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A biker strongman has been charged over the drive-by shooting and firebombing of Finks boss Brent “BJ” Reker’s home in May 2018

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Pressreader- Herald Sun

A bikie strongman has been charged over the drive-by shooting and firebombing of Finks boss Brent “BJ” Reker’s home in May 2018.

The Rebels enforcer Matthew Bruce was recently charged over the incident, after a suppression order concealing his identity was lifted on Thursday.

In a major breakthrough for bikie-busting Echo detectives, Bruce faces multiple firearm offences and a charge of reckless conduct endangering life, after he allegedly sprayed Reker’s Frankston home with bullets while his wife and twoweek-old baby were inside.

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Bruce is also accused of torching the Finks national president’s car during the alleged attack.

The 2018 shooting made headlines, with police fearing an escalation in bikie-related warfare.

Reker was not injured, but has since died in jail while awaiting trial over a vicious assault.

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A coronial investigation is still under way after the 35year-old’s body was found at Ravenhall Correctional Facility in December last year.

Reker and his co-accused were set to face trial over an alleged aggravated invasion at the home of a man Reker believed was posting naked photos of a woman online.

Reker was at the time of his death in talks with the Finks to exit the club, find legitimate work and had even began getting his tattoos removed. His face is covered in them.

It is understood Reker feared for his family’s safety after the shooting, and had armed himself with a gun for protection.

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The charges, laid last month, gave some comfort to his family who were long troubled by the drive-by attack, with no charges laid for almost two years.

Bruce, who has been sergeant-at-arms of the Rebels, was charged with a series of offences last month including discharging a firearm at a premises, reckless conduct endangering life, criminal damage by fire, possessing a firearm while prohibited and theft of motor vehicle.

He will face a filing hearing on Tuesday.

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