was supposed to be on “Our” side of the fence when it came to the rights of motorcycle clubs, but the more I read, the more I saw how much of a damn poser this dude was. People who read my stuff can say either two things about me, I’m either an asshole or like my articles, I’m someone who puts the truth down without all the politically correct trappings. With that said, at least I can say I keep it real with my readership, maybe that’s why I average 800k to 1.2m-page visits a month from all over the world, shit, from some countries I’ve never even heard of. Point is, I keep it real.


I’m an Independent , I love getting out there riding a bike, sure I have a preference for the clubs I support, but that preference never interferes with my writing. The whole goal of the writings is to make sure fellow bikers are informed about what is happening out there without any slant one way or another (Word of advice to all those who want to start up a Biker Blog, News Site, or whatever, keep the shit real and independent or it won’t work).

The statement can be downloaded in its entirety by clicking one of the links throughout this article . The Statement has to deal with a case involving the Iron Order Motorcycle Club and a lawsuit it’s facing in Pennsylvania. Now to get the haters going, yes Insane Throttle has done stories regarding Iron Order in what they considered a good light, something that had them all in a frenzy, but again to my point of being fair and real, those articles were the interpretation of what I saw from my perspective at the time. I also would direct you all to the many articles that I full on smashed the Iron Order as fake, illegitimate and other colorful words that I used to describe them. So I think I covered them pretty decent depending on the events that were happening at the time.  Point is, I always stay down the middle regardless of club involved.


While I was reading the statement that Aging Rebel gave to the Plaintiffs Attorneys, the first thing that I noticed was the clubs that Donald Charles Davis listed as being apart of. He listed in his statement Sons of Thunder M/C and Vietnam Veterans M/C. That raised an eyebrow or two to say the least. In the article provided below , an interview given by Aging Rebel to the Seattle PI a couple years ago. The reporter asked him if he belonged to any Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs. Aging Rebel Replied that he was in two, one that has since folded and the other that is still around. Funny, researching the Sons of Thunder, they are either a Motorcycle Ministry or Cop Club out of Georgia, so which one was it you belonged to? Or let me guess, your Sons of Thunder disbanded? Why didn’t you mention these two clubs to the reporter, or at least say that you were part of two clubs, but they are not outlaw clubs? I bet that the Vietnam Vets M/C are going to love to hear they are considered an Outlaw Motorcycle Club bud.

Oh that’s right, Southern California lists them as an Outlaw Motorcycle Club. Funny, if you were apart of them, why would you as a member propagate the notion they are an Outlaw Motorcycle Club when you know damn well this is not the case? No one in the M/C community considers them an OMC.

In the opening statement, you describe your blog as one that is a major source of information for federal, state and local police, as well as investigators, historians, criminologists and blah blah blah. That right there bud, not cool. Any logical person can put that statement and the fact that you have so much access to the court system, police reports, case reports and so on, stuff that you write about on your very own blog into something that isn’t a pretty picture on your motives. My question, if you make a living penning to internet mills (Think it was a penny per word as you described it) how the hell you able come up with the money for all the court fees in relation to clerk coping, administration handling charges and so on? Freedom of Information only goes so far, besides that, FOIA is heavily redacted to the general public, especially names, addresses, and parties involved in a suit, but you seem to have a lot of dynamite info coming from inside the cases.

I know you claimed to have worked at three different newspapers, something we will be following up on, maybe you have legit sources, but a lot of that stuff you put out would come from a cop .You did say in your statement, your work is used by those types of agencies. Wonder how your readers and die-hards will like hearing you work with police agencies if that is truly the case? The agencies you mentioned in your statement wouldn’t just turn on the computer, look your blog up and take it at face value, no they would actually reach out to you (Steve Cook Ring a bell?), and from what you said, your a major source of information to those professions so it would be normal for you to talk with and interact with them. If that is the case, why put up such a hardcore front on hating police agencies? It’s either your a major source for them like your statement says, or your bullshitting in your statement. Which one is it?


