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Why the Virginia 2nd Amendment movement should motivate bikers to get involved in the fight for motorcycle club and biker rights

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By James “Hollywood” Macecari

Virginia now has over 100 Gun Sanctuaries. Why? Because the citizens of Virginia will not allow their second amendment to be taken from them. In the recent election, Democrats were aided in their hostile take over, by gun control fanatic Michael Bloomberg. He spent well over one hundred million dollars on gun control in the state. Like Illinois, where Chicago controls the whole state, the northeast portion of Virginia has the same problem. The Northeast has an infestation of liberal socialist Democrats. It’s this section of the state dictating to the rest. Cook County Illinois, one of the most taxed counties in the United States, not to mention corrupt controls everything. If Cook County was on its own they Illinois would be a red state.

Not one bikie has been jailed under Queensland’s “tougher” consorting laws aimed at cracking down on gangs involved in drugs, guns, child exploitation and fraud

Many states are having this problem, especially Virginia and Texas. Texas is being inundated with people from California, bringing their leftist ideas with them. Back to Virginia though. We are now seeing the tinder’s start to smoke. It’s quite possible the movement in Virginia will start spreading throughout the United States. There are many people sick and tired of leftist socialist Democrats and their ideas. Coming from Chicago I can tell you there is nothing but misery, that comes with their policies.

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Member of the Coffin Cheaters OMCG has been charged with one count of Grievous Bodily Harm

Virginia is the beginning

Usually on Motorcycle Madhouse I only cover the biker scene. Rarely do I cover any other news, mostly because I try to keep it biker related. I’ve come to realize that’s a PC approach, mainly because bikers are truly engaged, in what’s happening in the country. I’ve now added a segment on the Motorcycle Madhouse Biker News Podcast, I call it, “news around the country.” This portion of the radio show will include just that, news around the country. The segment will address a wide range of issues, mostly based around rights that are under fire.

I’ve come to believe Virginia is what led me to put this news segment into play. Remember though, it will only be available through the radio podcast at . The YouTube broadcast will not include this segment, so make sure to follow the podcast on Spotify, ITUNES and many other platforms.

What I’ve seen in Virginia is on a bigger scale, but exactly the same fight, motorcycle clubs and bikers are facing regarding profiling. The only difference is in the Virginia case it’s the 2nd Amendment, where motorcycle club profiling falls under the first amendment.

Virginia and the citizens within that state, has set an example, on how to fight back against unjust laws and ideas. The unfortunate problem bikers and motorcycle clubs face is they are not organized, nor are they united. Until the clubs and Independents are united, nothing will ever come from trying to take on the government.

Police seized cocaine and methylamphetamine charging two men, after recent operations targeting members and associates of bikie gangs

Motorcycle Clubs should put their differences aside

Will motorcycle clubs ever put their differences aside for the sake of fighting back against unfair profiling? No, I don’t think so. Motorcycle Clubs are stuck in the past. Motorcycle clubs do not know, the need to move on and evolve, to fight the government’s profiling policies. In order for anything to change, clubs have to change their way of thinking as well. Again, knowing all the testosterone involved, things look bleak. I’m all for motorcycle club rights, but I’m also a realist when I look at the scene and it’s state. The MC scene is not helping its cause one bit with all the fighting. I recently heard a podcast where a guest said all the violence, is just amped up by the media, and not that bad. I disagree. The violence is more prevalent today than the past ever was. Violence wasn’t on the front page of newspapers worldwide either in the past, unlike today. So to hear that guest say that just made me giggle. One of the motorcycle clubs problems in this fight against profiling, is not being able to admit their part in it. Cause and Effect are the basis of every part of life. Clubs should keep this in mind if they want to make progress.

One of the criticisms we encounter when it comes to club members, is our practice of putting the news out. Most club members wish we wouldn’t display the articles on the YouTube channel. Others do not like the straight forward commentary I give during the story. Why? Because motorcycle clubs are used to others in this business kissing up to them. This isn’t Insane Throttle, nor is it ever going to be me. Kissing up to motorcycle clubs isn’t going to help them in their fight against motorcycle club profiling, regardless of how much others think it will. Let’s take a look at a turning point in motorcycle club profiling.

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Texas- The Waco Twin Peaks shootout between the Bandidos and Ugly Man Cossacks. 

The incident in Waco was the last straw for those in the government and law enforcement. Regardless of your feelings about how it all went down. Nine people died, not to mention put Waco back into the headlines. The way I’m looking at this incident is through an opinion segment writer. What I see is two clubs who could’ve worked it out at a table, instead they took it to the next level and disaster came knocking. Yes, I know the cops had a huge part in this, but the clubs could’ve avoided it if they truly wanted to.

After the shootout profiling became horrendous in Texas. Why? Because law enforcement started to be reactive to what the citizens wanted. Citizens didn’t want to turn on their television sets and see nine dead in their town, so they demanded action. Cause and effect, shootings happened and the effect was tougher law enforcement. Pretty easy to understand actually. The other effect of the shootings had club members being entered into a gang database. Many types of measures are now being deployed by law enforcement. The dominant club involved in the shooting is getting hit hard still to this day.

How do you expect Independents to support your cause with all the violence?

Motorcycle clubs are seen as being hypocrites by many independent bikers, especially the younger bikers. Many of these younger bikers are asking why they should support your rights when you’re trying to take theirs? I’ve tried my hardest in the past to stand behind tradition, but the younger crowd isn’t buying into the propaganda. I guess this could be a good thing or bad thing depending on what side you’re on. For example, the other day people were contacting me and trying to get me to cover an offshoot of Legacy MC, a club by the way I can’t stand. But I decided not to. Why? Because I will never again let this publication become part of the story. Besides, that kind of stuff isn’t news in my opinion.

Law enforcement responded to a party at the Black Presidents Motorcycle Club where 1 person is dead and 2 hurt

To go back to the point though. People today are mostly independent minded and don’t want to be told what they can and cannot do. One of the things I think clubs do not understand, people are not the type of people in the past. People in the past followed tradition, this isn’t the case anymore, most people could care less. Again, changing times and different attitudes. With this in mind, why would they support you when they see you as an adversary? Most independent bikers see clubs complaining about profiling. What I gather, Independents won’t help clubs because they have double standards. Again, when you tell someone they can’t do something, an ally is lost.


If the motorcycle club and biker scene is to use the example set forth by those in Virginia. Then the whole scene has to come together on the cause. Virginia has the second amendment. What is the argument in support of fighting motorcycle club profiling? How does helping motorcycle clubs fight profiling benefit Independent bikers? Finally, is it worth telling others what to do, especially when you need their help? Honest questions that need to be answered in order to put on a legit fight against motorcycle club and biker profiling.



  1. Motorcycle Clubs of today don’t care about rights, it’s all about territory,dominating,making money for whatever faction happens to be in charge. Riding,brotherhood,being together on the open road,those are all rare things in the big clubs of today. Sure,there are some good clubs as well as good people who go into the big ones believing in those things but soon find out that you spend most of your time watching your back. Sad,but it’s just a fact that’s not going to change. COC’s,support clubs,these were the beginning of the end of what was once a decent ERA,not perfect,but decent.


  2. It is a fact that LE were the shooters.

    “Cause and effect, shootings happened and the effect was tougher law enforcement. Pretty easy to understand actually”

    No, it is not easy to understand as you put it!
    Your narrative supports the PIGs.
    LE murdered all individuals at Twin Peaks.


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