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More Charges filed against Mongols Motorcycle Club members in Clarksville Tennessee. All but two face life in prison

By James ” Hollywood” Macecari

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Tough times facing some of the Big 5 Motorcycle Clubs. 3 of the five majors have active RICO cases going on. The Hells Angles Sonoma Chapter, Former National Officers of the Bandidos M/C and now the Clarksville Chapter of the Mongols Motorcycle Club.

I’ve been over on the Insane Throttle Youtube Channel alot lately. Getting into the video side of things.Being on Youtube has educated me even more than I could’ve ever imagined.

When you write here on Insane Throttle you know who the audience is. It’s mainly those who’ve been in this lifestyle for some time. They pretty much know the difference between the different type of clubs; what independents and riding clubs are.Everyone knows I promote if anything Riding Clubs. Most understand why I do it. Today’s MC scene is undergoing some tough times. Most wouldn’t be prepared for what they would have to go through to become a member of a legit motorcycle club now a days.

Youtube is a whole different stratosphere for me. Most of the people over there have no clue what is involved in being a member of a motorcycle club. So explaining it to them takes a lot of patience at best. Especially when it comes to all the “Why” questions. It’s through that experience on being on Youtube that has really opened my eyes to the scale of the problems M/C’s are having.

Clubs in the old days use to let people come to them. Now it’s all about the numbers game. This is what I believe personally is watering down the club scene. When a club has a need to go out there recruiting; that’s really the end of the game for that club. Brotherhood is substituted for numbers and the core cause of the club is lost and doomed to fail.

What’s this have to do with the new charges against the Mongols M/C? Nothing really. As far as I know; I might be wrong, no one has turned “Rat” yet. The Bandidos on the other hand are having a big problem with rodents. They have 3 former high ranking officers who turned Rat. Regardless of where you come down on the whole situation; there can be nothing worse than a brother who turns on you. Regardless of what club you are in.

Tonight I learned something new from Big Pete on Insane Throttles “Live” session. I asked him the question ” Do you believe for every 3 members one is a rat or potential informant?” Without a pause he said “I believe all 3 could be.” Thinking about it now a few hours later. He’s pretty much on target with that assumption.

With those types of odds, why would anyone think about joining a club? Especially one that might have under the table stuff going on. That isn’t biking and brotherhood. That is a flat out waste of time in my opinion. Why? Because even if you join a club that has nothing going on under the table; if you use that type of logic, then are those wearing your patch a true brother if you can’t trust them? Food for thought.

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Related-Mongols M/C- 12 members charged under 54 count indictment: Won’t help the Patch Case any with this: Attorney General Jeff Sessions said the indictment is the next step in efforts to dismantle gangs and stop the spread of deadly drugs and violent crime.

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Source: The Leaf Chronicle


Federal prosecutors on Thursday announced another wave of charges against members of a Clarksville motorcycle gang, including new allegations of murder, kidnapping and drug trafficking.

The charges are part of a continuing investigation into the impact of organized crime and drug dealing in Montgomery County and Middle Tennessee. Nineteen members and associates of the local Mongols Motorcycle Gang chapter were charged.

Fifteen of those suspects were already named in a January indictment that included allegations of shooting a woman dead in a graveyard, setting a business on fire and bringing more than 50 pounds of methamphetamine into Middle Tennessee.

► More: Clarksville-area biker gang members indicted on murder and racketeering charges, U.S. Attorney says

► From 2015: Warehouse fire destroyed motorcycle gang’s clubhouse

The new indictment adds four suspects, and accuses those men of kidnapping and killing Stephen Cole, a fellow gang member who was considered missing for months.

The newly added suspects were

  • William Nelper, aka “Flip,” 49, of Trenton, Kentucky;
  • William Boylston, aka “JC,” 27;
  • Jason Meyerholz, aka “Country,” 43; and
  • Christopher Wilson, 35, all of Clarksville, Tennessee.

Cole was one of the suspects in the January indictment, but authorities could not find him during their initial arrest sweep.

According to a summary of the new indictment released by the U.S. Attorney’s office in Nashville, those men conspired to kidnap and kill Cole on Nov. 19.

Boylston, Meyerholz and Wilson kidnapped Cole at gunpoint and then stripped him of his shoes, wallet, and cell phones, according to the indictment.

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Then, prosecutors say, Boylston and Meyerholz took Cole to Nelper’s home in Trenton, Kentucky, where they killed him, dumped his body and burned the evidence.

All of the new defendants were charged with the kidnapping that led to Cole’s death. Boylston, Meyerholz and Nelper were charged with his murder.

The second indictment also includes charges of racketeering, money laundering and drug dealing.

If convicted, the four new suspects face a minimum of life in prison with the possibly of the death penalty.

All but two of the remaining 15 suspects face life in prison if convicted of the charges they face.

The Mongols identify as an “outlaw” motorcycle gang based in California, according to authorities. The Clarksville chapter was founded in 2015, according to the indictment.

Federal investigators teamed with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, Clarksville police, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office and other agencies to investigate the gang’s activities after a woman was found shot to death in a graveyard in May 2015.

Prosecutors have tied the woman’s death with at least two of the 19 suspects in the case.

U.S. Attorney Don Cochran of Nashville plans to pursue similar investigations in the future, driven by the focus on violent crime at the U.S. Department of Justice.

Cochran’s office got federal approval this year to hire two new prosecutors focused specifically on violent crime.

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