I did like how you contradicted yourself with the explanation of the generational deal with the clubs in the statement. Shit, even you admitted that the Outlaws and Angels invented their clubs, didn’t have to ask permission like you claimed goes all the way back to world war two. What I did find funny is how off you were about the Iron Order as a third generational club. You said third generational clubs were inspired by Sons of Anarchy, well bud that came out in 2008, IOMC was started in 2004. And here you are acting as an expert witness and cannot even get your dates right on the subject matter. But here is what I really find interesting, you go around bashing clubs such as the Kinfolk, Cossacks , Iron Order as clubs that were inspired by Sons of Anarchy on your blog. The damn Cossacks have been around since the late 60’s

Well dip-shit you were kind of inspired by the SOA were you not? Your first blog post was in September of 2008, and what do you know? SOA debuted September 3rd 2008. After all, it was you who said, and I quote “I have a website called The Aging Rebel. There seems to be a more robust audience for biker books than there is for literary fiction so right now I am working on a bloody, comic, biker novel called Scooter Trash”. Admit it, be real, you started your site because you seen the opportunity to sell a few books and build on an audience that prefers the 1%ers . You rode the idea of the SOA and it’s popularity and you found an audience for yourself. Hey, awesome marketing plan, kudos. Maybe that is why in every article you do, you play to your audiences love of conspiracy’s that the club in question has done no wrong. It keeps your base happy. Even though any normal reporter can see that it’s total bullshit. Damn man, you should go write for CNN or MSNBC.

Iron Order, I can give a damn or rats ass what the hell they are, who they are pumping on the side, or even which club they are circle jerking with. I have and always will cover a story as I see to be the truth backed up with facts, something that is verifiable and can be backed up by reliable sources. I will not put a claim out there based on other media reports unless I can verify the events from someone else, god knows you can’t trust the media nowadays. That said, I watched you going back and forth through the whole statement trying to prove Iron Order wasn’t an Outlaw Motorcycle Club. Then at the very damn end of the statement, you give your “EXPERT” opinion that the Iron Order is a belligerent and dangerous OMG. Jesus Christ man, which one is it? Are they an OMC or Not? You still have the right to append that statement like you said lol.

Do you want to know my “EXPERT” opinion Rebel? The Iron Order is not an Outlaw Motorcycle Club, they are not even in the same stratosphere or category of an OMC. Here’s the plain truth of the matter if I was hired as an expert witness in this case bud.


The Iron Order is not, in my personal experience anywhere near what we in the Outlaw Motorcycle World would consider an Outlaw Club. What we have here is a club that was ran by one Ray “Izod” Lubeski, a man that has since been thrown out of the Iron Order for inciting violence under his leadership. I have ran many articles on Ray Lubeski, former International President of Iron Order. In those articles, I provided emails that were sent out to a public forum (Something that was confirmed by Ray Lubeski in his response to the articles) encouraging members of the Iron Order to commit violence against those he saw as a threat, one of which was a civilian. The election of the new leadership was a direct result of the policies that Ray Lubeski ordered and demanded from his members, the election from my understanding was overwhelming against “Lollipop” , not as Ray Lubesky has stated in many different types of forums.

In one of those emails, one of the Chapter Presidents Lubeski ordered, to commit acts of violence, was a citizen who put up a Facebook post Lubeski didn’t like.In the email the Chapter President did not want to perpetuate the action ordered by Lubeski. With that said, Lubeski threatened to send in his Nomads to take care of the problem if his president chose not to follow his orders. The fact that Iron Order showed this man out the door is the very essence of what the club is. They no longer wanted to feel obligated to follow a man’s orders who would put them and civilians in danger. If anything, I would contend it is Ray “Izod” Lubeski who is responsible for the actions in this case. Under Ray’Izod’s Lubeski leadership, he would set up an environment in which Iron Order would have no other avenue then to defend itself against actions of other clubs. In that atmosphere, he set his club up for failure because of his policy of “We don’t talk or ask permission from anyone” (Something Rebel you stated was a must in the Biker Subculture).

Under the current International President “Brit” it is my understanding that the Iron Order will talk with other clubs, just so to avoid many of the problems you listed in the statement. And again, let’s be the real bud, you really think Iron Order was the instigator of all these events? I know your being paid as an expert witness, but for real, you can honestly sit there with a straight face and say these other clubs didn’t go after them in some of these events?


I wonder in your “Expert” Opinion what your thoughts would be on the AOA and 69er beef down in Florida if you were hired for the same type of case. What kind of behind the doors type of raving expert advice would you give about them clubs? What I’m hinting at here? If you claim to be so supportive of motorcycle clubs, you cannot take a position behind closed doors that can damage all motorcycle clubs as a whole. You’re either on one side or the other, and yes, this isn’t a criminal case so you CAN decide who gets your testimony. Cases like this are designed to take down motorcycle clubs, especially when Feds can’t do it through their bullshit.

