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Women in the modern biker lifestyle, how the scene as changed. Thoughts on Property of Patches some women wear when an ole man, is a member of a motorcycle club.

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By James “Hollywood”Macecari

Women have always been an issue talked about in the biker scene, everything from a woman riding, to women wearing property of patches. Well, in this modern age, let’s just say women are a lot more insistent on their voices being heard. Before I start I want people to know where I’m coming from, regarding my thoughts on women in the scene. I came on the scene in early 1991, a time when women were put in the corner to be seen and not heard. Was this an accepted practice among a lot of bikers? Yeah, you could say that. Why was that? It was because women caused such turmoil within the scene, especially with the motorcycle clubs. For those reading this article, did you know wars between major 1% motorcycle clubs were started over a woman? True story, many of the clubs you see fighting each other, those wars go back decades because of a woman.

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Here’s the thing about the scene, it’s mostly a male dominated lifestyle. This being said, testosterone and who’s got the bigger dick, unfortunately drives what happens. There is no other way to put it. Come on, you didn’t think this lifestyle was all about the riding did you? No, this scene is about living up to the rough and tumble image many have of a true biker. This thinking makes it where a person feels they have to defend their “Honor,” not to mention their pride. Now stick in the fact motorcycle clubs are already territorial and you have a powder keg. This is why back in the day women were mostly excluded from the lifestyle. When I was in the club scene, I never ever brought my ole lady with me when I was out with the guys. The reason for this wasn’t because I didn’t trust her, it was because I didn’t want any headaches. For example, she makes a joke and someone gets butt hurt over it, next thing you know I’m dealing with that bullshit. Yep, don’t need the problems.

Now that’s out of the way, today’s society is much different. Women are the ones in charge of their ole man, sadly, this is what has become of many bikers. I often look at some of these people led around by the balls with disbelief. Never would any man be led by the balls by a woman in the days I came up. What’s worse, when it comes to the club scene, some of these motorcycle clubs get involved in a members personal life. Shit, I’ve heard some creators talk about how the motorcycle club needs to discipline a member, for putting his ole lady in check. What in God’s name is that shit? Hell no, an ole lady messed up in the club scene during the 90’s, they got straightened out real quick. Now, in the modern era, you actually see these women putting the men in check. How damn embarrassing is that shit?

If I had to say what has caused this shift, where a woman checks a man, it’s the fact that men no longer have balls. Men have been so shaped by society, they’ve forgotten how to be a man. Let’s face it, when have you’ve heard of a man sitting at home while the wife went to work? In the old days, this never happened. Fast forward to 2019, it’s an occurrence which is common. Sad state of affairs, everyone wonders why this country is going to hell. More importantly, this is why the scene is going to hell. It all goes back to men forgetting how to be a man. Women love the idea of being in charge, but that isn’t the way shit is supposed to be. A man is supposed to be the head of the household, screw all that women’s rights crap. Women’s rights, in specific areas are cool and all, but to take stature over a man I’ll never accept. Shit, back in the day women only rode on the back of a bike, never on their own. Something nowadays which is considered normal.

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Wait, watch the comment section, you will have men saying “that’s not how you treat a woman.” Man fuck you, you get led around the balls, not happening with me. Here’s a newsflash for you, most guys who’ve been in the scene any length of time, think the same way. This thinking is what kept most of us out of trouble and out of prison. Why? Because we were not sitting there having to beat a motherfucker for hitting on, or disrespecting our ole ladies. We sure didn’t have our ole ladies make a fool of us either, especially talking shit in front of brothers. If your brothers seen that crap happening, they would look on you as weak, something you didn’t want to have happen. Nowadays? Men think that’s a normal occurrence, no embarrassment whatsoever on their part.

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So, with this new attitude with women in the modern era, what are their thoughts on the “Property of patch?” Well if you cannot see from all the postings on the net, how women react when the subject is brought up, something is wrong with you. Modern women think the patch demeans them. These women nowadays have no comprehension at all, what the property patch is all about. These women believe they should be able to voice their concerns, no matter what. Shows you just how smart they are doesn’t it? No, the property patch is not demeaning, it’s a badge of honor. That property patch is something many women, who know the meaning, chase after. The property patch means you’re apart of a tight knit family, a family which will protect you to the end. Oh yeah, let’s get the bullshit about it out of the way. Fuck what the cops have to say, property of are not there to service all the club members, this is total bullshit. The woman wearing the patch belongs to only one club member, not the entire club. This bullshit about being pimped out by the club is a joke. If that is happening, the club isn’t doing it as a collective.

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Let’s close with this. Women nowadays, have a different type of thinking, then in the past. Do I think it’s done harm to the lifestyle? Damn right I do! But women cannot take the blame for this, men do. When a man stops being a man, they deserve to be treated like a bitch. Shit, maybe they a bunch of freaks and like being pulled by the balls, but I know many who don’t. But, just like the generation before mine, things change. Those changes are all about evolution, nothing ever stays the same. This could be a good thing or bad thing, just how you look at it from your point of few. So, what’s your thoughts? Do you think the scene has gotten better or worse with how women act today? Don’t forget to check out our YouTube channel@insanethrottlebikernews. This should be a very good debate, I know I’ve pissed off a lot of people on this one.

