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By James “Hollywood” Macecari

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There is a new business in town. Start your own media tour and make money authoring books. The only requirement? You have to be out bad from a major motorcycle club. That’s right! If you were a former member of one of the larger motorcycle clubs and were put out bad. The media is ready to buy your story. Hurry now for this new exciting opportunity to get into this exclusive business. Don’t worry. No need to honor any former pledges you might of taken with you club. No need to worry about making a few things up along the way. This opportunity presents a way for you to stick it to former brothers after they hurt your feelings for throwing your ass on the street. Nevermind the little stuff. No need to worry about self admitted scams and going behind your brothers backs to enrich yourself off the clubs name. The media will eat your story up. Not to mention a bunch of social media pole suckers who will stroke you and love you long time.

Yep. This is the scene in 2019. The modern age of biking and clubbing. The age of social media has given out bad disgraced former club members an opportunity to try enriching themselves off their former clubs. Two such examples. George Christie former Hells Angel and Pete James former Outlaw. These two are the most prevalent right now. George Christie with his many appearances on the History Channel and many book deals. Pete James with his fantasy of a book and new suppose group to change the biker scene. BBS. The first one George Christie has had a moderate success on sharing his former clubs business. He even has his own one person show. The second one Pete James is still trying to find his way in making money off his former clubs name. But has so far fell flat on any success. This might change considering the two are friends and probably share bed time stories with each other on how to screw their former clubs.

Both of their former clubs have come out publicly to detail the reasons for both being out bad. Most of the explanations include being an informant, scam artist and straight up liars. Something both have very much in common with each other.

Why are people buying what they are selling?

This is a good question. Especially when the former clubs have come out specifically to warn the public of the way these people are. Wait! Why don’t the clubs just go put a bullet in their heads or take care of business? This is how the media says biker clubs are so why let them run their mouths? You first! My answer to that question. It’s easy to assume that because the media says “Motorcycle clubs are BIKER GANGS and dangerous.” clubs should take care of their business by shutting these rats up. First off. This is 2019 and the clubs are fighting for their survival. Every turn they make the government is right behind them waiting for them to screw up so they can pounce. Secondly, motorcycle clubs are not gangsters. They are not the mafia or a cartel which just goes up and blows a rat or informant away. Contrary to what the media tells you. Why would any club member risk their freedom over a piece of shit rat? Again, this is 2019 and the technology is unreal. You can’t even take a piss without the government knowing what you’re doing.

The Last Chicago Hoax tape. I knew he was a cop. But I still offered to help. The continuing story of an Out Bad Disgrace. Audio enclosed

This is why you’re able to see people like these two run off at the mouth about their former clubs. They are not worth the trouble of doing a life sentence over. For one. If they are blown away there is a direct link right back to the club. So the clubs are smart letting these people make themselves look foolish in the public eye. Wait! What? Yep, I think it’s a smart move. Why? Because deep downside these rats and informants going on book tours and smiling at cameras wish they were still rocking the patch of their former clubs. They have to relive every second knowing they were an outcast and can never again enjoy the brotherhood they once had. They have to look at themselves knowing the only ones who care about them are a bunch of civilian nobodies. The very thing they hated as a club member.

When you step back and look at it from afar. It’s a sad existence. What it must be like to have to look over your shoulder the rest of your life. Wondering if some wacko is going to blow your brains out because of what you did to a club they support. After all, some people go to the extreme to make an impression for something they might want to get into. It doesn’t matter the clubs don’t have anything to do with this kind of idea or support it. These fans, followers sometimes do things on their own. Just to show their allegiance to something they are trying to be apart of. Yep, not a good existence at all.

So why are people buying the line on what these types of people are selling? It’s actually kind of simple really. The type of people buying into the bs are ones who have no other way into the motorcycle club scene. People who would never be afforded the chance to prospect for a big 1% club. So what do they do? They buy into the bullshit from those 1% clubs out bad members. Why? Because this is the closest, they will ever come to being able to tell someone they knew this person or that person from this club or that club. In these peoples minds they see no wrong in what these out bad piece of shit people are doing. All they care about is satisfying their jollies. It’s like a heroin addict trying to get their next fix.

So what’s the excuse on why they have club members following them?