Your credibility as a so-called expert has been called into question before hasn’t it “Chucky”? (Figured you talk about Sons of Anarchy so much and compare everyone to it, it’s only right we give you a part in the play, hopefully, you don’t need your fingers chopped off for playing with your wanker.) In an article in the Phoenix Mag concerning the death of Hells Angel Patrick Eberhardt ,who was only a 23-year-old kid when a bunch of cowards shot him down .You made the following statement.

Interview with the Phoenix

“This murder will never be solved,” says Donald Charles Davis, L.A.-based author of Out Bad – which depicts the battles between the Mongols and law enforcement – as well as the popular biker blog The Aging Rebel. “Unless they have an undercover ATF agent patched inside the Mongols or prospecting the Hells Angels – which, to the best of my knowledge, they don’t – I just don’t think anybody’s going to talk on this.” (Think about that statement you just made, anyone reading between the lines, armed with the statement now available for download, can put two and two together. “To the best of your knowledge? Where would you get that kind of info? Only 1 place!)

Davis has another theory as to why the investigation may be languishing – a theory that jibes neatly with the outlaw-biker world’s institutional paranoia of all things law enforcement. After posting a brief story on his blog about Eberhardt’s murder, an anonymous reader left the comment “Payback is a bitch,” which Davis believes was meant to bait rival clubs into a turf war. Davis tracked the source of the post to a private server in Frankfurt, Germany that he says was used in the past by ATF agents as a “honeypot” to lure Al-Qaeda militants.

Davis has a hunch the shots may have actually been fired by members of the Iron Order Motorcycle Club, a “law-abiding” club composed largely of off-duty cops and military officers with three Phoenix chapters who would have access to government assets like the Frankfurt server.

“To some extent, the Iron Order serves the purpose of a quasi-state agency,” he says. “They create incidents that allow the police to entrap and prosecute other motorcycle clubs.” Members of the North Phoenix Iron Order did not respond to interview requests.

It’s a far-fetched theory, but Davis believes a reprisal shooting is far-fetched, too.

“Motorcycle outlaws are actually more disciplined than most grown men,” Davis explains. “The military influence really comes into it. They fight duels over matters of honor… But as far as conspiring to kill somebody? That’s increasingly rare, just because they’re under so much heat and surveillance. It’s tough to get away with.”

Do you really see how stupid you made yourself look in this article? Worse, do your readers actually believe this shit? Are you sure you are not sitting in some sort of room with tin foil all on the walls to block EMP pulse waves so the government doesn’t shut you down or some shit? Here is a kid who had a whole life ahead of him, gets gunned down by a bunch of punks, and you’re talking government conspiracy with Iron Order? “They fight duals over a matter of honor”? Is that what the fuck you see when this kid gets wiped out? This is the best you could say? What kind of fucking shit are you smoking out in Cali?

Better yet, just reading that statement, I feel for the lawyers you gave this statement to, they probably saying to themselves “What the fuck did we get here- A fucking whack job?” After all, it was just that March when you claimed your site was hacked by operatives of Iron Order after you gave this statement.

“The Iron Order hired a hacker to take down the site. I believe that is exactly what happened. I believe that either military officers or police officers affiliated with the Iron Order Motorcycle Club hired a hacker and used official access to the server in Frankfurt to accomplish the hack.”

Are you kidding me? Your site is hosted by Dreamhost, it’s next to impossible to get hacked on that server, and if it did, you wouldn’t be down 19 days. What happened is you probably smoked too much shit “Chucky” and went to fantasy fucking land for 19 days.

As far as motorcycle clubs conspiring to kill another member of another club? You call yourself an expert? Rare my ass, clubs are out there all the time-fighting wars between each other and it sure the hell isn’t over honor.

Let’s move this play on shall we, another instance of your credibility came into play right after the Waco incident. In one of your articles, you claimed that 4 members of the In Country Vets M/C had to be “Rats” because they were released from custody. Really? They were released and because of that, they were confidential informants? Again, put down the pipe “Chucky”, step away and get enrolled in some 12 step program. Not only wasn’t this not the case, but you never made a retraction to the story. Don’t try and go back in now that you were called out either, You sat there, put names of the 4 individuals and names of their family members of those you accused wrongly of being rats on your site? WTF is wrong with you? I encourage everyone to read the article:

In Country Vets, False Accusations, Unethical “Journalism” And The Aging Rebel

The summary you made at the end of your statement is complete and utter bullshit. I know you have this infatuation with the Iron Order, but to throw the Hells Angels, Outlaws and Pagans under the bus was utter bullshit. If you realize it or not, that statement put those clubs in the category of belligerent and dangerous outlaw motorcycle clubs. Your blog, all your books that you have written, all the stances you try to sell your readership all goes down the tube with that one stupid ass statement.

