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District Attorney Reyna -Smear tactics are nothing more than an attempt to vote me out of office. New Video Enclosed



By James “Hollywood” Macecari

Insane Throttle is having a good week. We managed to piss off two governmental agencies in one week.

This dude Reyna would fit in perfect here in Chicago. He has all the traits and moves of a corrupt democratic machine member. Come on you have to find it funny every time dude is going to be testifying about his corruption he drops charges against 13. Today he drops another 13. From the sounds of it he is starting to have an infatuation with the number 13.

What I do know. What I have learned through this entire process. This dude is way in over his head. Anyone can call that out when he’s out there saying that the corruption charges are just a smear tactic to get him voted out of office. They say the same thing up here in Chicago when the walls start closing in on their little games.

Hell, it’s the same thing that every politician and cop use when they are backed into a corner. By their own doing I might add.

Take Mr. Wizard up in Dodge County Wisconsin who faced a fury of backlash because of their profiling of the Lomira Outlaws M/C. By the way, we like to thank all of our followers for hitting them phones; hitting them on social media and making a point that bikers will not allow other bikers to be profiled because of a patch. Let’s just say, Insane Throttle rattled Mr Wizard. He never thought that the biker community would stand as one and fight back.

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But like Reyna, Mr Wizard tried blaming the Outlaws for coordinating the effort. Well, he was completely wrong on that. It was regular blue collar workers that led that effort. Instead of taking responsibility for his wrongful actions, he tried to pass the buck. Same situation Reyna now finds himself in and rightly so.

The one thing thing I’ve learned through all this? The boys down in Waco follow the laws they want to follow. They will even make up some along the way. When all else fails; blame the bikers for all the false propaganda. “They are coordinating an effort against me politically”. No dipstick, you actually did this all by yourself. Didn’t need any help from the biker community. By the way, I love the response from your office when Insane Throttle tries to get comment from your office. “We don’t talk to a publication like yours who spreads falsehoods about this case.” Guess Insane Throttle is having a good week. We managed to piss off two governmental agencies in one week. Hey, least the ass-monkeys are paying attention lol.

Our message to the Office of the District Attorney of Abel Reyna. “We will continue to keep this incident fresh in the minds of all bikers. We will follow your every move and demand justice for those lives you have destroyed .” You will hear from Insane Throttle and it’s followers every night before you close those eyes of yours. You will have nightmares about what we will be reporting next. Insane Throttle will be there to remind you of what kind of a man you really are. A plain and simple coward.

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Source: CBS

WACO, Texas – A Texas prosecutor on Wednesday dismissed 13 more cases against bikers stemming from a 2015 shootout at a Waco restaurant, CBS affiliate KWTX reports.

McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna made the announcement Wednesday, a day before scheduled hearings for 10 of the bikers. The May 2015 shootout at Waco’s Twin Peaks restaurant left nine bikers dead, and 20 injured. The bikers faced charges of engaging in organized criminal activity.

Of the original 154 bikers indicted, prosecutors are still pursuing 128 cases. Reyna said his office would not pursue cases against 24 bikers who were arrested but not indicted.

Earlier this month, Reyna dismissed 13 cases hours before a hearing where he was due to testify on corruption allegations against him. The sole case to be tried resulted in a mistrial in November, when jurors were unable to reach a verdict on two of the counts against Jacob Carrizal.

Twin Peaks 0 Insane Throttle Biker News

According to a written statement issued on Feb 8, the D.A. is still waiting to receive evidence in possession of the U.S. Attorney’s Office in San Antonio.

“We have requested this evidence, but will not be permitted to view this evidence until the conclusion of the federal trial sometime in March,” Reyna wrote.

Reyna also responded to accusations against him in the ongoing corruption investigation: “The continued abuse of the criminal justice process and repeated attempts at political smear tactics are nothing more than an attempt to vote me out of office, avoid justice and distract from the events of May 17th, 2015,” he wrote.

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