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It isn’t only Black Folk police screw with and profile, Try being a biker!

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By James “Hollywood” Macecari

George Floyd, the guy who was killed by police in Minnesota started a movement the minute he died. With his death came  an awakening on how police treat citizens of this country. I contend this isn’t only a black problem, this is also a problem bikers and motorcycle club members have been facing on a daily basis.

I must be the first one to admit how disappointed I really am with most of the biker community. You have NCOM, NCOC, Abate and MRF. These organizations are out fighting for your rights as a biker and many so-called bikers don’t get involved in the cause. No, What happens is these people get the benefits of their work, something I cannot personally stand.

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I always say on the show, “if you don’t want to get involved, at least send in some money for a yearly membership.” This small act can go a long way in supporting organizations that fight everyday for your rights as a biker.

Where were the biker protests after Waco?

Nine people were killed at Twin Peaks- Waco in 2015. Some of those people were gunned down by police officers. The officers working that day knew exactly the situation, days before it even happened, but did nothing. Waco was a set-up plain and simple! Nine people were killed in a police ambush and over 177 arrested, many of whom had nothing to do with what went down. Add insult to injury they received a $1million dollar bond.

A group of nearly 30 including 12 known bikies has been slapped with fines for breaching coronavirus rules.

During the incident those cops didn’t get medical attention for those injured and they ended up dying because of their lack of action. I won’t even get into the joke of a court system they have down there. After all those arrests not one conviction was obtained by the prosecutor. This incident was a travesty and there were only local protests from bikers. Personally, there should’ve been thousands of bikes down there supporting fellow bikers.

Why didn’t anyone protest?

To be quite frank, bikers don’t stick together as most of us claim. The incident in Waco touches all of us, especially the profiling of motorcycle club members. Police departments all over the country show no shame in profiling clubs. In the video below you can see first hand the profiling of club members. In the video you will hear that the police were trailing the bikers and even one asked what the club was about.

Insane Throttle Biker NewsHarley-Davidson is the most American motorcycle company around. Here’s why the Hells Angels motorcycle club are so loyal to the hogs.

Every biker or motorcycle enthusiast should be pissed about this video. Bikers all over the country should be on social media at the very least, voicing their opposition to this kind of treatment of a fellow biker. Does it ever happen? No, people are too busy sharing memes on their social media instead of spreading the word on this issue.

Being a biker is supposed to be about loyalty and respect. Where is the loyalty to a fellow biker when this happens? Where was the loyalty when it became crystal clear that cops killed at least four bikers in a turkey shoot in Waco? Sadly to say this lifestyle has become a “me thing!” People are more interested in looking the part instead of being the part.


George Floyd- Police brutality and profiling is now mainstream

Regardless of the circumstances that led up to the killing of George Floyd. I think we can all at least agree no one deserved to die like that. The knee to the neck that was featured in that video isn’t just a one time incident. The use of that tactic by police is used all over this country. Look on the internet and you will see video after video of cops utilizing it.

The Protests that have ensued worldwide should teach bikers about the need to get their voices heard. Think about how loud your voice would be sitting on a bike and those pipes letting loose. Now multiply that by about 5k! What a damn sight it would be to see that many bikers getting together to protest motorcycle profiling.

Investigators said a shootout occurred in the parking lot of the bar between two outlaw motorcycle gangs. Eighty to 100 bullets were fired during the incident

I believe it’s an important moment ,with all these protests going on, to make bikers’ voices heard. We should be using public outcry to advance our own problems with police profiling and abuses. There is no better time than now to get our cause mainstream. Will we? Probably not, people are too busy to get involved to make a difference.

Don’t have any illusions profiling can’t happen to you

One of the things that really gives me a giggle is these people who claim to be 100% behind police. These people profess that profiling doesn’t exist and that it’s bikers who bring it on themselves. You can actually watch some social media posts and videos where you have so-called bikers mouthing off this is some sort of bullshit clubs talk about.

Why do White Motorcycle Clubs still not accept Black Bikers as members?

The video above on our Facebook page received some of that bullshit. Comments coming from so-called bikers saying it wasn’t profiling and it was plain bullshit. It’s funny, it’s all fun and games until the profiling happens to you. One day your ass will be profiled because of a certain patch you’re wearing and it won’t even be a MC patch. The patch could be some dumb fucking saying that draws the ire of a cop, next thing you know they are all over your ass.


You’re damn right I miss the old days. In the old days bikers would show up in force to make a point when cops did some bullshit. Bikers would make sure that their voices were heard. It’s unfortunate in these times we are all split, something LEO themselves did a good job of doing. Admit it, those of you who don’t think profiling happens bought the bullshit hook line and sinker.

The Contiuning Saga of the Chester Warlocks MC- Guess Hooked on Phonics didn’t work for them. #JUSTICEFORKEITH

There is truly a split in the scene. You have the old school guys, RUBS, and people who are trying so hard to be something they are not. Grant it, this new age has brought an entirely different way of thinking. One thing I do know, it makes me sick hearing some of these people using L&R while sitting on their knees in front of a LEO.