At least try to act professional, stop acting like some crazed damn tin foil hat idiot, I know you want to sell books but come on. Do you really think that bikers are stupid to believe the shit you are pumping out? The crap that you put in that statement, the shit you put out not only on your blog, but other media as well is so far out there, no wonder you can’t make it as a writer or journalist.

I have a challenge for ya Rebel. Come onto the Motorcycle Madhouse and debate all this with me. I know ya have a Skype account, we could give our positions right there on the air for everyone to hear. Be a man and come on and explain these statements to not only Insane Throttles readership but all those who read your blog. I know you like writing all those books of fiction, you even stated that the Biker Niche is good for business. Guess us dumbass bikers fall for that kind of bullshit heavy. But this would be a great marketing campaign for ya, I’ll even let ya plug your book on the show lol. How about it Rebel? Hour Interview? Look forward to hearing from you.


Source: Seattle PI

Donald Charles Davis lives in “El Lay,” as he likes to say, where he scratches out a living as a writer. One of his literary endeavors is a popular blog called The Aging Rebel.

Due to the constant swirl and flow of cause and effect, he decided to publish some of the blog posts in a book. Selecting 50, he buffed and polished them a little – not much, because he doesn’t believe in re-writing. The result is The Aging Rebel: Dispatches From the Motorcycle Outlaw Frontier. The book is selling well on Amazon, and has received some remarkable reviews.

Almost simultaneously (two days later), another of his books appeared and instantly hit the true crime bestseller list on Amazon. It’s called Out Bad, a singularly imaginative and evocative title. Out Bad is the true story of “Operation Black Rain,” a three-year undercover investigation of the Mongols Motorcycle Club. ‘Black Rain’ was the idée fixe of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. By dint of relentless (and some would say, reckless) research, Davis reveals what really happened before, during, and after ‘Black Rain.’

Sometimes authors are almost as interesting as the books they write. In rare instances, they are actually more fascinating than their books. Not much is known about Davis, since he keeps a pretty low profile. So I thought I’d find out just what makes him tick.

How did you research your book Out Bad?

Out Bad is based on more than 100,000 pages of court filings, discovery and other primary sources, about 300 hours of video surveillance and wiretaps, secondary sources like news clippings, and numerous interviews with defense attorneys, prosecutors, local cops, authors, reporters, ATF Agents and analysts, prosecutors and numerous members of outlaw clubs including the Hells Angels, Vagos, Mongols, Sons of Silence, Loners and Pagans who had first hand knowledge of, and in many cases witnessed, events described in the book. I found other sources, too. Sometimes the sources found me. That’s the short version. Researching the book was very difficult. Many of the government documents remain secret today. Many of the interviews were conducted in dark parking garages. At the time I interviewed a Mongol named Bouncer Soto for example, Bouncer had been a federal fugitive for about 20 months.

Are you now or have you ever been a member of a so-called outlaw biker club?

I am not a member of any motorcycle club. I am a former member of two outlaw motorcycle clubs. One club blew apart and disbanded after a double murder. The other club is still very much in existence. I am not going to name either one.


Why are people attracted to outlaw biker clubs, such as the Hell’s Angels or the Mongols?

You don’t want to put an apostrophe in Hells Angels. Any Angel will tell you there are many hells.

One of my goals in writing the book was to try to describe that attraction. Both members and observers of outlaw clubs are attracted to the motorcycle outlaw frontier for different reasons.

Men join motorcycle clubs out of longing and love. Motorcycle clubs are brotherhoods of men who have left themselves no choice but to stand apart from the world at large. The joy of joining a motorcycle club is the joy of crossing a wasteland to find one’s own tribe. Nine years after Daimler invented motorcycling, Stephen Crane wrote a black headline that describes this joy:

“I stood upon a high place,
And saw, below, many devils
Running, leaping,
and carousing in sin.
One looked up, grinning,
And said, “Comrade! Brother!”

Men are saved by motorcycle clubs as they are saved by religion. Anyone who has ever ridden with a club immediately grasps the comparison. For some men a club patch is the first thing they have ever won in their lives and the experience of putting that symbol on their back is transformative. Those who were weak become strong. Those who were lost belong. The meek become bold, the reckless responsible. The older the prospective recruit the greater the accomplishment.