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  1. “These women nowadays have no comprehension at all, what the property patch is all about. These women believe they should be able to voice their concerns, no matter what. Shows you just how smart they are doesn’t it? “

    Seems like you’re definitely trying to upset a few people. I wore a property patch for almost 8 years. Things have changed so much since then. I was never allowed to post any pictures on the internet of any center patch, wasn’t allowed in meetings, I didn’t get to organize anything, didn’t get to help create or sell merchandise, wasn’t allowed behind the bar, wasn’t allowed to handle money, wasn’t allowed to get in anyone’s business, and was stripped of my vest if I started any shit in front of anyone. The values that the club had then were different but they died with the elders. And you’re right, I’ve seen ol ladies running these clubs for them. I have even been asked my opinion merchandise designs on clubs I have never really been associated with. The times have changed, anyone can be a patch holder if you have what they want: money, power (social influence), and in some cases even a HOT ol lady. The “I want it all” philosophy has taken precedence over LOYALTY, HONOR, BROTHERHOOD. Exactly the reason why I will never be an “ol lady” ever again. I will not date a patch holder. That being said, no disrespect intended, I am only on the outside looking in, and that’s the observations I’ve made based on my new perspective.


  2. Emasculating men will do nothing to improve the future. The only one’s who will be angry or offended about your article, are the men who actually let their women control them. Last time I checked, my man joined the club, not me. In my experience, it IS the women who cause 99% of the problems. Whether disrespecting their man in front of brothers, the deceitful, twofacedness talk between “ol ladies”, or, in some cases, the chick is a Jezebel, tempting his brother’s under his nose, seperating and damaging the camaraderie of the club.
    It’s not about “knowing your place” or “keep your mouth shut and look pretty”. It’s having the common decency of knowing and understanding your man’s biker world. The world that you are just a guest in. If they don’t like it, there are plenty lady biker clubs to join.


  3. Agree 100% Men need to get their balls off the shelf where their olady has put them

    On Thu, Dec 5, 2019, 7:02 AM Insane Throttle Biker News wrote:

    > Insane Throttle posted: ” By James “Hollywood”Macecari Women have always > been an issue talked about in the biker scene, everything from a woman > riding, to women wearing property of patches. Well, in this modern age, > let’s just say women are a lot more insistent on their voices ” >


  4. Back in my day,’76 to ’80, bikers were nitty gritty hard core,They carried themselves accordingly!! Hidden rule womsn knew thier place. Respect of each other was profound. Woman were treatedwith respect,n n knew not to step out of line. .Then occasionaly you would have your wanna be chick,that just stayed alil too late!! The best feeling in life at that time. A bikerfamily that lives by thier Sword n will die by thier Swords. I see way to many HOLLYWOOD ROCK STARS WANNA BE ‘S. Really sad to see. I am forever grateful i lived the life of a hard core ,nitty gritty’s bikers ole lady!! Life learned hard m fast!! I do carry a degree from memory days…lil bit of wisdom n a hell of alot of commomn sense!! Here is to the good ole days!! The olden 81’ rocked hell back then!!!


  5. New King James

    11Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection. 12But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence. 13For Adam was first formed, then Eve. 14And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression.


  6. 100% agree

    My balls are intact
    Its more than just the lifestyle that has changed

    Look at the fuggn world
    Hell now there are more than 2 genders wtf
    Riding has always been about fighting and pussy
    Good partners and fun for me

    I havnt changed
    The world has

    Sit down
    Shut up
    And hold on

    Ty for the words


  7. The “scene” ? The 90’s? …..that’s RUB (Rich Urban Biker) and Rookie talk ……That’s when it all started falling apart. Those of us who come out of the 60’s, and had been living the lifestyle for all those years were suddenly set upon by a hoard of motorcycle “enthusiasts” – “instant bikers” whose mommy and daddy’s wouldn’t let them have anything to do with those “nasty old bikers”, that when they turned 30 they pulled out their AMEX card, bought a Harley, and every bit of HD branded clothing and accessories they could carry and thought they were one of us. Bullshit! I even had one ballsy bitch call my old lady and ask if they could “borrow” our “costumes” so they could go to a party as bikers. Fuck them!!! Now we have these “pop-up” clubs coming out of the woodwork – thinking they can put on a 3 piece patch and a diamond without any thought to the history or protocols that have been in place for the last 60 years. Fuck them – do it right, grow some balls and join a real club, otherwise, go sit on the fuckin’ curb.


  8. I wear my ole man’s DDMC PO Patch with pride and honor like he wears his colors. HIS club is an extended family to all us ole ladies. 1% is and always will be a man’s world. I am by his side not in front of him. I have his back and brothers back at all times. In a club or not that is what an ole lady should do. Take care of the man and he will take care of you. Old school should be new school. Yes times have changed but the true meaning and reasons behind the PO Patch, 1% Diamond will never. Old school members and ole ladies should teach these ways from the beginning. Some things cannot be done like before but the result should be the same just take a different route. Ole ladies remember we are here to support, love and protect our ole man not interfere. If you make him choose you will lose. HIS PO is mine to wear with his name and his club. I will do him proud because I love him and he loves HIS CLUB and BROTHERS.


  9. Women need to understand that property patch is also about respect and safety..if we are at a rally and there’s 5 other clubs there it lets them know shes my ol lady and not to be messed with..come guys,your supposed to be hard as nails bikers,pull ur balls out ur bitchs purse and man the fuck up.


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