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How to join some of the most Notorious Motorcycle Clubs including Bandidos Hells Angels Rock Machine and more

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by Domenic Marinelli

When you think of motorcycle clubs, the one thing that comes to mind over anything else are images of black leather jackets and classic bikes. The idea of a motorcycle club is especially interesting if you’re a fan of these 2-wheeled vehicles, both powerful and beautiful, as we’re sure you are.

But, just as soon as one thinks of the epic motorcycles on which these men and women ride, so do they think of the reputation that follows these individuals along. The men and women who dedicate their lives to these motorcycle clubs are sometimes as interesting as the bikes themselves. And the clubs they belong to have attracted quite a bit of attention over the years as well.

Join us as we take a look at some of the most popular and notorious biker clubs and the rules that need to be followed should you wish to join their ranks.

15 Bacchus

The Bacchus Motorcycle club was founded in August of 1972. They started out in New Brunswick, Canada. Appropriately, the name is the Roman version of the name Dionysus, who was the Greek god of wine and protector of those who lived an unconventional life. In order to be a part of this club, members needed to ride a Harley Davidson exclusively. An easy enough rule to follow, we’d imagine.

14 Tramps

The Tramps are perhaps a little lesser known biker club to many of you, But at the same time, they’re big enough to be hired by the Hell’s Angels to handle some of their workload. It was reported by, that The Tramps are considered to be the “puppets” of the larger biker squad.

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Organised crime squad detectives have charged a a senior member of the Comanchero Outlaw Motorcycle Gang after the seizure of 59kg of methylamphetamine.

They are based in  Victoria, Texas. We’d imagine that allegiance to the Hell’s Angels would be a prerequisite to join this club.

13 Black Sabbath

No, this club has nothing to do with the epic metal band of the same name, and it’s unclear if these men and women named themselves after the band. That said, they’re known enough to make this list.

Apparently, these members don’t have a specific motorcycle they need to ride to be let in. They can ride any type of bike – even a sports bike. What’s also interesting to mention is that they aren’t considered outlaws, so perhaps good behavior is a must as well.

12 Brother Speed

Founded in 1969 in Boise, Idaho, this club was formed by high school friends who just liked to ride their motorbikes together. Although it started out innocently enough, things got serious rather quickly.

A willingness to ride will get you accepted here, and following instruction from the higher ranks will definitely get you up the ladder in this club as well.

11 Hell’s Angels

As perhaps the most notorious motorcycle club in the world, there have been numerous films, books, and TV shows centered around Hell’s Angels. Still, not everyone is familiar with the rules for acceptance in this club.

To be a part of Hells’s Angels, you must never have applied to work in law enforcement. You also must have a motorcycle that is up and above 750 cc and have numerous other “qualities” that the members of the club value. We imagine you’ll only find out what those qualities are once you ask to join.

10 Blue Angels

Even though they have the word “Angel” in their name, they sure aren’t as infamous as the aforementioned biker squad. But they do have a reputation of their own to uphold.

The Blue Angels motorcycle club was formed in 1963 in Scotland. The rules to join are similar to the rules of many other clubs, such as having to follow the 1% frame of mind that’s common in many of these groups. If you’re not familiar with the 1% rule, it’s based on the proposition that 99% of motorcycle owners abide by the rules, and you have to be the rebellious 1%. That said, the most notorious motorcycle clubs are considered 1% clubs.

9 Bandidos

The Bandidos home base is, of course, in Texas. They’re right up there with the Hell’s Angels in terms of a worldwide scope. They aren’t as large or prominent, but many would argue that they’re getting there.

To join this group, potential members must go through a pretty difficult hazing period. Also, they must treat the vest and/or uniform like something of sacred value.

8 Chosen Few MC

This biker club originated in 1959. What sets this MC apart, though, is the fact that it’s open to anyone, regardless of their cultural background. This gave many other ethnicities the opportunity to join a biker club. Chosen Few are based out of South Central California and even have chapters as far as the Philippines. An open mind seems to be key with this group, as their ideals differ considerably from other clubs.