Honestly, in another time this question wouldn’t even be asked. But, with it being 2019 and the new age of the biker. It’s a question I even ask over and over again. You hear the talk about honor, loyalty and respect correct? It’s a bullshit concept. It holds no meaning to those who wear a patch and associate with an out bad member of a motorcycle club like these two. Why do you say that? The very premise of being in a motorcycle club you follow some basic principles. One being, you don’t fall for the bullshit. Answer this question. Why would a member of a motorcycle club follow someone they know committed an offense, they themselves wouldn’t allow in their clubs? Hypocrisy? Maybe. Total disregard for what they supposedly stand for? Definitely. If this is the case then how do they truly believe in the concept of honor, loyalty and respect? They can’t. Their actions tell otherwise every single time. So the question comes up. Why do other club members follow people like George Christie and Pete James? Most of the time the answer is they belong to small clubs. Hoping to get something from them. Just like a civilian they wish they were wearing the patches these people once had. What other explanation can you give? If they believed in what they claim they would have no contact with these people. They would supposedly honor the code they preach and represent.

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What does George Christie and Pete James have in common even though they were from different clubs?

The both of them have come out publicly and broken oaths they swore to uphold. Both has had contact with police and government officials. Both has giving their former clubs every reason to have put them out bad.

When getting your patch in either organization these two were apart of they swore an oath never to discuss club business outside the membership. Both have now written one or two books on events that happened within the club. Both have publicly talked about former members in those publications. Pete James goes as far as detailing a fake club patch scheme he cooked up behind his clubs back.

Everyone who claims to know the motorcycle club scene knows. Don’t go running your mouth about club business. These two have had no problem breaking that oath have they? Both have admitted to having relationships with law enforcement. Something every club member who rocks a 3 PC knows is a no go. Do these facts matter to club members who follow twits like these two? Nope! It’s just the internet to them and don’t consider it harmful to the club scene to go against time honored traditions. Their thinking? “Well, there are always two sides of the story and then there’s the truth.” My argument? You’re a bunch of hypocrites who care nothing about your patch. Even when you’re on the other side of the fence or some small club. When the evidence is there, how do you disregard whats in front of you? You’re a bunch of fools to get involved with people like George Christie or Pete James. You’re the people who are ruining the club scene. It’s your weakness that kills it. Your lack of discipline to a time honored tradition of having no contact with an out bad twit like these two.

State commission warns Judge Strother for picking detective as grand jury foreman .Yep Nothing to see here! Time to throw out all indictments

This is another thing the two twits have in common. Their ability to divide the club scene. On one side you have people who still believe in the values of what was. On the other you have these other people, including some club members, who feel it’s OK to secretly converse with people like George Christie and Pete James. Behind the backs of the clubs, they are supposedly with and pledge loyalty to. I would have to say they are worse than George Christie or Pete James. Least you know where those twits stand. They are out in the open while people in clubs use the secrecy of the internet and social media to hide their activity.




True Story about Big Pete James AKA Brutus Peter AKA Brutus James AKA Butterball. Push Play.

When you have to choose between news and the good of the club scene.

Its funny. I was leaked a complete members list to a Facebook group one of these twits runs. I found myself in the most interesting predicament. Here we are a biker news site. We are supposed to get the news out to the biker community no matter what. No matter what club it is or what’s happening in the biker scene. A members list like this is something Insane Throttle has been hounded on by the major clubs for over six months. Why? Because they want to make sure their members, supporters or associates are unassociated with this particular group. The choices I had to consider where this.

  1. It’s a news story. One in which holds much interest for the readership and clubs who’ve been asking.
  2. By doing the news story is it for the good of the club scene?

Both questions weighed on me and in the end I have to say the story wouldn’t be good for the club scene. I know I should’ve chose the news story route. Especially with all the interest and inquires. This time though, since I’m first and foremost a club advocate. I couldn’t release the list because it would make the club scene as a whole look like shit. Especially considering many clubs would be affected by those who decided to be apart of a group with a rat as an administrator. Clubs will need to police their members on their own. Put out the word about membership in this group. Make it known they will not accept this. Insane Throttle cannot do that for them.

