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Jurors hear recording of Bandidos leader declaring war on Cossacks- Government gone wild- Systematic Perjury from State Licensed “Rats” happening. Give Them Feds Hell Boys- Never quit and Never Surrender

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By James “Hollywood” Macecari

James "Hollywood" Macecari

The news has been all over jurors in the on going RICO trial of Portillo and Pike heard confessions on tape. I sat back a view days just to take an outside look at what’s been going on in this RICO Trial. What I have come up with is a line of coward ass-monkeys who turned on those that they called brothers at one time just to save their own asses. One in particular. This Johnny Downtown Romo. What a coward to the highest degree. They might as well put him in the category of child molester cause that is exactly what he has done against his former club “Molested them.”

I say so what about a tape. No one knows the tone that was used in it, nor do they know the context of the discussion because the only reports I’ve been seeing comes out of the San Antonio Press by one reporter. Which by the way, what the hell is that? Only one reporter covering a RICO trial? WTF?

The reason I ask about the context of the discussion is because everyone gets mad and spouts off all the time. If anyone knows about 1%er clubs they know damn well the membership will get flaming pissed if they hear another club from the opposite side of the fence wants to come play in their sand box. Yea, they are going to run off at the mouth because they are pissed. It don’t mean they issued orders to kill or start shit with anyone.

FACTS, where is the FACTS? You have a bunch of known rats trying to save their own asses. What did ROMO say during the conversation? DID he initiate the conversation he was recording?Did he steer the conversation? Meaning did he do what most rats do by trying to lead who they have to get on tape into saying shit they needed them to say while pumping them up and working on the anger factor?

This so called POS Romo is fighting for his freedom because he got caught up on some bullshit of his own making. But instead of standing tall he decided to be a punk and turn his back on the Bandits. It’s always funny when these people do this kind of shit. They always want to run around and enjoy all the rewards of a club like the Bandits. The prestige, the pussy, the power they derive from a club like that. But when it comes to standing shoulder to shoulder in the tough times they duck tail and run to the safety of those they claim were nothing but PIGS. How about the hypocrisy in all that?

These two men are now in the fight for their lives because people they once considered brothers turned their backs on them to cut a deal to save their own ass. Brotherhood my ass. They chose self preservation over people who would’ve stood by them when it was needed.

You know what really sucks about writing these articles? Knowing people like the ones that turned are the same ones that were out there making other peoples lives hell. Meaning they would walk around with the chest all pumped out because they knew they had someone to back them. Then when it was their turn to back their brothers they spit right in their faces. Just plain cowards.

Here is what the biker community can do. They can help by buying Defense Fund gear from the Bandits. They can write emails to the defense attorneys and tell them to keep fighting. Give them some pick me up words because they are in a position where they probably are not getting any sleep, dealing with what these rats are throwing at their clients and then having to go back and forth to prove these rats are nothing but a bunch of ass-monkeys cutting deals to save their own asses.

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Source: San Antonia Express

By Guillermo Contreras

A post from “Cossack Doc” to a Facebook friend in July 2014 said the Cossacks Motorcycle Club had permission from the Bandidos to wear a patch saying “Texas,” a state the Bandidos consider their home and territory.

But nearly seven months later, things had gone south. There were a number of clashes or confrontations between the two biker clubs around the state, according to testimony at the racketeering trial for two former top Bandidos leaders.

And on Friday, federal prosecutors played a recording from a body wire worn by a Bandidos national officer that captured then-Bandidos national vice president John Xavier Portillo discussing the ongoing battles. Portillo is on trial, along with Jeffrey Fay Pike, the former national president.

One of the clashes Portillo spoke about with Johnny Romo, a national sergeant at arms who had been secretly cooperating with the Drug Enforcement Administration and the FBI, was an ambush by Bandidos at a Fort Worth bar in December 2014 that left a supporter of the Cossacks shot dead.

“We’re not going to (expletive) around with them Cossacks, dude. It’s on,” Portillo said in the March 3, 2015, recording. “Our patch, our club, is at war with these (expletive).”

One of the lead investigators, DEA agent Chad Lloyd, testified that the recording shows the Bandidos aimed to strip the Cossacks of their Texas patches, that Portillo had increased membership dues to help pay legal costs for Bandidos members who might end up in legal trouble in the fight with the Cossacks, and that Portillo had informed Pike to turn his back so that he could claim ignorance of plans to attack Cossacks.

In the recording, Portillo talks about how fellow Bandidos had been hearing that the Cossacks were trying to get the Vagos Motorcycle Club and the Hells Angels to side with the Cossacks against the Bandidos. But Portillo told Romo that he’d spoken to a high-ranking officer of the Hells Angels who said he told the Cossacks to “(expletive) off.”

Portillo also talked about how Bandidos had already beaten some Cossacks and forced them to shut down chapters in parts of the state. He also said he was going to send several Bandidos to Odessa as a show of force against the Cossacks there.

“A lot of people that care about this club are gonna go to jail. The rest of you guys, if you don’t care, just pay,” Portillo said in the recording. “I asked the guy in Houston to turn his back from what I’m gonna do.”

Lloyd said “the guy in Houston” is Pike.

Support Clubs left wondering in the Chicago land area. First in a series of articles on the motorcycle club scene in Chicago.


                    Give Them Feds Hell Boys- Never quit and Never Surrender

Portillo’s attorney, Mark Stevens, and Pike’s attorney, Dick DeGuerin, took turns attacking Lloyd’s interpretation of Portillo’s statements. DeGuerin also argued that Pike had taken a leave from the club to recover from surgery, so he was not involved in any of the alleged plans to attack Cossacks.

Both attorneys also argued that neither Pike nor Portillo were at the Fort Worth bar, Gator’s, when biker Geoff Brady, a member of the Ghost Riders Motorcycle Club, was shot. In fact, both lawyers suggested that it was difficult to discern what happened, who started the fight and who fired.

“Our … defense is (Pike) didn’t know about it, we didn’t approve it and it’s just a regular bar fight,” DeGuerin told Senior U.S. District Judge David Ezra, during one break when jurors were not in the courtroom.

David Lombino Ex Bandido Rat takes his turn testifying at trial of Pike. Lombino, who was a member of the Bandidos’ Las Cruces, New Mexico. New subjects coming to Insane Throttle

In its last witness Friday, the government called musician Justin Owen Blakely, who testified he had just finished a set at the Gator’s bar when 10 to 15 Bandidos or more, some with clubs, large flashlights and at least one carrying a gun, stormed in through the front, back and side doors, apparently intent on fighting supporters of the Cossacks gathered inside. Blakely, who played at other biker bars before, said he recognized one of the Bandidos, known as “Drifter” as Blakely tried to bolt from the bar.

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“As I hit the door, Drifter was face to face to me,” Blakely said. “I just stepped to the side and they came in and did what they did.”

Blakely said he heard two shots inside, but did not know who shot whom. But he said he peeked in and saw a wall of Bandidos shoving Brady out the door and beating him as the group fell over motorcycles parked outside. As Brady lay on the ground, Blakely said the Bandidos surrounded his body in a circle. Blakely said he heard about 20 gunshots and saw the flash from gunfire fire downward at or near Brady.

By the time police arrived, the Bandidos were gone. Brady, who was shot several times, died.

Last July, Howard “Drifter” Baker, president of the Bandidos Fort Worth chapter, was sentenced to 45 years in prison after being convicted at a trial for Brady’s murder, newspaper stories show.

Guillermo Contreras is a San Antonio Express-News staff writer. Read more of his stories here. | | @gmaninfedland

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