If you truly want to be considered a true biker, get off your ass and get into the fight. Show some damn loyalty to the lifestyle you profess. Better yet, show some damn respect to those who fought the fight before you.

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There was a time when it wasn’t considered cool to be a biker. The days before every dickhead thought it would be cool to drop whatever money they needed to because they wanted that bad boy image. There were and are many old scooter tramps who dealt with cops harassing the shit out of them, beating on them and even framing them. Do you think you could’ve taken the abuse those men went through? Probably not, you would’ve sat there shitting yourself. So remember, you’re only cool now because you were able to spend money on a bike and live off the image they gave their blood, sweat and tears for.



  1. I’m 100% with You in every way.
    I commented about Waco set up and other issues. What the Fuck dif I get? Wanta be MC bashing my comments and I HIGHLY question just who the Fuck They really are. Take that low life big moutg O.S. Fuck. Runs his stupid Mouth calls others cops feds and Harry Mouths. Lures young people in to use them as pawns to take falls so him and others can get by illegally and create havoc hiding like the Wolves they are. Talking shit but never willing to personally back it up. Bruhs who chat like MC But Their never there to rally behind other MC When injustice hits the MC Scene. We got Cops profiling MC Members Bike Riders and they Fucking hide behind keyboards.
    MC are All profiled being followed etc by L.E. dogs. I despise So called Bikers who don’t give a rat’s ass about shit. Brotherhood is now a Joke in the MC World. I’ve had White and just as much so Black cops bust my chops. So to all Those creepy hiding shit talking so called bad ass Bikers? Your a fucking JOKE and you NEED your Patch ripped the hell off. Let the dust in your ignorant mouths choke you till you can’t breath and see who comes to your aid. I always wnd guess old School MC Bruhs who talk shit lure young so called Prospects in and then trash their naive ass under a police bus. M.C is Brotherhood. Not underwood act like a bunch Fucking wood peckers singing in the wings letting others fall. Be who You say you are and what your meant to be. God Damn Bruhs that are scared to step out. Who the Fucks running this Shit? Some Bitch who got more balls than a man? No. Real Bruhs dtep in like they use to. Now their scared. God forbid if they go down for the cause. Watching supporting All MC. Look at the Blacks! Unified. And the bruhs divided by a Patch and dominated by Fear. Wake up. Where are You? Question is. Who the Fuck are You? Really. A fucking choir.


  2. James, you forgot about the wave protests put on by I attended as many I as I could(believe there were 7 in all). RODE up with about 8 others for the first one, lots of BIKES, not as many as there should of been. After that it was just me RIDING up even though I put the word out as much as possible. Member of the MRF, NCOM, TCOC&I and Texas Defenders. Your article, well said and unfortunately true. RIDE SAFE RIDE FREE


  3. I can understand the emotions of Brothers here. Look at Aussie!!
    Damn. Getting riddled by LE. LIKE its an outlaw to be An Outlaw. Fucked up I Say. Ole Mate.
    Queensland? Fuck if it comes ti that in America. Getting off the Radar isn’t Remotely possible. We’re All being tracked by
    the Beast. Universal D.L. The very money we carry and the trackers in our phones Bikes And TRUCKS. In Aussie Your guilty by Association One dont need a Full Patch. Nor Affiliation. Guess we can All wait for the next Big War.
    If we don’t stand together Now? Fuck Then. Bastards wanta put chips in our Kids as it is. One fact for the Jesus freaks. We’re in Tribulation guess your Preachers shot you line for the 10% you give them. Cause You All just like the Rest of Us. Have Front Row Seats to? Armageddon
    Flash! Flash! Gone. Preacher


  4. I used to have a bike shop in the same lapd division that beat the fuck out of Rodney King. That came years later.
    Foothill Division always had a bad reputation for jacking everyone up.
    Those pencil dicks constantly pulled me over just driving to or from the grocery store. Usual shit. I always kept my license, registration and insurance info on the passenger seat because I knew it was going to happen.
    First up at both windows with guns drawn, I kept the windows open all the time. Then the asshole takes my info & tosses it into the dirt. Next it was ” Out of the car and assume the position” while they’re searching the car & again tossing everything in the dirt. I think it made them extra happy doing that with the groceries. Then once the food was dumped they’d dump everything in my bag as well.
    I don’t know how it is where you are, but here you’re supposed to have a female officer pat down or search another woman. Not these asswipes. If I hadn’t been wearing Levi’s that motherfuckers hand would have been all the way up to my tits.
    And there was fuck all you could do about it. Nobody had cellphones back then and there sure as shit were a lot of people who saw what went on.
    But, since I don’t want to be a fucking statistic, I stayed polite and picked up my things when they finally left. I hope every one of those pricks is dead and went slowly and in agony.
    Good thing they just wanted to harass and feel me up. They did a shitty job of searching that old VW bug! All that bullshit tearing out the rear passenger bottom seat & trying to see what was behind the back seat.
    It was hard not to laugh. First off, nobody’s going to put their hand in & around that hot air cooled engine, and unless you were really good at disguising things elsewhere…
    Those horny rat bastards never had a chance of finding the 3 semi auto pistols in the engine compartment, much less the stash of loaded clips behind the back seat. My old man at the time didn’t know what was there.
    I wasn’t about to tell him either. He talked too much. Plus, he didn’t know anything about the other business I had going.
    Like I said, he talked too much. Only 2 people knew what I was doing and both of them were scared to death of me.
    Back then a lot of people were afraid of me.
    I hated cops then and before. Nothing’s changed.
    I hate every one of those stinking assholes.
    Fuck. They call us criminals and look what they do 24 hours a day.
    I’ve got one living 5 houses down the street. My old man (total civilian, mostly) comes home telling me this guys there & how he’s a really nice guy? I told him to go move in with the fucker or he doesn’t need to ever talk to me again. He doesn’t stop by the cops house anymore. Good move. The cop moved out after about 6 months. Works for me
    And by the way, for whoever’s it was that said that.
    Yeah , I do have big balls. Mine are just on my chest and I guarantee they’re a lot bigger than yours!