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7 Diablos

The Diablos may have the scariest name of the bunch, but at the same time, they’ve definitely gone with the times, as they have YouTube channel now. Their involvement in social media, however, doesn’t mean that they’ve stayed away from trouble. The ideals of this club are nestled strongly in the 1% lifestyle. Loyalty here is very important should someone want to join.

6 Grim Reapers

This is one biker club that actually gives back to the community. They were founded in 1967 in Alberta, Canada. They actually partake in many charity organizations, as many biker clubs do, believe it or not. Despite their lifestyles, they can often be seen at community events. Grim Reapers have actually merged with the Hell’s Angels in 1997. There was a ceremony and everything.

More charges after raids connected to the Mongols outlaw motorcycle gang and a murder

5 Highwaymen

A picture worth a thousand words, if ever there was one. History, loyalty to the cause, and even a sense of determination; these are all things that come to mind when looking at this piece of history.

Based out of Detroit, and founded in 1954, they sure have a local history worth looking into if you’re interested. In this club, one must be ready to attend all meetings, as they are mandatory. Loyalty is key as well.

4 Mongols

Mongols are growing considerably in scope. They’re based out of Southern California and have influence and chapters spreading all over the world.

And very much like the “First Rule of Fight Club,” members have to know how to keep secrets and not talk about club business. If you can do that, and of course have a sick hog, then you can join and learn the ropes.

3 Iron Horsemen

The Horsemen are drawing nearer. On the leather steeds they ride…” These famous lyrics by James Hetfield of Metallica, featured in the song “The Four Horsemen,” are the first to come to mind when we see think of this MC. As a bike enthusiast himself, we wonder if it was choppers Hetfield thought about when writing that lyric.

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But, these horsemen were and are totally different. They were founded in the mid-sixties and a willingness to do whatever is asked of you is what’s necessary to join them. They have a lyric of their own, which serves as their credo: “Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, if it weren’t for the Iron Horsemen, the highways would rust.”

2 Outlaws

This biker club goes way back in time. All the way to 1935 Illinois, of all places. They are only nation-wide in the States, but their presence is quite powerful. In this club, a deep hatred of the Hell’s Angels is necessary to join. Furthermore, you can never have been a former Angel. And finally, you can only ride motorcycles that were made in the States.

1 Rock Machine

Based out of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, this group is relatively young. They formed in 1986, but their influence is quite strongly felt in Canada. They have made the news a considerable bunch of times …and not necessarily for winning bake sales.

As of 2007, though, all they want to be known as are “motorcycle enthusiasts.” So, if you want to join, bring a cool bike.




  1. I don’t Ride after botched back surgery thanks to Fn VAMC.
    Guess I could Do A 3 Trike. Hell Yes! I’d Wear With Respect Honor
    And Commitment 100% To Wear a Full 81 Patch. Sign my old Ass Up.
    Some call Me Preacher? I do funerals God forgives. I DON’T.


  2. This article isnt even funny.
    Anyone looking to join a club. Just walk right up and tell them you want to join. SMH.
    If this article is where you are getting your training to try and join a club, you’ll never be in a club.


  3. You dont go up to any 1%er club and ask to join. This info is miss leading. You want in , go bars where they are, get to know one for while an he will invite you to ride and maybe meet some brothers. He will explain alittle about the club , from there. You may be asked if your interested , and get to meet the “P”, possibly get the status of a Hang Around or Prospect , then Probate, then Full Patch Member, this takes time ,hard work ,Loyalty but comes with Respect from your BROTHERS.


  4. Join one and you will be used them put in jail alone and paying your bills with not a brother to be seen then when you get smarter then the higher ups, we’ll they thrown you out soon as you have a problems or put you under the bus and kill ya because of others stupidity in the club. This what learned in Canada anyway maybe the states are different but here in Canada they don’t care about their brothers that for sure.


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