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Mongol bikie gang and some of their associates fined for breaching social distancing rules after photos of them at a private gym were posted on social media

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A group of Gold Coast bikies have been fined for breaching social distancing rules after photos of them at a private gym were posted on social media.

One has also been charged with consorting offences while another has been busted for drugs.

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Officers from Taskforce Maxima launched an investigated after Instagram photos and videos surfaced of the men at the private gym at Biggera Waters on Anzac Day.

The group included members of the Mongol bikie gang and some of their associates

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Police later raided a home at Miami seizing steroids, restricted prescription drugs and a mobile phone.

A 30-year-old man was charged with drug possession and was also given a $1334 fine for breaching virus restrictions.

Officers also charged a 27-year-old Ashmore man with habitual consorting as well as fining him $1334 for breaching virus restrictions.

Four other Mongol members or associates were also issued with fines.

Another group of men was located at the gym when officers turned up yesterday.

Three of them were also given $1334 fines.

“This is the kind of blatant disregard of the Chief Health Officer’s directions that we’ve been warning people about,” Chief Superintendent Mark Wheeler said.

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“We’ve shown a great deal of discretion and latitude with the public where they genuinely get it wrong, but this was a blatant breach and we believe the issuing of these infringement notices was appropriate under the circumstances. ”

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  1. You all maybe tough, but u can’t beat something u can’t see, give. Us. Civilians abreak,. No body. Likes it


  2. Gash, your comment might actually mean something – if it made any sense.
    You can’t beat something you can’t see? If you can’t be seen ummm you are perhaps hiding?
    To add to the nonsensical nature of your comment, it is a news article about patched up bikies being seen. There’s no stealth here, no cleverness or strength to breach COVID consorting and I might have had a laugh at the stupidity of pictures on social media.
    I’m sorry, your comment flabbergasts!


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