  5. You think women don’t have balls? Well buddy, I do, they’re just on my chest & I guarantee they’re a lot bigger than yours!


  6. I live in Kalispell, Montana I had a cop come back a half an hour later and FUCKIN arrest me in a FUCKIN ACE hardware parking lot , tow my bike, and FUCK me with a ticket for DANGEROUS Drugs and Paraphernalia!!!! After the Punk 25 year old cop said he’d give me a break, The judge here is Lori Adams FUCKIN count, I’m 60 and a VET, I’ve lived L.A I know about LAPD FUCKIN CUNTS, FUCK EVERY FUCKIN COP!!! DIE U FUCKS!!!!!




  8. Egotistical pricks..thats all they are.predjudous is the wrong word to descrbe these scumbags.i like to treat those the way they treat me.. as far as im concerned they hide behind their badge as much as these rioters hide behind their race…just sayin..


  9. Ok Insane Throttle.
    Just what kind of ” sammich” do you think you’re getting?
    Last time someone said something like that to me I popped him on both sides of his jaw at the same time and asked him if he’d prefer my fist or my boot in his mouth next.
    One of the guys from the Club explained who he was dealing with and he kept apologizing and paying for my tequila all night until I told him he was allowed to go home.
    How many women have you met who were given the same trust & respect as a full patch member? They told me if I had a dick & balls I would definitely be a member, like yesterday. Let’s just say we had a lot of history & when shit did break out, I never hid or ran for the door. I did kick some serious ass, saved a couple of members lives and wasn’t afraid of anything or anybody. I didn’t take shit from anyone either. But I always showed respect to every Club member including the prospects & hang arounds. But being who I am and what I am capable of, I was usually pretty quiet so I could observe everything and everyone and I knew who was going to make it and who had to be encouraged to get the fuck away and never show up anymore anyplace under any circumstances.

    I don’t believe in magic powers and all that bullshit. It’s simply something that came as a result of the incredibly unusual situation I was raised in. I have to say though, that feeling I get about people, and actually they’re showing it without even realizing it, I have never once been wrong.
    It’s been everything from:
    Instigating shit stirrer
    Cheating lying girlfriend or boyfriend & that includes old ladies & old men
    Liars, thieves & backstabbers
    Pretty much everyone & everything you don’t want in your life.
    Yeah, it’s freaky… but enough people have seen it prove out to be true, so I am going to keep trusting that instinct and I don’t care how I ended up with it.

    So, exactly what was that kind of “sammich” you were looking for?
    Have a great day!


  10. Haha.. im going to join the throttle for lunch ..but i want mine to be a beef sannich….for two reasons…. steph have a BEEF with everyone ..and youra BULLY..


  11. Stephanie.
    I gotta admit it. Yes the balls in your chest Damn sure are bigger than my 2 Nutz. Fuck that samwhich jive.
    You have My respect i can’t ride now because of 2 back to back surgeries by Fucking VA. But I’d damn Sure fire up my bad ass 2019 Ram Bighorn. 5.7 and drive like a bat out of Hell. I love that Guts and Glory shit. I hate Cops so G.D. bad i get sick to my stomach. Id roll the Fuck out and run them creeps THE fuck over if I got word YOU NEEDED A BRUH That ain’t scared To Die. I’m Fucking Not.
    I watched that video and The Bruh Stood His Ground with Those Penn Pigs.
    I moved to Tnn have connections in Arz. God Damn Bastards follow Me everywhere I Fn Go. One-day that Shits going to cause me to flash out and I pack big time. Live for something or die for Nothing.
    I admired your post. Comment. Pissing you off isn’t good idea. Others can text BS But up front with You? Id rather go up against a Fucking Bear. Your the real deal. F the OS. BS I read. Nam taught me One Rule. There are None preacher. Tnn


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