Outsiders, people who adore Sons of Anarchy for example, possibly you but certainly people you know, are attracted to motorcycle outlaws because they are the you that you bind in chains. They are the chaos to which civilization must never be allowed to descend. They are the show. They are the you that you wish you were when you are humiliated or overwhelmed or bullied or condescended to or made to admit that you are small.

What is your current writing project?

I have a website called The Aging Rebel. There seems to be a more robust audience for biker books than there is for literary fiction so right now I am working on a bloody, comic, biker novel called Scooter Trash. I largely support myself by writing copy for internet content mills for a penny a word.

Who designed the cover of Out Bad?

I did. The cover photo is a still from a video taken by a very nice, generous Mongol. I am in the center at the back of a pack. It was just before the helicopters appeared overhead and the California Highway Patrol cruisers showed up.

What was the hardest part of writing Out Bad?

It was an excruciating piece of work. I got death threats from people I believe were ATF agents. My favorite was “Somebody should shove a little steel in you.” I liked the onomatopoetic alliteration in that one, which is why I remember it. It sounded like a stabbing. It reminded me of Robert Herrick.

Many of the documents I looked at are still officially sealed. There was not just one but four Mongols cases, which spawned two Pagan RICO cases and a RICO case against the Outlaws Motorcycle Club. I also paid attention to a couple of cases involving Jay Dobyns and the ATF. I kept waiting for these cases to end but parts of them continue to this day.

It was distressing to watch men I had grown to like and admire go to prison. The ATF denied me access, of course, but also illegally ignored many, many Freedom of Information Act Requests. I did not have the means to sue them.

No literary agent was interested in representing the book. Several agents told me I was “naïve about outlaw motorcycle gangs.” My personal life fell apart. I lost everything. I was homeless for awhile. The only reason I finished the book was because I had promised some very admirable and decent guys that I would. They are all tough, strong, fierce guys but explaining the book business to them is like trying to explain to a four-year-old that there is no Santa.

Outside of writing, what is your favorite way to spend time?

I like to ride my motorcycle, which is good because I no longer own a car. I lost that. I only have a motorcycle.

From whence comes your sense of self-worth? Is it innate? Does it emanate from your writing?

I have every reason to be humble. I have been close enough to death enough times to understand that every breath I take is a gift from God. I write so that after I die, when God asks me what I did with the life he gave me, I will have something to show him. If I had any other talent, like selling used cars, I would pursue that instead. My life has been interesting enough that I have fairly solid opinions about who I am, who I am not and what I can and can’t do. Like, I am not a celebrity or politician.


Do you spend a lot of time re-writing?

No. I sit down, write my words and hope to do better the next time.

Well here’s what you can do better Rebel. Be fucking real with your audience, stop the poor baby me shit that you have been crying about on your blog since 2008. Damn man, the article you wrote on November 20, 2011, was freaking pitiful. You sat through that entire article with that poor me shit because no agent would pick you up. Click here for the article.

Yea you got your pity party from your base, but what the hell, you’re supposed to be a writer and so-called expert on bikers, every time you turn around someone is reading how broke you are. Start writing the news, not how damn broke you are and maybe someone will give a damn.

You’re a writer, you know anything that is being put on the internet will be there for all to see, so why bullshit about something like that? If you’re a writer that wanted to switch genres because biker books sell better, then be upfront about it, doing biker news has real life implications on the streets, biker news is not a work of fiction.

The Aging Rebel: Dispatches from the Motorcycle Outlaw Frontier

“In 2008, Donald Charles Davis, as The Aging Rebel, began writing news reports, essays and reviews aimed at an audience of motorcycle outlaws. The 50 selections in this book were originally published on the web at Readers have described the site as “William Saroyan meets Hunter Thompson.” “What sets this site apart from everything else out there,” one fan wrote, “is the amazing literary coverage (journalism in probably its finest form) of the most riveting real-life storylines imaginable in this age of the celebration of the vapid and irrelevant. Rebel’s writing makes me laugh at what’s not funny. The work is a real contribution to the efforts of Western literature in general, and a celebration of true Americana. It’s uplifting, unifying and edifying at once, and appropriately hilarious.”

