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Justin Cole “Rat” Forster- Former National Sgt At Arms Bandido “We are a criminal Organization” Testifies against Pike and Portillo- Someone needs to call an exterminator

                “What I did is unforgivable.”  Asked what he did, he replied, “snitching.”


By James ” Hollywood” Macecari

Yesterday we brought everyone the news that Dan “Chopper Dan” Schild turned out to be an informant and will be taking the stand against Pike and Portillo, today we bring you Justin Cole Forster. Justin Forester is the former National Sgt At Arms of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club and another one of the governments star witnesses.

I caught some grief yesterday because I promoted the idea of individuals joining a riding club over motorcycle clubs now a days. What I find funny is a lot of the people that bitch and complain about something like that don’t seem to read into what I was saying. So, here it is again.

The reason why I promote riding clubs is to benefit motorcycle clubs. Huh? How does that help motorcycle clubs? It’s simple really. Most people out there are not cut out to be club members. Most people want to belong to something; first thing they grasp onto is what they see on T.V, not knowing the true commitment of what it takes to become a member of a motorcycle club. When an alternative like a riding club is presented to them 9 times out of 10 that person will choose a riding club; thus saving the motorcycle club time and effort in prospecting someone who will most likely not make it. If they do make it that person usually will only stick around for a year or run at the first sign of trouble. Insane Throttle going out there and stating the obvious pros and cons of each structure saves headaches for the motorcycle club. Hopefully this was a better explanation. If not, don’t know what else to tell ya.

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Back onto this rat. If you look close you will see one of the contributing factors to why he turned. This dude was 33 years old. 23 at the time of joining the Bandidos according to the below news article. He is a Millennial. A generation that grew up with everything handed to them. A generation that quite frankly needs more life experience before getting into a position this guy was in.When faced with Life, he broke, left his brothers to face charges on their own. An older tramp would’ve probably gave the government the big “Fuck You” if he was in the same position. The Millennial generation is a different breed. It comes down to a situation like this, you can bet they will go in CYA mode. The dude even said as much when he was asked what he did wrong.  “snitching.”

What is more troubling with this case? The government can now use a former high ranking members statement “We’re a criminal organization,” to pull a stunt like they are with the Mongols M/C. Going after the patches and property of the Bandidos if Pike and Portillo are found guilty.

Tough times are ahead for the Motorcycle Club Scene if they can’t get it together.

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Source- San Antonio Express News

A former ranking member of the Bandidos’ national chapter testified at a racketeering trial Thursday that two ex-biker leaders led a racketeering conspiracy that included handing down orders to commit assault.

Justin Cole Forster, 33, was a member of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club for 10 years, from 2006 until he was arrested in January 2016 with then-national Bandidos president Jeffrey Fay Pike and vice president, John Xavier Portillo.

Six months after his arrest, Forster pleaded guilty to racketeering-related crimes and violated one of the most important rules of the group — he turned on the organization he longed to be a part of since he was 10.

Forster spent hours on the stand on the trial’s third day, explaining the inner workings of the Bandidos, its screening process, its revered vests and patches, and how the Bandidos enforces its rules and protects its territory through intimidation and violence.

He also identified members in local and national chapters who took part in the alleged conspiracy and dealt or used drugs, including Portillo. Most are not charged in the racketeering case. Forster said he rose to be a national sergeant-at-arms in March 2011, tasked with handling security at biker gatherings and meetings and enforcing discipline — even violence — on rival bikers or wayward Bandidos members.

Several marshals kept watch as Pike and Portillo watched Forster answer questions from Assistant U.S. Attorney Eric Fuchs that laid out part of the feds’ case.

Asked who is in the Bandidos, Forster said: “A bunch of guys who love to ride a motorcycle. But we’re guys who live by our way. You know, criminals.”

Forster explained it takes months or years to get into the Bandidos, which has a strict screening process requiring members who sponsor a prospect to have known that person for at least five years. Home visits are part of background checks to “make sure you are who you say you are” and to prevent police infiltration.

Forster ended his day on the stand with Portillo’s lead lawyer, Mark Stevens, challenging his testimony. With his questions, Stevens tried to paint Forster as a meth addict with no credibility and with motivation to lie to get leniency for his own criminal conduct.

Stevens continues his cross-examination of Forster Friday, and Pike’s lawyer, Dick DeGuerin, may begin his.

Pike and Portillo are charged in a 13-count indictment with racketeering crimes that include sanctioning assaults and ordering three killings, and Forster is the first ex-member to testify in their trial, which is expected to last three months.

Forster said Pike’s orders on “club business” would filter down in a manner that made it seem like Portillo issued the directives.

“He was a buffer,” Forster said of Portillo. “He was out there to take the brunt off (Pike) and to protect him. … In the public eye, it looked like it was (Portillo) running the club.”

Forster testified about some specific incidents in which he carried out orders for “club business.”

In 2011, Pike had decided to split the Bandidos’ Western Hemisphere chapters from the Bandidos’ international chapters in Europe and Australia. Some Bandidos in West Texas opposed the split, so Forster and Portillo were summoned to Houston, where Pike dispatched Forster and others to take care of the opponents, Forster said.

“We asked them if they knew who their president was,” Forster said. “If they didn’t answer right, we took their patches, and they got beat. If they answered Jeff (Pike), they didn’t get beat.”

Later, the patch of the El Paso president was given to Pike and burned, Forster said. Shortly afterward, the Bandidos national chapter had T-shirts made that said Roswell was “One kick-ass party” to memorialize the beat-down.

In Sturgis, South Dakota, in 2012, Forster said, an Oklahoma chapter that had knocked over the motorcycle of a national chapter member and taken its seat was taught a lesson.

“We beat them up and made them ride home without seats on their bikes,” Forster said, adding that Pike and Portillo did not participate in the beatings, but witnessed them and laughed.

After his arrest in the racketeering case, Forster said other Bandidos put money in his jail commissary and the member who replaced Pike as president sent four lawyers to represent him. Forster said he turned each away, and the club stopped putting money in his commissary.

Forster also said he asked the feds to be put in the witness protection program, “because there’s no way I can live in San Antonio after this. What I did is unforgivable.”

Guillermo Contreras is a San Antonio Express-News staff writer. Read more of his stories here. | | @gmaninfedland

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