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Abel “Crocodile Tears” Reyna puts out Campaign Commercial in last ditch effort (Must See) March 6th Stand Up Bikers and Motorcycle Clubs -Responses by Texas Biker Radio and Legendary Jim

Provided by Texas Biker Radio– Hell of Coverage from them- Head over to Their Channel and give it a Subscribe. These guys have been doing a hell of a job covering “Twin Peaks”

By James “Hollywood” Macecari

Woke up this morning with a whole inbox full of emails and hotline messages regarding the below campaign ad just released by everyone’s favorite corrupt District Attorney Abel ” Crocodile Tears” Reyna. The above video is actually from Texas Biker Radio telling the real story on what this “Boss Hawg” is actually about. I didn’t want to put this ass-monkeys video top and center because it would actually give him some credibility where none is deserved. The only thing that this ass-monkey deserves is a pair of hand cuffs himself. Before posting his video. Here is Legendary Jim explaining what you are about to see.

Legendary Jim has been working day in and day out bringing the truth on what has happened with the “Twin Peaks” Incident. Insane Throttle is very happy to have him as one of our Freelance Contributors. We also would like to acknowledge “Bellend” who is our newest Texas sweetheart and someone who is writing the Waco Web series covering all the going ons in this mess that is “Twin Peaks”.

Insane Throttle Biker News Youtube Channel

We have reached out to Abel Reyna’s office for comments on the stories we have been doing on Waco and as you can guess, ass-monkey don’t want to come anywhere near Insane Throttle Biker News. In his video you will notice that he disabled the comments section. Guess “Mr Wizard” couldn’t handle being told what is up by the people he represents. Here is the new video just put out. Grab a barf bag or better yet, you’re probably going to want to get a Lobotomy so you can forget it and get back the 4:30 minutes of your life back. Since he disabled the comments. Please head over to his video on Youtube and at least give it a big Thumbs Down!!


So there you have it folks. Poor Mr Wizard feels like he is the lone crusader taking on the Big Bad Wolf out to destroy the people of Waco and Mclennan County. Funny, didn’t see him mention that he is currently under Federal investigation for being a corrupt POS, nor did he mention charges being dropped against dozens more people in the effort to save his ass from testifying under oath.  What I find the most comical is this idiot started to wine and cry ( Probably had an onion under his jacket) trying to garner support from the religious people out there ( Not picking on Religious People).

I’m sure that Bellend and Legendary Jim will have more coming out about this in the coming days so I’ll cut it short on my end. The only thing I would like to say is “GET OUT A VOTE”. Get out there and make sure all your friends and families vote. Make sure that if someone cannot get to the polls you drive them there. Take time today and blow up social media and start reminding all your contacts that live in Waco and Mclennan County how important it is for them to get out the vote.

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