Well if you’re all uplifting, unifying, you sure the hell fooled the hell out of me. If your statement against a motorcycle club in court was meant to unify, you missed that mark by a long yard. Your contribution to Western Literature is based on fantasy, if you’re going for fiction, you nailed that shit, because if you’re trying for a contribution to non-fiction, you’re high and need help because you choose to supplement news, with some fantasy shit of conspiracies. Mixing what is a very serious business of motorcycle clubs with some bullshit fiction you’re playing out in your head to sell some books is some dangerous shit, maybe you need to take a step back, look in the mirror, figure out what is and what isn’t reality. Take some bi-polar meds, seek the help of a shrink and maybe then you will be in the shape to write “True Biker News”.

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  1. Oh snap, you’re in trouble now Hollywood!! You think you caught crap from doing an reticle on the IOMC that wasn’t completely negative in every word, we’ll wait and see what you get now!! You have just insulted the “Pied Piper” of the “Keyboard Wannabe Patch-holder”. They are going to come at you full force!!! Names like “Paladin”, “Iron Rider”, “Old Skewl” and “Mike Lewis” (he admits this isn’t his name, is a fake FB account cause “the Feds watch”, and he has never worn a patch, but he is the judge of all that should be allowed in the club world will be attacking you in full force!! Rebel, The Iron Order Truth Crew, after reading this, I’d hate to be the poor guys that readyojr e mail, those little
    Fingers in moms basement are gonna create smoke typing hate to you and comments on their sites!!!!

    GREAT ARTICLE!!!! I have not always agreed with things you have written, but I always finish the article and always THINK about what I’ve read, sometimes I’ve agreed, sometimes thought you full of shit, but always imteresting and ALWAYS a firm
    Foundation for the opinions you build!!

    Keep up the good work, I fear after this you may have to go into Interweb Wit Sec though!!!


  2. Lol, let them come Club Rider. Insane Throttle will always be there to make sure we fall on the side of ALL clubs. Not in a million years would Macecari gave expert witness testimony against any club like the Aging Rebel did, especially in a case that could eventually be used as a model to take down other clubs. Macecari appreciates your support, he loves when readers have their own minds and don’t fall for whats being put out there, including his very own stuff. He doesn’t expect everyone to agree with him, he likes people to debate and come to their own conclusions. This is why Insane Throttle provides other links on our page to sources we might not agree with, but feel important for people to get information from every side. For those mentioned, I would challenge them to look at the statement from the Pied pipers own words, if they still agree with him, then we feel for them. Not only were they led by the balls, but the lies Macecari called out with him being apart of an Outlaw Motorcycle Club ( Seattle PI) Interview, from him admitting that he works with law enforcement authorities. This is a man who does not care for the club community. He is just there to sew discontent among clubs and sell books. We have invited him on Motorcycle Madhouse with Hollywood, to give his reply to the charges made against him. We have yet to hear from him on our invitation. Thanks again for supporting us !! Robert”Ghost”Hawkins


  3. Sounds like good advice. You should take it to heart. The inherent flaw with advice is that wise men don’t need it and fools won’t heed it.



  4. Hey Paladin, your hero is about to be exposed. That old wanna be biker has been deceiving you sheep for a long time. Whose dick you and gandalf suck when the old fuck falls from grace? I’d love to be a fly on the wall when you find out the truth about that Rat Rebel!!!

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  5. The article is well laid out Hollywood. This Aging Rebel is nothing but a blowhard with a bunch of fucking jokes that follow him. He should come up to New York, see what kind of reception we give him. Over the 40 years I’ve rode with a 1%er club, these people now a days are nothing but a joke. Claiming to be in a Outlaw Club? Fuck this motherfucker, would’nt make it through the hang around period. Have to tell you Hollywood. Little late on the Steve Cook stuff, we’ve known for some time this POS has been putting out shit that cocksucker has been feeding him. This Cocksucker thinks he speaks for the 1%er world he is fucked in the head. This son of a bitch thinks he is doing any of us a favor running off at the mouth at trial for Urine Shits he better think again. Hes going to bring fucking legit status to the feds bullshit we are responsible for what a dickhead member does. Keep up the good work.

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  6. Told it like you feel. Yep I agree with most of what you said. The time table really amazes me. You hit it on the head for sure. Having been from the great State of Tenn. I know the time table for sure. Years ago, about 13 or 14 the Iron Order and the Outlaws had a small beef in Tenn. I was there and it ended without going to the pavement. Seems to me the SOA was just a thought then. I have no love those guys but they don’t run. They have a lot of hate out there running at them and like you said all clubs like to measure their dicks one way or the other. One high official I heard say from the Red and Gold said this about them having a rally in Texas. ” I don’t take them serious, they stay out of our way and we do the same.” Wise man I would say. As far as the Aging Rebel guy. I don’t know him, I don’t have anything good to say or anything bad either. He sells books and when you do this a lot of it has to be fiction. More than often the truth is boring. Check out the wild west years ago. If you had all the misfires and misses how exciting would that be. Anyway good article. Pissing contests always bring out the good and bad.

