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A Bronx motorcycle gang leader’s wife said her family is shattered after the biker was fatally shot by two assassins using silencers

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By KERRY BURKE and JOHN ANNESE-nydailynews

A Bronx motorcycle gang leader’s wife sa id her family is shattered after the biker was fatally shot by two assassins using silencers.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily News, Jeannie Rosado said she prays police catch the men who shot her husband, 51-year-old Francisco Rosado, on Saturday in a parking lot near the Bronx building where he works as a super.

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A senior Bandidos outlaw motorcycle gang (OMCG) member has been charged following an ongoing investigation into alleged violent and criminal activity

“He had a short temper, but a heart of gold. He leaves two daughters and one son, all grown, and five grandchildren. He was a hard-working man who provided for many people,” she said. “Everybody’s broken inside. We’re broken. We’re all dying with him.”


Disturbing video captures the moment the two masked killers jump out of their Jeep Cherokee in a lot on Holland Ave. near Boston Rd. in Allerton around 3:20 p.m. Their bullets hit him Rosado in the head and chest, killing him.

Watch Video of Shooting Here

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  1. Silencer? Uhm! Not an everyday item. Pro only. Mu”ska!
    Damn sure out if the box job.
    I trained with Massad 6 months special forces during Nam and only a few get that shit. Russians
    Etc. Bruh pissed off some rival and it damn sure wasn’t an MC Direct job. S.O.S.


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