Let’s talk about this group for a second

First off, it’s no secret to anyone I despise Fat Pete. He’s a slob, failure and pos human being. But if you think for a second that you’re little group of 300 people can change a story line at Insane Throttle you’re truly mistaken. I’ve seen all the post in your little faggot group. Hitting our sponsors? LMAO. We don’t charge anyone who has a biker related business to be on our sites. So if you want to hound them and do, your liberal snowflake boycott go for it!!! Here’s the deal. You’re all a disgrace to the biker lifestyle. You chose to be apart of a scam set up by an out bad fat ass loser. What I can say to the fat boy. It’s going to get a whole lot more fun lol. See, your people in that group really don’t know you. One of the things we enjoy here at Insane Throttle is access to information. It flows into us like water out of a faucet. We have all kinds of resources which allows us to get our hands onto a bunch of goodies. Guess that’s the perks of being a news organization. Nevertheless, it’s going to be a real treat to see the response of your little followers when all these goodies break. Don’t worry, though. We will lay out everything with documents to make sure you won’t have any wiggle room to bullshit your way out of it. We are club advocates. We sure the hell won’t let anyone with the likes of you destroy reputations. A storm is definitely brewing.

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Mongol Outlaw Biker Sought in Freeway Shooting That Injured Motorcyclist. No Proof was a Mongol. Just Speculation on Medias part. Video Enclosed


Most always, when someone is put out bad, it’s a unanimous vote. In essence. Brothers of a motorcycle club have found an individual has committed an egregious act against the brotherhood. The designation is not only for the safety of their club membership. But it’s also for other clubs and civilians as well. Out Bad is telling the world a person has committed to what relates to treason for an American Citizen, against the brotherhood.

Let’s use the analogy of treason. This has nothing to do about being in a club or any of that. Would you associate with someone convicted of treason against the United States of America? Hell no you wouldn’t. So why would anyone communicate or even support an out bad motorcycle club member? Interesting to say the least, especially when you factor in so called club members claiming to believe in the “Code.”

Still riding at 100. “I’ve just never grown up”Meet one of the oldest active riders in North America

Let’s talk about code as it relates to reporting with Insane Throttle and myself. I’ve heard many clowns bitching (mostly the jokes over at BBS) I shouldn’t be giving editorials on things that affect the biker lifestyle negatively. Considering the source of the crying and whining it’s in one ear and out the other. But for those who are actually legitimate in their concerns. Insane Throttle might be a huge advocate for clubs and club rights. But we won’t put the weights on the scale in favor of anyone or any one side. First and foremost, Insane Throttle is a biker news site. We refuse to allow ourselves to become a mainstream media establishment who propagandized for one side or the other. Facts, even if they don’t look good for the biker scene has to be put out there. If they are not, how is that helping making the scene better? In order for something to get better you have to be able to look in the mirror and address the bad. So, Insane Throttle shares stories off the news wire a lot. Mainly from mainstream media sources so their can be debate and awareness. Editorials done I try my best to hold a middle of the road line. I would admit in editorials like this one I lean to one side. The people involved in this editorial are scum. They are trying to live off of their old clubs. One of many reasons they were put out bad in the first place. But for those who claim we are pitting bikers against each other because our reporting. You’re full of shit.

Attention MC Members – 2019 could be a crossroads for motorcycle clubs.Narrative being monopolized by Law Enforcement and Government Agencies. Audio included

The moral of the story in all this? If you claim to be a supporter of the club scene. Then honor the clubs you supposedly support as well as those you don’t support. This whole scene is basically the same. All clubs operate under basically the same concepts or rules. It’s not rocket science people! If you consider yourself a biker than the very prerequisite is you use your brain!! If you see people like these out bad yokes on the internet stay clear. Very simple. They are nobodies anymore. Just disgraced people who lost the trust of a brotherhood they were once in. They hold no sway in the club scene. They hold nothing more than running their mouths to anyone who will listen. Code? If you believe in it then PROVE it! Follow it! Don’t go and judge others when yourself can’t even follow it. Don’t go out there and say “ There is two kinds of truth and then the real truth.” It’s none of your damn business. All you need to know is the club kicked these idiots to the curb. The decision was made by the respective club and its final. Your opinion doesn’t matter a bit in the situation. What does matter if you claim to respect the code. Then fucking honor the clubs wishes and stay away from twits like these. Cause if your don’t, YOU”RE the idiots destroying the club scene. No one else but you.



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