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  7. It amazes me how people do not look at what is right in front of them. You laid out everything for these idiots to see, it’s right there. The fucking guy is full of shit. I seen on your youtube channel someone posted he never said he was in a outlaw club. I call fucking bullshit, its right there laid out for these idiots. You even pointed them to the article where he said it then compared what he said in his statement to the court. Right there shows me this guy is a liar. Why would you claim to be in an outlaw club when your not? Then I seen he was glad he was testifying against the Urine Order? He might as well be handing the feds the key to RICO. I got to give it to you Hollywood, you laid out the case against this guy. Then when I read he wanted 2k to come on your podcast after offering him the chance to explain all this. That tells us a whole bunch right there. @Ron is right, this guy is exposed for exactly what he is. @Paladin How you can drink the cool aid like you do is way out there. This isn’t shit that was made up, from what Ive read it’s this Donald Charles Davis that said all these things. If he believes its wrong why not take the offer to come on the podcast program? Why ask for 2k? answer is simple. He’s a con artist and lied. I read over his statement to the court, Hollywood is right. Anyone can see through his bullshit. What kind of expert does this guy claim to be? Expert in Bullshit? Yea if I was in a club, Id stay away from this dude and his expert advice

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  8. I’ve never agree with your stances fully, especially when it comes to the Kinfolk. But I can tell you this article was point on. I’m in Phoenix and can remember when that fruitcake began talking all his shit like he knew what the hell was going on here. This fuck goes around like he knows everything about the life of a 1%er. This fucker has no idea what he writes about, what he does write about is fed to his ass by a bunch of cops. How else do you explain how he gets sealed indictments? Don’t be a bunch of fucking morons, not even the damn charged in a case gets all that paperwork from a grand jury. No he’s fed it from his fucking pig friends to go out there and shape shit the way they want to tell it..Any fucking guy that sits there and cant read what you put out here is no better then that fucker, they both deserve each other. Tin Can 1%er was right Hollywood, little slow on him working with the cops. Most of the bigger clubs we know already knew this jagoff was working with the cops. Also Hollywood, while I appreciate you trying to be a neutral party, no more stories on Kinfolk or those Urine Order fucks. Besides those two bitches, think you are doing a hell of a job trying to make sure the information you put out there is correct. Paladin your a butt boy for a fucking pos..You cant fucking read whats in front of you without having that fucks dick in your hand, go back over to that assholes site and bend over. what your basically following you wannabe bitch. fucking keyboard commandos out talking shit you have no idea about.


  9. Thanks for all the support guys, but to be honest I never did this article to bash anyone. It was put out there to make sure people knew the dangers if a club got held responsible for one persons actions. It was put out there also to answer many of the questions that were being sent to us concerning the AR. We did the research and this was what we found out. We printed it from his own words, even asked him to appear on Motorcycle Madhouse to dispute the facts. He chose he did not want to, which hey, this is American and his choice. We do have further damaging information but we are not releasing it at this moment because instead of an open discussion , it’s turned into a pissing match. if AR chooses to continue with the pissing match then we will release what we have (Nail in the Coffin). As far as Paladin, Insane Throttle is a free speech zone. I approve both positive and negative comments unlike the other sites. One thing that has been paramount to Insane Throttle is making sure all sides are heard. Though I do not agree with Paladin, he still has his voice , just has to be able to handle the reply’s as well from the other readers.


  10. Fuck AR. Dudes blog is nothing but character assasination on clubs that don’t kiss his internet-ego. Hell he finds a way to mention certain clubs that have nothing to do with his story in the article just to take a cheap shot at them from the comfort of his basement in Los Angeles, not to mention the brittle faggot would sue/ call 911 on anyone who disagreed with him in person. This guy is not club gospel. He is actually making a living on the backs of 1%ers. Paladin is an ex cop from what I read, or maybe it’s another highly exhalted “Regular “. You can be a regular on an Internet blog all you want it doesn’t make your opinion any more valid. You guys are super fucking lame. I imagine you have so much time to share your expert opinions on clubs because you’re not in one. If you’re not in one, your opinion is invalid. Fuck citizens. Fuck you. Mind your own business and stop getting info from Steve Cook and posting it as news.


  11. Fuck this mother fucking AR and all his wannabee fucks. I was on this jokes shit all them motherfucking wannebee fucks talking smack. Let me fucking put it out there I rode with this man, only reason he stopped was because he got fucking sick and couldnt ride you fucking jokes. Hard to ride when your having fucking seizures . Instead of letting down his brothers he did the honorable thing and faced the fact he would have to give up the club life. This is also a man talked about because he stands by his brother big pete thats god damn loyalty to a brother, something that is missing in this fucked up scene. Fuck all you wannabee keyboard fucks love to see one of you fuckers pop up in michigan


  12. This god damn Paladin is Peter Samish? Off running his god damn mouth and he belongs to some bullshit brotherhood of old bikers? Are you fucking serious? Your out there spreading shit about Hollywood and your a internet biker fucking club you POS. Out there talking like you know what the fuck 1%ers think? FUCK YOU!!!!!!!! Wonder if your fake ass bosses know your running that old ass fucking mouth of yours on the internet? Here is a fucking something for you errand boy. Your god damn hero is a fucking RAT., a fucking liar, claims he was a fucking vietnam vet? dont think clubs are not already asking. Love to see your punk ass up in Minnesota you piece of crap. I’ve had numerous conversations with this man, he hasn’t once hidden the fact who he was, been verified you cocksucker by those who matter. Keep listening to your fucking warriors and spouting off like you know any damn thing. We might not agree with everything dude says, but at least he puts it out there straight without a fucking cop whispering in his ear. Tell your god damn boy we know all about it and seen it. You fucking punks out there talking all your crap, acting like you support 1%er clubs? Your bringing more then enough shit on us all. Weve asked this man to release the shit and he is refusing, why the fuck I dont know. Fucker needs to be put on front street more then he already has. Acting like going against piss order is helping us in anyways fuck that. What has most of REAL 1%er clubs pissed off about is not only is he testifying acting like its some help to us, he claims he was in outlaw clubs. BULLSHIT. And for you little fuckers that cant read. Its right the fuck there when he claimed he was. Sorry Hollywood, these motherfuckers piss me off. BROTHERHOOD OF OLD BIKERS? Cocksuckers, your doing a real good job representing fucking flake. Hollywood your doing great, ignore this weasels, and yes stay away from Kinfolk


  13. Don 1%er you never did mix words lol. I do not know anything about Paladin so I cannot say one way or another, you know me, if I dont know all the facts I wont make the judgement. Reason I don’t want to release anything is because this has become a piss match between two sites, isn’t helping anyone for that to continue. Let them say what they want. I know whats up, known where I’ve been (Thanks Ricky 1%er) and have no worries about what 50 or 60 of his people want to say. Got thick skin, Next thing you know Im working with the CIA or some shit as the rumors make it around the internet. This site, along with the help of Ghost and the girls will keep charging forward as we always do. Ill continue to try to stay right down the middle without any skew towards one way or another. You’re correct Ricky 1%er. I will always stand by Big Pete’s side. He was there for me when I needed him and will not leave him when he was thrown into the wilderness. If I’m out there Bad now because of my stance with Big Pete, so be it. Is what it is. What is most important for me is the motorcycle club community as a whole prospers, regardless of affiliation. Its not us against each other, its us against the feds. Today we remember one of the Legends Roadblock 1%er!!! Who kicked them in the balls every time they threw something at him


  14. Sorry Guys, not posting anymore comments in this thread. Alot have been threatening towards Rebel and WE DO NOT condone such things. Even though there were inconsistencies in his background, it does not rise to the level of throwing threats at the man. Rebel is NOT a beat journalist. Like me, he is an opinion freelance writer. One article does not condemn the mans past work and contribution to the biker community. Yes, we may disagree on some tactics initiated for the information. If sources are used (That goes for Insane Throttle as well) they just need to be quoted in the article. Although I do appreciate the support from the 1% community on this issue, the ability to report on biker news is mostly left up to freelance journalist because we already know the mainstream media wont report it. So for threats to be thrown at Rebel is something that I will not stand for or condone. Freelance journalist make hardly any money, it’s a tough life, but something that they do for the love of the subject they are writing about. So the threats against Rebel is uncalled for and quite frankly bullshit. So with that Threads closed


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